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n. one, or any mixture, of the constituents into which light can be separated in a spectrum
or rainbow, sometimes including (loosely) black and white

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Using color in your practice is a personal preference. Your power is not dependent upon whether or not you’re using the appropriately-hued candle (cloth, cord, or other item) in your work. Magic is all about intent. The practice of Wicca is not contingent upon anything except the Will of the participant(s). If color helps you focus on the task at hand, then by all means use it!

I always have white and black candles and cord on-hand, as I see both as being “all purpose”, but occasionally I like to incorporate color into my craft. For instance, I light green candles when performing money spells and I always use black candle wax for binding.

Some of the ways you can incorporate color into your practice is to change-up the sand in your incense burner, wear clothing corresponding to your desired intent, or have a vase of flowers or herbs nearby which tie-in appropriately.

    Binding, shapeshifting, protection, banishing negativity, reversing a curse
  • BLUE  –  Element of Water
    Opening blocked communication channels, psychic & spiritual awareness, good fortune, peace & harmony
  • BROWN  –  Element of Earth
    Pet/animal magic & healing, financial crises, house blessing, locating lost objects, material goods
  • GOLD
    Masculine energy, fortune, abundance & prosperity, promote success, the Sun
  • GRAY
    Removing negative influences, telepathy & clairvoyance, intuition, astral energy
    Money, prosperity, good fortune, luck, tree/plant magic, fertility, physical healing
    Spiritual guidance, psychic ability, divination, meditation
    All-purpose use (substitutes any other color)
    Legal matters/justice, aid in concentration, property & investments, general success
  • PINK
    Love & romance, friendship, feminine energy, self-improvement, spiritual & emotional healing
    Third Eye, psychic ability, hidden knowledge, spiritual power, drive away evil, reversing a curse
  • RED  –  Element of Fire
    Blood of the Moon, sexuality, passion, physical health & vigor, strength, career goals, conflict
    [Aries & Scorpio]
    Psychic awareness, intuition, dreams, meditation, Moon magic
    Spirituality, connecting to higher self, insight, clarity
    All-purpose use, the Goddess, peace & balance, spirituality, cleansing & purification, balancing the aura
  • YELLOW  –  Element of Air
    Sun magic, break mental blocks, aid in memory & concentration, learning, persuasion

One final note. You don’t have to adhere to these symbolic meanings. The interpretations of a color can vary from place to place, ethnicity to ethnicity, and from person to person. For instance:

Yellow may be an “unhappy” color for you, while blue is enervating. Make your own rules. Follow your instincts. Blessed Be.

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