Happy Caturday! (10.22.2022)

By Prince Ramses XII

On Saturday 5th November 2022, it’s time to Catwalk!
Participate either on your own or take part in an organized Catwalk.


Register your participation for Catwalk 2022 here today. During registration you will learn about the seven Big Cats, and be asked to dedicate your Catwalk to your favorite Big Cat. This will be your Cat Crew. Choose between Leopard, Lion, Cheetah, Puma, Tiger, Jaguar, or Snow Leopard.

Catwalk is an annual, global, up-to-7km outdoor walk, designed to raise awareness about our interconnected wellbeing by highlighting the plight of the 7 Big Cats. You can walk as little as 700 meters (that’s .43 miles), and can achieve your distance however you like: walking, running, hopping, skipping, jumping, biking – however you like! REGISTRATION IS FREE. Register here.

If you wish to donate to the cause, you may do so at panthera.org/catmosphere.

(We have registered as part of the CHEETAH CREW.)

Please mote that I will mot be participatimg with HER; however, I will be cheerimg HER om as SHE bikes om behalf of all the Cheetahs aroumd the world. Purrrr

SHE tells me “It’s that time of year.” I dom’t kmow what that meams but SHE has remimded me to imclude this stuff. (amd I thought I was im charge of these Caturday Posts…)

9 Exceedingly Creepy Cat Movies

Cats can see pretty well in the dark, and if you own a cat, you’ve probably witnessed them looking at something that you can’t quite see. Great vision is one thing, but do cats have another sense that we can’t tap into as humans? In many societies, cats have traditionally been associated with things that are unexplainable; cats were frequently associated with witchcraft, and even today, black cats are associated with Halloween and evil spirits. Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats not just because they’re the superior house pet, but because they believed cats could communicate with the spirit world.

So, when your cat stares at something you can’t see- especially at night – should you be alarmed? Can cats see ghosts?

When you walk into the living room and see your feline friend staring blankly at a wall, you might think the answer is yes. As strange as this sight seems, these are very common cat behaviors – but it might bring you to ask the question of if your cat has a “sixth sense.” It turns out, there could be a very likely (and more real-world) explanation for this.

Since cats have a heightened vision and hearing when compared to humans, it is more likely that cats are detecting light spectrums or hearing sounds that we can’t. In fact, scientists have stated that cats can see in ultraviolet light. So, with cats being able to see in UV light and hear frequencies up to four or five times higher than we can (those cat ears are shaped like little radar dishes for a reason!), it’s a definite possibility your feline friend can see or sense things we can’t. And, no, we aren’t talking about paranormal activity!

If you remember your high school biology or anatomy class, eyes sense light with rods–a type of photoreceptor cell found in the retina. Cats have quite a few more of these than humans do, which allow them to see in low light conditions that would blind their owners. This, of course, isn’t exactly reassuring if you’re hoping for confirmation that your cat isn’t seeing something weird in your house. In all likelihood, it’s probably just strange cat behavior, but the next time your cat stares oddly at a corner and meows, take a minute and breathe. Fluffy might have just seen or heard something that’s not visible to us, which is hopefully just an odd light or sound. Unfortunately, if ghosts do exist, then cats probably would sense them before us. Sleep well!

Source: Can Cats See Ghosts?

Stramge cat behavior imdeed! We CAM commumicate with the “spirit world”. Silly humams…

People who don’t like cats only hate them because they’re scared of their power & fear their superior intelligence.
— Paul Dock (@PaulDock93) December 29, 2018


After scolding one’s cat, one looks into its face
and is seized by the ugly suspicion that it understood every word.
And has filed it for reference.

– Charlotte Gray

(Yes we have…)

He’s plottimg his revemge for all that scoldimg. – R

ℛ –

P.S. Happy Howl-o-weem!


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