Whatever we feel, think, and believe to be Truth becomes our Truth.*

You author your world.
You… get… what… you… give.
You attract and repel accordingly.
You send out signals in search of accord or discord.
You wind up at watering holes with similar lifeforms.

– visibleorigami.com

A Full (Blood) Moon and total Lunar Eclipse occurred today in the sign of Taurus; and we won’t see another total lunar eclipse until 2025. All Full Moons mark the end of a cycle and are, therefore, about CLOSURE; however, Lunar Eclipses also trigger deep emotions and breakthroughs. Sometimes breakdowns…

Additionally, November 8, 2022 is Election Day for us here in the U.S. – so there’s lotsa “stuff” goin’ on…

“[M]any aspects are about caretaking, tradition, and nutrition. Some people might have to learn simple things like learning to cook and how to live frugally. Think of the war years and rationing. It seems to be going that way. Thus, we’ll learn to live within a budget and be creative with our housekeeping. [I]t will benefit those who are both artistic and empathic. They will know just how to make beautiful objects with just about anything. It doesn’t have to cost money when you have imagination!” [source]

(This Lunar Eclipse sounds right up my alley!)

We had quite a deluge hit us last night. It woke me up! I felt as though the rain was washing away all the “filth” and “gloom”, clearing the way for a clean start. Appropro, n’est-ce pas?

With that thought in mind, I drew today’s card for MANKIND as a whole.

Knives (Swords) symbolize mental activity and thought processes, the intellect, rational thinking, and decision-making. Aces are “Controlling Cards” which indicate new beginnings, control your path, and relate to where you are heading. All Aces represent the essence of their suit, which in this case is the element of Air.

The Ace of Knives (Swords) epitomizes the Essence of Thought, mental clarity and the potential of new ideas, Truth, Justice, and intellectual communication. The mind is the conduit between our Will and our emotion. A seed of thought which has been planted in our unconscious is ready to materialize. When the Ace of Knives appears it signals a powerful mental force has come into play, bringing with it swift change or awareness.

The Shadow side of this card represents: Gullibility, confusion, pessimism, weak Will, negative or destructive thoughts, dullness of mind, mental illness.

Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become actions.
Watch your actions, they become habits.
Watch your habits, they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your Destiny

– Frank Outlaw

ℳ –

* Ian Daniels (Phantasmagoria)


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