The Love of a Cat Named Ortoloni ~ Chapter 7

The world-wide pet food recalls of 2007 rocked the lives of pet owners and their pets. Many pets died. I was deeply concerned about the Hill’s Prescription food I was feeding Ortoloni because that brand was involved in the recall. I made a beeline to the family-owned pet store where I’d been buying our cats’ food. (Except for Hill’s which I schlepped to the vet’s office to purchase.) The owner spent 20 minutes going over what I should be looking for and gave me a dozen samples of dry food to take home. Anita shared with me that all the companies they did business with had to fill-out a questionnaire before FOLT would buy from them. If they left-out information or showed ingredients in their pet foods/treats that were from questionable sources, she didn’t buy from them. Period. That’s called integrity.

Because of that conversation I began paying as close attention to the ingredients in pet food as I did human food. (- and still do!)

I also did some research on my own and discovered that the key ingredient in cat food that helps with FUS is DL-Methionine. Armed to the teeth with pertinent information, I was able to choose suitable and heathier food for Ortoloni.

The folks at FOLT also shared with me the story (with before-and-after photos) of a dog who was so emaciated the vet had given him no chance of survival and suggested euthanasia. The special secret to getting this poor animal on the road to good health was…Homemade Chicken Broth – the recipe of which I took home with me that day.

I started giving Ortoloni a small bowl of this as his “second” course (after his OJ). Boy, did I see an immediate change in him! Ortoloni started acting liking a kitten – bounding around and bouncing off walls. I realized then how unwell he had been all those years…

Here’s the recipe for the broth, which I renamed “Mommy Broth”.

  • 4 bone-in chicken thighs, skin removed*
  • 4 cups water
  • pinch or two of Kosher/uniodized salt (optional)
  • Simmer chicken in water for 20 minutes.
    Take out chicken – but retain the cooking liquid!
    Remove bones from chicken – return both meat & bones to broth.**
    Simmer for an additional 20 minutes.
    Remove chicken & bones from broth and let cool.
    You can offer bits of chicken to animal – or freeze for later use. (The thigh meat is great in enchiladas, chop suey, casseroles, etc.)
    Bones should be thrown away.

    Cool broth; skim fat from surface and refrigerate.

    Before offering broth to your pet, warm slightly in microwave or on stovetop.

    *Because Ortoloni loved this so much (and consumed it twice a day), I increased the ratio to 6 thighs/6 cups water.
    **The objective of simmering the bones is to extract all the wonderful nutrients in them.

2007 Pet Food Recalls
Urinary SO, Struvite Crystals, & DL-Methionine

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Whatever we feel, think, and believe to be Truth becomes our Truth.*

You author your world.
You… get… what… you… give.
You attract and repel accordingly.
You send out signals in search of accord or discord.
You wind up at watering holes with similar lifeforms.


A Full (Blood) Moon and total Lunar Eclipse occurred today in the sign of Taurus; and we won’t see another total lunar eclipse until 2025. All Full Moons mark the end of a cycle and are, therefore, about CLOSURE; however, Lunar Eclipses also trigger deep emotions and breakthroughs. Sometimes breakdowns…

Additionally, November 8, 2022 is Election Day for us here in the U.S. – so there’s lotsa “stuff” goin’ on…

“[M]any aspects are about caretaking, tradition, and nutrition. Some people might have to learn simple things like learning to cook and how to live frugally. Think of the war years and rationing. It seems to be going that way. Thus, we’ll learn to live within a budget and be creative with our housekeeping. [I]t will benefit those who are both artistic and empathic. They will know just how to make beautiful objects with just about anything. It doesn’t have to cost money when you have imagination!” [source]

(This Lunar Eclipse sounds right up my alley!)

We had quite a deluge hit us last night. It woke me up! I felt as though the rain was washing away all the “filth” and “gloom”, clearing the way for a clean start. Appropro, n’est-ce pas?

With that thought in mind, I drew today’s card for MANKIND as a whole.

Knives (Swords) symbolize mental activity and thought processes, the intellect, rational thinking, and decision-making. Aces are “Controlling Cards” which indicate new beginnings, control your path, and relate to where you are heading. All Aces represent the essence of their suit, which in this case is the element of Air.

The Ace of Knives (Swords) epitomizes the Essence of Thought, mental clarity and the potential of new ideas, Truth, Justice, and intellectual communication. The mind is the conduit between our Will and our emotion. A seed of thought which has been planted in our unconscious is ready to materialize. When the Ace of Knives appears it signals a powerful mental force has come into play, bringing with it swift change or awareness.

The Shadow side of this card represents: Gullibility, confusion, pessimism, weak Will, negative or destructive thoughts, dullness of mind, mental illness.

Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become actions.
Watch your actions, they become habits.
Watch your habits, they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your Destiny

– Frank Outlaw

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* Ian Daniels (Phantasmagoria)

Catmosphere’s Catwalk 2022

Yesterday I cat-BIKED for the cheetahs as part of Catmosphere’s 2022 Catwalk.

Partnering with Panthera, Catwalk is an annual, global, up-to-7km outdoor walk designed to raise awareness about our collective well-being through the stories of Big Cats and their conservation challenges. It is a virtual race which is open to everyone of all abilities that can be achieved in the way that best suits the individual. (Obviously, I chose to bike the 6 miles I pledged.)

This year, Catwalk was held on November 5th. I registered as part of the CHEETAH crew. (Quelle surprise, huh?)

Panthera is a wonderful organization that I’ve supported for many years now.
If you wish help them in their efforts on behalf of Big Cats, you can donate here:

I changed-up my workout routine again. Still doing the strength training bit in the morning, although I’ve been swapping that out for yoga a couple of days a week. For cardio I’ve been doing S.I.T. for the past month and I love it.

S.I.T. stands for “Short Interval Training”. These intervals (cycles) go like this:

  • Short bursts of intense activity that last 30 seconds. For me this means maintaining a speed in the 100s (RPM – Rotations per Minute)
  • “Rest” periods of moderate activity for 3-5 minutes. Here I stay anywhere in the 70s.

These cycles are then repeated 4-8 times.

I do a 5-minute warm-up before hopping on the stationary bike, then a 2-minute cool-down followed by stretches.

Sprint Interval Training: How to Burn Fat and Increase Speed

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Day of the Banshees

Ireland celebrates an annual Celtic Feast of the Dead which honors those who have passed. This celebration lasts for three days, beginning on October 31st (Samhain/All Hallow’s Eve) which serves as a vigil of preparation for the following two days.

November 1st – All Saints’ Day
On this day preparations are made to welcome the souls of the dead, for it was once widely believed that the souls of Irish ancestors would return to their family home that night, All Souls Night. Great care was taken to make sure they felt welcome and the door (or window) would always be left unlocked. Spirits would walk the earth that night – for this is the time of year when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest – so no one dared venture out after dark. It’s also said that anything you throw out on All Souls Night would return to you.

Today in Ireland, All Soul’s Day (November 2nd) remains a day of commemoration when prayers and Masses are said for those dearly beloved who have passed, similar to Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos.

Day of the Banshees
November 1st

The name “banshee” is derived from the Old Irish for “woman of the fairy mound”, mounds of earth dotted around the Irish countryside known as tumuli. These tumuli traditionally covered a grave or a number of graves and were said to be home to spirits of the dead.

The Banshee is a spirit in Irish folklore whose mournful “keening” (or wailing, screaming, or lamentation) at night was believed to foretell the death of a member of the family of the person who heard it. She is often described as having long streaming hair and wearing a grey cloak over a green dress, with red eyes (from continual weeping); although some maintain the Banshee has red hair, an ashen complexion, and wears a dress of white. Sometimes the Banshee appears old and frail, other times the embodiment of a young member of the family who died in some tragic circumstance or other.

Many have heard the beginning of its low, sustained shriek but few the end.
Magic: The Gathering

Some legends state that the Banshee appears as an old woman with rotten teeth and long fingernails. According to some tales, there are evil Banshees that derive pleasure from taking a life and they actively seek out their victims and wail at them to the point where the person commits suicide or goes insane. But most agree that the Banshee doesn’t cause death but serves as a prediction of death. She is known in Ireland by many names: Hag of the Mist, Little Washerwoman and Hag of the Black Head.

Far, far away something made a single ghostly howl, like a Banshee in the dark.
– Lucy Christopher

Banshee howl…

Legend of the Banshee

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