n. synthetic resin or plastic consisting of polyvinyl chloride or a related polymer,
used especially for wallpapers and other covering materials and for phonograph

Vinyl is commonly used as a shorthand name for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. In its rigid form, it’s used in construction applications (such as piping) and in the manufacturing of bottles and non-food packaging. The more flexible form is used to make cable insulation, flooring, siding, decals, imitation leather, inflatable items – and of course, phonograph records.

Whether vintage or contemporary, vinyl can add a modern and sophisticated touch to interior design.

Sometimes it becomes an object of pure, decadent fetishism.

In fashion, vinyl is used as an alternative to more expensive materials such as leathur, rubber, and latex – which it simulates. (Unlike PVC, latex is a natural material harvested from rubber tree plants.)

And look, vinyl mascara!

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adj. yellow or yellowish

I’m afraid I own nothing yellow or yellowish,
but there is one spectacular beauty who “owns” that color:  Kate Hudson

Since this tint is not too strong (such as neon yellow) it can imbue your personal style with taste and class.

Men, if you secretly have a yen for yellow, here are a couple of ways you can sneak it into your most manly spaces (your car and your den/music studio).

Yellow is a lovely color when paired with black – or even plum, but I happen to think it’s pure perfection with any shade of grey. It creates a nice balance (Yin-Yang) of masculine and feminine, ne pensez-vous pas?

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n. two opposite (but complementary) principles of Chinese philosophy

Think white/black, leather/lace, light/dark, negative/positive, masculine/feminine – one can’t exist without the other. (What’d be the point?)

The chairs above are a study in masculine/feminine contrast. Because both are in tones of brown they’d “marry” well in the same room – like the two unmatched ones in this living room:

If your life’s feeling a bit “blah” these days, try incorporating the principles of Yin-Yang to instill more drama, energy, and movement in it!

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n. sparkle

Both men and women add ZIZZ to their personal style with jewelry and by wearing clothes embellished with “sparkle” (like studs, safety pins, or buckles).

When designing/decorating your living space consider adding some ZIZZ there, too! Sparkle (especially in darker room) bounces light around and creates another layer of dimension. Examples:  mirrors, mercury glass, glitter, crystal, metal or metallic surfaces, and acrylic.

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