Playlist::Power Walk 5

We are having a rare spell of warm weather here in the Bay Area. It’s 75° right now and supposed to get up to 77° by 3:00! What better way to celebrate than to Power Walk around the neighborhood enjoying the sunshine (Vitamin D baby.), fresh air, and killer tunes!

17 songs
1 hour, 9 minutes

Black Veil Brides
A new favorite.

– and I cannot get enough of this song!!



Flashback Heart Attack E-ZO

Crazy Nights Loudness
Get the Funk Out Extreme
(You Can Still) Rock in America Night Ranger

You can still Rock in America? FUCK YEAH!

Sheena is a Punk Rocker Ramones
Are You Gonna Be My Girl Jet
Once Bitten, Twice Shy Great White

Rock the Night Europe

Fire Woman The Cult

Sunday Bloody Sunday U2
Boys Are Back in Town The Busboys
Walking On Sunshine Katrina & The Waves
The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss) Cher

The Reflex Duran Duran
Kicks Paul Revere & The Raiders

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GLAM Living Spaces (12.2020)

Kicking out 2020 with a GLAM BANG!

This year there was no shortage of beautiful interiors for me to drool over. (Thank you Vogue, ApartmentTherapy, and LivingEtc.) Which is not surprising since most of us spent a great deal of time in our homes.

‘Kayso, for your viewing pleasure (Drooling pleasure?), here some of my very favorites from 2020. (Skulls, animal prints, rock & roll, KITTIES, and plenty of bling!)

and I can’t let New Year’s Eve go by without including a Disco Ball…

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PANTONE 2021 color(s) of the year

Pantone announced their colors for 2021 (Yes, you read that right. There are 2.). They reminded me of a Post I did back in 2017.

Glamour::Xanthic - Yellow is a lovely color when paired with black – or even plum, but I happen to think it’s pure perfection with any shade of grey. It creates a nice balance (Yin-Yang) of masculine and feminine, ne pensez-vous pas?

I love grays and, although it’s not Pantone’s “Ultimate Gray 17-5104”, I painted one wall of my bedroom a light gray.

Interior Decor Trends lists Gray as the #2 most popular color for 2021. In the #1 spot? BLACK. (Natch.) So although gray is not “the new black” for 2021, it comes damn close!

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I Woke Up Screaming this Morning


Two things came to mind:

  1. An article on Apartment Therapy discussed purchasing things just because they’re on sale and NOT because you need (or even want) them. One example the author cited was asking herself if she needed another black dress. The answer? “No” But what rattled me is WHY she answered “No”. Was it because she had too many black dresses? (That’s like saying one has too many black leather jackets.) NO – it was because she’d been spending the bulk of her time “in the same pair of sweats”. OMG (That’s the BEST reason to buy another black dress – and wear it! Often!)
  2. This one has been plaguing me for several weeks. Compliments I’ve received on the stupid mask I’m forced to wear when I go shopping. It’s leopard print, but that’s beside the point. I hate having to wear one. I can’t breathe properly in it (I never wear it when I’m Power Walking.) and my face gets hot. I hate it and don’t want to be complimented on it. It’s not part of my style. That THING is not who I am.

‘Kayso, “What’s the answer?” I asked myself. “Rock Vixen!” Of course! In the midst of 2-1/2 years of mind-numbing, soul-stealing life (aka Hootersville), then dealing with this lockdown crap, I had forgotten all about WHO THE FUCK I AM.

My hair is one feature I have kept on top of. More power to the ladies who have let their roots grow-out during lockdown, but I just simply cannot do that. Fortunately, it’s an easy one-step process coloring my hair at home – been doing it for decades – dyeing it an intense, shiny, blue black. I had a helluva time earlier this year when I could not find Preference Blue Black #1 (My color of choice and the one I’ve been using FOREVER.) anywhere – not even online. After consulting with my stylist who assured me I would get similar results, I turned to Preference Color #2.1 Onyx Sheen Blue Black (with Blue Base) It’s not bad, but gives off some purplish highlights when the light hits just so. I stocked-up on a case of it. I didn’t want to run out and have to use something like “Natural Black” – a very dull black tone. But I’m keeping my eyes peeled for my beloved Blue Black #1 to come back in stock.

Speaking of my stylist, thank goodness Isaac, Diva’s Salon & Spa, has been “open for business” because he’s the only one I trust to keep my 80’s hair-metal hair ROCKING OUT. (It’s the one thing I’m delighted to receive compliments on – and I get a lot of em! Thank you, Isaac.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Bringing my alter-ego back to life. So the hair’s still bitchin’, but what about the rest? I don’t lay around the house in torn sweats or stained tees. Yuck. I may do casual but I don’t do sloppy. Things still have to match, one way or another, and I’ve resumed my habit of changing into sleepwear instead of just climbing into bed with whatever clothes I had on (like I did back in Hootersville). So I’m not a total SCHLUB. But I felt liked I need to kick things up a notch.

So after I had my morning coffee I logged on to AmazonSmile (You DO use AmazonSmile, right?) and found some killer leopard-print boots and an über-cute pair of paperbag-waist pants (Black of course.) ON SALE – both of which I immediately ordered.

The boots will go with all my nice jeans/pants, so I plan on them being a wardrobe staple. The pants may be a little lightweight for winter, but I will get plenty of use out of them come Spring. They also look comfy enough to wear around the house. Hmm, comfy AND stylish. What a concept, huh? (Now all I need is a plain black face mask. Fuck.)

I’m not stopping there, either. I have plenty more rock-worthy apparel in my shopping lists on AmazonSmile (You DO use AmazonSmile, right?) waiting to be moved into the checkout cart!

More Killer Boots
Glamour – Rock Vixen style

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Bedroom Reboot ~ Part 1

As you can see from this 2017 Post, I’ve pretty much stayed with the same layout. (So glad that lovely gray wall was left untouched during my absence!)

I really needed drawer space and wanted something that would double as a bedside table AND fill-up that space between the bed and the closet. The chests I looked at were either too high or much too large. This chest, which is designed for a child’s room, was not only perfect in size and color but was on sale at Overstock. After applying a 15% coupon (Thank you, USPS.) and getting FREE delivery I paid just under $300 for a very well-made piece. It arrived a few days later in a box that was too heavy to get up the stairs so I had to unpack each piece and carry them up one-by-one. Easy to assemble, it only took me a couple of hours. (Ramses helped.)

Perfect! Well, almost. I felt it needed a bit of “bling” which I found at my neighborhood Big Lots. This set of Badgley Mischka crystal drawer knobs was on clearance at $9.00 for a set of four. I grabbed two sets.

I love my lamp and was heartbroken when Ramses broke the original shade. (You can see it sitting sans-shade on my new chest, above.) Lampshades come with three types of fitters:  Spider (the most common), clip-on, and uno. I needed a medium-sized shade with an uno fitting. Easier said than done… I bought the lamp many years ago at Target so I took a chance and went there first. As luck would have it they had discontinued carrying the medium size. I tried the large but it looked absolutely ridiculous on the base. I had no luck online either and had just about given up when serendipity happened as a result of a spur-of-the-moment trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond. (I’m not always good with patience, but sometimes you just gotta have it.) I like it better than the original one.

I didn’t want to drive to hell and back looking for a comforter with a white-and-black pattern. I knew I wouldn’t find what I wanted anywhere around here. (Back in the 80’s I wouldn’t have had this sort of problem.) Amazon to the rescue with the perfect bed-in-a-bag ensemble. But I needed more than one set of sheets. So back to Big Lots where I not only found a reasonably-priced set of solid gray sheets BUT I also found an even cooler set of black-and-white animal print sheets for $8. (I’m all for buying on-line when you have no other alternative, but this is a perfect example of why it pays to browse brick-and-mortar stores. Neither the crystal drawer knobs nor this sheet set were listed anywhere on Big Lots’ website.)

What do you think? So far so good?

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