The Love of a Cat Named Ortoloni ~ Chapter 7

The world-wide pet food recalls of 2007 rocked the lives of pet owners and their pets. Many pets died. I was deeply concerned about the Hill’s Prescription food I was feeding Ortoloni because that brand was involved in the recall. I made a beeline to the family-owned pet store where I’d been buying our cats’ food. (Except for Hill’s which I schlepped to the vet’s office to purchase.) The owner spent 20 minutes going over what I should be looking for and gave me a dozen samples of dry food to take home. Anita shared with me that all the companies they did business with had to fill-out a questionnaire before FOLT would buy from them. If they left-out information or showed ingredients in their pet foods/treats that were from questionable sources, she didn’t buy from them. Period. That’s called integrity.

Because of that conversation I began paying as close attention to the ingredients in pet food as I did human food. (- and still do!)

I also did some research on my own and discovered that the key ingredient in cat food that helps with FUS is DL-Methionine. Armed to the teeth with pertinent information, I was able to choose suitable and heathier food for Ortoloni.

The folks at FOLT also shared with me the story (with before-and-after photos) of a dog who was so emaciated the vet had given him no chance of survival and suggested euthanasia. The special secret to getting this poor animal on the road to good health was…Homemade Chicken Broth – the recipe of which I took home with me that day.

I started giving Ortoloni a small bowl of this as his “second” course (after his OJ). Boy, did I see an immediate change in him! Ortoloni started acting liking a kitten – bounding around and bouncing off walls. I realized then how unwell he had been all those years…

Here’s the recipe for the broth, which I renamed “Mommy Broth”.

  • 4 bone-in chicken thighs, skin removed*
  • 4 cups water
  • pinch or two of Kosher/uniodized salt (optional)
  • Simmer chicken in water for 20 minutes.
    Take out chicken – but retain the cooking liquid!
    Remove bones from chicken – return both meat & bones to broth.**
    Simmer for an additional 20 minutes.
    Remove chicken & bones from broth and let cool.
    You can offer bits of chicken to animal – or freeze for later use. (The thigh meat is great in enchiladas, chop suey, casseroles, etc.)
    Bones should be thrown away.

    Cool broth; skim fat from surface and refrigerate.

    Before offering broth to your pet, warm slightly in microwave or on stovetop.

    *Because Ortoloni loved this so much (and consumed it twice a day), I increased the ratio to 6 thighs/6 cups water.
    **The objective of simmering the bones is to extract all the wonderful nutrients in them.

2007 Pet Food Recalls
Urinary SO, Struvite Crystals, & DL-Methionine

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