“I will not be schooled by a man who pimps the world as some romantic adventure.”
– Yennefer of Vengerberg
n.  the feminine principle as present in the male unconscious; the inner
personality, which is in communication with the unconscious
This site was initially set-up May, 2015, when I started creating jewelry and selling them
at Simply Stilettos (Rockbar Theater‘s ladies-only events).
After working in the tech industry for 12+ years, I realized I was pretty burnt-out. I needed a break. A part-time gig at a local nursery gave me time to regroup. I found myself continually thinking back to when I was a Senior Administrative Assistant – and eventually made the decision to return to that field of work. January of 2015, I quit the nursery, put my energies into finding that perfect job, and got discouraged after months of…nothing.
So, what to do? Keep busy while I continued looking for work. That’s when I became a permanent part of Stilettos, branched-out into designing botanical creations (such as Kokedamas), and started this site.
About the time that Stilettos was put on “hiatus” I found the job I was looking for. Doors close, doors open…
More changes came at the beginning of 2016 when I ended a 20+ year relationship. Doors close… Unfortunately, like a lot of couples in Silicon Valley, neither of us could afford to move out – so we have become roommates and remain best of friends. Diego and I have moved into the second bedroom (complete with a huge bathroom).

While I attempt to record this personal journey of mine, we’re taking things a day-at-a-time as we move forward in our lives.