Looks Like I’m Not the Only One Who’s Happy to be Back!

Given that Stapelia gigantea (aka “carrion flower”) is native to the desert regions of South Africa, you’d THINK it would’ve loved being in the hot and dry city of Placerville (aka “Hootersville”). Apparently not so much. In fact, 99% of the succulents I moved up there perished.

Fortunately my Staplia giantea survived long enough for me to move it back to Santa Clara – where it IMMEDIATELY produced two buds. What’s even more curious is that these buds formed with the plant receiving an hour (at best) of direct sunlight per day!

Went downstairs this morning where I found TWINS!

– and there are two developing bud-lets!

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2018 Inspirations (and Aspirations)

n. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially
to do something creative;a person or thing that inspires

n. a hope or ambition of achieving something;
the object of one’s hope or ambition; a goal

Current background image on my laptop…

One of my “resolutions” was to get back into Yoga

and I was very happy to find episodes of Inhale on YouTube

The Slug and the Squirrel has been a major inspiration for me in designing terrariums. The owner, Jose Agatep, had been quiet since his last Post in May of 2017. Since I follow him on Google+ I received a pleasant email today notifying me of a NEW S&S Post! Check out some of his amazing creations:

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