Small Farms are Fantastic!

We are blessed to have 12 Farmers’ Markets in Silicon Valley. We normally frequent Sunnyvale’s on Saturdays and have come to know many of the vendors. (Several received loaves of my famous Christmas Cake last December.)

This year I have heard many stories of empty supermarket shelves. I’m not sure if it’s our location or the fact that we don’t shop at big name chains (Safeway, Lucky, Walmart, etc.) but we’ve not seen that problem. (Exceptions: Cat food and litter, and distilled water.) We also don’t consume processed food – unless it’s labeled “organic”, and then it’s a treat.

I’m always telling people that if they are lucky enough to have a Farmers’ Market near them to purchase food from the local, small and family-owned farms (many of which grow organic produce). It keeps these wonderful folks in business AND the food is so much better, and better for you. It’s a win-win for everyone.

I apologize for not getting these photos up sooner but time gets away from me sometimes; however, they’ll give you an idea of how bountiful and FUN these markets are! I hope you enjoy and are inspired to seek one out (or get one going in your community).

The synthetic fertilizers that plump up our crops
churn out more nitrogen than all of the plants and microbes do naturally.

– Diane Ackerman (The Human Age)

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