My Life as an Archetype I

n. a woman who practices sorcery; a witch

The Sorceress is a universal female Archetype common to all cultures. If the Sorceress calls, you will be drawn to shamanism, various healing modalities, visionary experiences, yoga, astrology, oracles, mysticism, powerful personality typologies such as the Enneagram, and even mathematics in its pure form. Oracles such as the Tarot, Runes and I Ching will draw you, as will all things extrasensory and paranormal.

n. feminine word meaning “sorceress”

The Priestess/High Priestess*
The High Priestess is the feminine principle that balances the masculine force of the Magician. The feminine Archetype in the tarot is split between the High Priestess and the Empress. The High Priestess is the mysterious unknown that women often represent, especially in cultures that focus on the tangible and known. link

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The High Priestess is connected to the Moon, which is feminine by nature.
In ASTROLOGY, the Moon rules Cancer. link
Jung’s Story Archetypes

* There are times when Sorceress & Priestess are synonymous

Circe  ~ Medea’s aunt, daughter of Hecate
[also Enchantress, Witch, Temptress, Goddess, Nymph]

Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester  ~ convicted sorceress
Morgan Le Fay  [also Enchantress]
Isis ~ “throne” [also Goddess]
Pasiphae ~ sister to Circe
Melisandre ~ “Red Priestess”, Game of Thrones


– then we have

** the Sorceress from Sleeping Beauty (1959)

What’s not to like?
(1) She wore black & purple (my two favs – even today)
(2) DRAGON for a pet ***
(3) Powerful persona

adj. having a strong effect on people’s feelings or thoughts
aj. having control and influence over people and events

** Maleficent translates to “doing evil or harm”
*** Watching this Disney movie as a little girl, I didn’t catch on that she was a shape-shifter who turned into the dragon.

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
“Was designed like a giant vampire bat…” link  (doubly attractive since I was also into vampires)
Some of her live-action reference was performed by a dancer.

Now I ask you, which would YOU choose:

Bleech!! (cool horse, though, smarter than the Prince)

No contest, the Dragon!

No contest, the Dragon!

Although Maleficent’s portrayed as a Fairy, the 2014 version with Jolie fell more in line with how I envisioned my Sorceress Archetype: strong, beautiful, smart, fierce.  The turn the storyline took was refreshing and a spot-on morality tale that redefined the meaning of “true love”. However, it appears that some people were watching a completely different movie.

The Greek Sorceress

“Medea does not fit into the mold of a ‘normal woman’ according to Athenian philosophy. She is depicted of having great intelligence and skill, something typically viewed as a masculine trait by Euripides’ original audience.” link  Remember the Anima/Animus Archetypes from the first page? Medea’s perfectly at home with her Animus – another trait common to all my Archetypes.

The Medea of my preteen years was the sultry Sorceress
played by Nancy Kovak in 1963’s Jason and the Argonauts.

It’s safe to say when an adolescent girl reaches a certain age, she becomes very aware of the differences between what she looks like and what a woman looks like.
(Reality can be quite painful at that age)

The comparative models differ from girl to girl,
but mine at this point was Nancy Kovak.
(among others – all of whom I will unveil to you)

Magician (wiki)
Morgan Le Fay
Sorceress (wikiwand)
TV Tropes: Vain Sorceress

Still with me? Good.

A bit of fun before we continue:
What type of Sorceress are you?

– and for the guys
What type of Sorcerer are you?