Baguette Magique

Witches have a built-in wand: their pointer finger. Most times that’s all I use. However, when I was up in Northern California I took advantage of the abundance of oak trees around the property and fashioned a wand out of an oak branch. Looks kinda like a long, bony finger, doesn’t it?

I sanded it down until it was smooth and added some black leather cord for decoration. In the future, I may inscribe it with something or add a crystal, but right now I like its simplicity. Earlier that morning, Diego had, quite by accident, sliced my arm with a rear paw, so I annointed the wand by depositing a bit of my blood in this small crevice (the reddish color has since faded away).

Even though the blood was mine, I feel Diego’s energy in the wand as well as my own.

There grows a gigantic oak tree in Gragnano, Italy which, legend has it, was a meeting place for witches who “danced and celebrated their rites on its top” – allowing for the tree’s odd, flattened shape: Quercia delle streghe (“Oak of the Witches”).

Oak trees were sacred to the Druids and are metaphysically connected to the planet Mars. Oak is one of the triad of Celtic magickal trees and the Irish maintain the oak is one of the Five Magic Trees of Ireland.

A Magickal Wand possesses masculine energy and is associated with the element of Fire. It can be used to cast circles, channel energy, in ritual invocations, or to “draw down the moon”. (See Accoutrements)

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