Concrete Jungle: New Fence & Display

‘Kayso after tearing down the old fence and installing the new one, (♫♪ Tearing Down the Walls ♫♪) the wood had to cure for about a week. The painters came in on 7.1.2022 and got the job done! That weekend I was busy breaking down my temporary wall and re-designing the Concrete Jungle.

Of course, Ramses had to put his two cents’ worth in…

The central focal point for the new Concrete Jungle is this birdbath.

I was so happy with the seating area and its half-wall, I left it intact.

In that sunny corner…

I found the perfect spot for my ant family.

This area gets late afternoon sun.

I’m not quite done with the space as I’ve not re-hung the wrought-iron planters on the fence, but then again, when working with living things nothing’s ever truely set-in-stone.

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