Fortune smiles on those born under the sign of Aries

‘Kayso I WAS going to do a Post about the upcoming Full (Blood) Moon/Lunar Eclipse – in Scorpio – happening tonight on the West Coast [1] but…when I did a one-card reading this morning I pulled this:

This was one of those moments when I planned on going down one path, but the Universe led me down another. Fortune is the Planetary Trump of Jupiter and Jupiter entered the sign of Aries last Tuesday – where it will remain for one year.

Destiny is what you are supposed to do in life.
Fate is what kicks you in the ass to make you do it.

– Henry Miller

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and is referred to as “the Great Benefic” in astrology. A planet of luck, growth, optimism, expansion, and joy. (I’ve always pictured Jupiter as jolly St. Nick. Santa Claus.)

Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the Sun, so it generally spends about 12 to 13 months in each zodiac sign. Known as the King of the Gods in Roman mythology, Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius (freedom-loving individualist). Like Aries and Leo, Sagittarius is a Fire sign.

The Trump Card of Jupiter represents the Universe in a constant state of change – which it is. Here we see three Vampyre creatures clutching a wheel: Panther (the active and creative energy initiating Summer, the Fire of Life, and is a positive force), Serpent (Winter, retrospection and decay, and a negative force), Chimera (made-up of the four elemental animals in The Tarot of Vampyres deck; its role is to give the other two the momentum needed to spin the wheel).

Fortune is symbolized as a Wheel, spinning the destiny of each individual. The card symbolizes fate/destiny, expansion/momentum, change/movement, cycles, and unexpected gifts/opportunities. When this card appears change, movement, or expansion is inevitable. (Remember: Major Arcana cards represent life lessons, karmic influences, and archetypal energies that are influencing you right now. When you draw a Trump card its influence is unavoidable.)

Synchronicity. The relationship between two seemingly unrelated occurrences. My drawing the Fortune card days after Jupiter entered Aries is no coincidence, Dear Readers. The card is supporting what the heavens are saying: It’s the beginning of a era filled with happy beginnings, blessings, and new opportunities.

Indeed. I will go further and state that ALL Aries will be the luckiest sign of the zodiac for the next 12 months! So let’s not squander our good fortune.

But for every sign of the zodiac, with Jupiter in Aries we can attract the best fortune when we take the lead, initiate, inspire others, and demonstrate enthusiasm and courage. Faith in ourselves can bring about positive circumstances or good luck during this transit. Remember:

Fortune favors the brave.

This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is going to be a Blood Moon, where the moon will glow a scarlet color during the eclipse. On top of that it’s a Supermoon: A new or full moon at its closest to Earth for the month. There’s a lot going on here including a hard aspect to the “most dangerous star in heaven”: Algol.

I’ve already covered Algol’s power on the Full Moon/Partial Eclipse that occurred last November: Lilith’s Mourning Moon. Same influence holds true tonight.

The Sun in Taurus encourages happiness with the simple, tangible things in life, while the Scorpio Moon draws our attention to complexities, intangibles, and mysteries. (Scorpio rules the Underworld and symbolizes death, rebirth, and transformation.) Ideally, a balance should be found between the two energies, and this is what the Full Moon invites us to do.

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Spring ~ Life, Joy, Hope, and the God of War?

March 20, 2022. Happy Ostara. Spring (or Vernal) Equinox, where day and night reign equally. Here in the Northern Hemisphere it marks the official start of SPRING.

Hope Springs Eternal – endlessly renewing itself. Indeed Spring celebrates renewal/rebirth, regeneration, resurrection, fertility, and new life. JOY. When Spring arrives and the days grow longer and warmer, Nature bursts with joy. The birds welcome the morning sun with their songs – a celebration of Life itself. In the Concrete Jungle my Green Dragon is coming out of hibernation and I awoke to the trumpeting of a Canada Goose. He must’ve chosen our rooftop to serenade his lady love because the honking sounded very close and VERY LOUD!

I’ve posted this once before but it deserves a repost:

You have to believe in happines

You have to believe in happiness,
Or happiness never comes.
I know that a bird chirps none the less
When all that he finds is crumbs.

You have to believe the buds will blow,
Believe in the grass in the days of snow.
Ah, that’s the reason a bird can sing,
On his darkest day he believes in Spring.

You have to believe in happiness –
It isn’t an outward thing.
The Spring never makes the song, I guess,
As much as the song the Spring.

Aye, many a heart could find content
If it saw the joy on the road it went,
The joy ahead when it had to grieve,
For the joy is there – but you have to believe.

– Douglas Malloch

Astrologically, March 20/21 marks the beginning of the year and signifies the first seven years of life: ARIES. The Ram. Aries is ruled by Mars. In ancient Roman religion and myth, Mars (the son of Jupiter and Juno) was their God of War. The Greek equivalent to Mars is Ares – which is how the astrological sign of Aries became entwined with Ares. To make matters more convoluted, The Emperor is the Zodiacal Trump of Aries (ruled by Mars with Sun exhalted).

WTF? How did we go from life-affirmation to War, Conquest, and Domination?!? Let’s take a deep breath…

The Emperor is also referred to as “Sun of the Morning” (Makes me think of birdsongs.) and represents leadership, courage, individuality, independence, passion, and the Archetype of the Earthly Father. He is the consort of The Empress who symbolizes the Earthly Mother, abundance, Nature, love, and the source of all life. They represent the harmonious balance which exists in every living thing: The Divine Spark.

Joy is an expression of Love.

We forget to play. We forget to be happy. “Whales and elephants, humming gnats, and invisibly small mischievous microbes, all are warm with divine radium and must have lots of fun in them.” – John Muir.

Use this time of new beginnings and growth to rejuvenate your own life. Take time to appreciate the absolutely beautiful World around you and spread some JOY of your own. “Reviewing the day’s delights often yields surprises, and serves as a reminder of how full a life is, how lucky some days feel and how even stressful days may contain glowing nuggets of peace, pleasure, or joy.[1]

As I write this I am enjoying a lunch brimming over with foods celebrating Ostara: eggs (Quiche Michelle), asparagus, a salad of baby arugula, and Bourbon Milk Punch (recipe below).

Bourbon Milk Punch

2 oz. bourbon
3 oz. milk
1 oz. simple syrup (you can substitute Agave syrup)
2 dashes vanilla extract

Add bourbon, milk, simple syrup, and vanilla extract to a shaker filled with ice. Shake until well-chilled. Strain into a glass and garnish with freshly-grated nutmeg.

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[1] Ackerman, Diane (2009). Dawn Light. W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.. p. 237.

Lune Noire

For those of us in North America, tonight* marks the first of an exceptionally rare occurrence of 3 consecutive Black Moons.

Our next two Black Moons will occur:

  1. March 1/2 – which coincides with Mardis Gras/Ash Wednesday
  2. March 31st – the day before April Fool’s Day

Additionally, another Black Moon will take place on April 30th – the day before Beltane, the same day on which a partial Solar Eclipse occurs. For most of the world this will be the only Black Moon of 2022.

A Black Moon is the result of the celestial mechanics and the Gregorian calendar being out of sync – a quirk of the calendar – and refers to a New Moon happening under any one of these circumstances:

  • A month in which there are 2 New Moons.
  • The 3rd New Moon in a season of 4 New Moons.
  • A month in which there is no New Moon.
  • A month in which there is no Full Moon.

*Coincidentally, tomorrow (February 1st) kicks off Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger) and ushers in Imbolc (Feb 1/2 depending on where you live in the world). So you see, all 4 of these Black Moons have much activity around them!

All New Moons are about new beginnings and manifestation but Black Moons are said to be especially powerful – fostering luck, creativity and happiness!

There’s more Magick afoot tonight: the Dark Moon phase takes place at 9:46pm PST. Purrr-fect for spells relating to intuition, banishing, protection, cleansing, meditation, and energy work – and for invoking Hekate.

Here’s a quick protection spell using either white or black salt: Prior to using be sure to bless or consecrate your salt, then sprinkle it around the perimeter of your home and at doorways and windowsills.

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This Time I Mean It!

Every Post I publish on a New Moon I say the same thing: “Set your intentions.” But this time I seriously mean it!

The December 3/4, 2021 New Moon is not only the second and final Super New Moon of 2021, it’s also a Solar Eclipse. Both the Sun and Moon are in the sign of Sagittarius, The Archer, and his motto is “I Philosophize”. Ruled by the expansive planet Jupiter, Sagittarius symbolizes the growing philosophical outlook of the human spirit – its expansiveness, optimism, and refusal to get bogged down in details (seeing “the bigger picture”).

Solar Eclipses are like supercharged New Moons so you can see this MOMENT is full of potent juju.

December’s Solar Eclipse will be taking place over Antarctica; only people living at the most southern tip of South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand will see it. When eclipses occur near the South Node of the eclipse axis, these new beginnings are often accompanied by some sort of ending. You are entering a new chapter in your life and it will be transformational.

The hardest aspects to this New Moon are quincunx Uranus in Taurus and Saturn square Uranus, which portent unexpected changes. Your intuition may be on high alert making you nervous, tense, and anxious. Indeed, your body may be feeling the change coming. Saturn will remain square with Uranus until December 24. So above all, be open to sudden change and remain flexible. Go with the flow and avoid taking risks. Challenges can be turned into opportunities to rid yourself of the negative, restrictive, and limiting things in your life.

Themes: Healing, sorcery, and manifestation rituals. The powerful Magick of this New Moon/Solar Eclipse wans with each passing day. What do you wish to ATTRACT into your life? Write your intentions down on a piece of paper and carry it with you in your purse or wallet. Load it onto your phone if that’s more your style. Hell, write it on the bathroom mirror in lipstick! The point is, if you write down an intention it’s ability to manifest into reality will be stronger. That’s the power of Magick. That’s the power of YOU.

This Solar Eclipse is in the 1st House for Sagittarius (my Rising/Ascendant):

“This Solar Eclipse is very much like a rebirth – a seed moment where you can make some powerful manifestation Magick! Any strong intentions made now will grow. This is the dawn of a new cycle and is probably the most powerful eclipse you could ever have in your life. This is all about being true to who you are and not having to wear a MASK.”
(I am speaking figuratively here. Mask refers to Persona.)

The card I pulled for myself today is The Emperor,
Zodiacal Trump of Aries and ruled by Mars.

Intense willpower
Fiery spiritual drive
Establishes the potent creative power of the Magician – giving it structure and authority.
Fighting spirit, personal fortress, and inner Empire
Time to re-charge your Life Force
Archetype: The Warrior

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Lilith’s Mourning Moon

A partial Lunar Eclipse is taking place tomorrow. Astronomers say it will be the longest one in several centuries, lasting almost 3-1/2 hours. North America and Canada will see this full red moon in all its glory. (For us here on the West Coast, it begins just after 11pm TONIGHT and reaches its maximum blood-red peak at 1:00am.)

Watch live: Virtual Telescope

Generally speaking, Lunar Eclipses do a great job of purging and releasing things from our past which no longer server our higher selves and the effect of one can last up to three months. Lunar eclipses can affect us emotionally, so if you’re feeling a bit “off” take a moment to sit quietly and listen to what your psyche is telling you. Our feelings are our psychic barometer so let your emotions bubble up from within. If you need a good cry, let it all out. If you feel like screaming – let er rip!

This Full Moon occurs in Taurus decan 3 which is supportive of those who are SURVIVORS! But it’s Trine Pluto (transformation/rebirth) which carries with it a tinge of the Underworld. Psychic perceptions may be enhanced. Dreams can be extraordinarily lucid and predictive. Shadow work will prove liberating.

The strongest influence on tomorrow’s Full Moon is Fixed Star Algol.

Known as the “blinking demon” it is said to be the most destructive star in heaven, and is associated with Lilith who was branded as a vampire and succubus from the Underworld. (I have a fondness for vampires…)

Fright Night (1985)

Who’s that there?
Take a good look. Lilith
Lilith? Who is that?
Adam’s wife, his first. Beware of her.
Her beauty’s one boast is her dangerous hair.
When Lilith winds it tight around young men
She doesn’t soon let go of them again.
Faust: The First Part of the Tragedy (Goethe, 1808)

“In ancient Greek mythology, Lamia was a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating daemon. In the myth, Lamia is a mistress of the god Zeus, causing Zeus’ jealous wife, Hera, to kill all of Lamia’s children and transform her into a monster that hunts and devours the children of others…Later traditions referred to many lamiae; these were folkloric monsters similar to vampires and succubi that seduced young men and then fed on their blood.” [source]

Whether you love vampires or not, Algol’s influence tends toward misfortune, violence, and sickness. My advice is to “keep it real”. Generate positive energies and work on your soul’s progression – with the help of your Shadow, of course. (And turn off the damn TV – especially MSM. Give it a rest for a day or two until Algol’s energies wane a bit.)

Wear or carry Apache Tears (a type of obsidian). It will absorb negative energy and protect the body from unwanted vibrations, energies, and entities.. (I always carry one in my purse.)

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