You Say It’s My Birthday? Well, Happy Birthday To Me!

I turmed TWO today. I got a special treat amd all the fresh catmip I wamted!

Im homor of my special day, SHE suggested I share some videos amd pictures we’ve takem.

At 7 momths I was all eyes amd ears. Amyway, that’s what SHE said. I thought I was quite the catch!

These were shot right before we moved to where we live mow. (That liquid stuff tasted yucky!)

Here’s me with that fluffy thimg SHE says is HER pillow! Purrsomally I thimk she puts it om the bed especially for me to play with! Amyway, that’s my story amd I’m stickimg to it.

Someome called “Samta” gave me a presemt for Christmas last year! (I dom’t kmow who that persom is, but it was sure mice of them.) Here I am opemimg the box, them tryimg to catch somethimg movimg aroumd imside that large blue pillow.

From time to time, SHE amd I watch TV together. My favorite program is ome that shows videos of cats amd kittems 24/7! How cool is that?

Here are a bumch of ramdom photos from the last eight momths. I thimk I’ve growm imto a hamdsome fellow, dom’t you?

I hope you’ve emjoyed these photos amd videos. (I’ll get HER to post these thimgs more timely im the future. SHE’s beem laggimg…) M-iao!

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He may not have made the cut this year…

Ramses is NOT giving up! Ever since he discovered Diego participated in THREE Kitten Bowls he’s been working on his game. Problem is, my boy got no game. (He sure as hell makes mincemeat out of that ball, though!)

Ramses may not have made the Pouncy Panthers Little Longtails team this year, but he’ll be hitting the gym, studying the playbook, and working his moves hoping to be ready for next year’s Kitten Bowl 2022!

In the meantime, don’t forget to watch Kitten Bowl VIII February 7, 2021 at 11:00am PT on the Hallmark Channel. This catstravaganza will be filled with furry felines showing off their cat-letic skills. The four teams will go paw-to-paw (or claw-to-claw) competing for the Kitten Bowl VIII trophy, while both human and feline fans watch it live at Kitten Bowl Tailgate parties around the country! You certainly don’t want to miss the purr-fectly pawsome Kitten Bowl Half Time Show. The pageantry, the pomp – the glitter! You know Ramses and I won’t miss it and neither should you.

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