Outside the Pot


Judy’s Dancing Bones

Lithops: 2 Ways

I’m mad about Lithops! Also called “living stones”, these small succulents hail from South Africa and are relatives of the ice plant.

If Marilyn Monroe was a Terrarium

Repurposing a toy gumball machine.

Planted “Skull” Vans

Don’t toss your worn-out shoes into the trash!


Succulents and glass bowls? Hell, yeah.

Blonde Muse

Very special gift of hand-painted pumps planted with succulents.

Jill’s Underwater Fantasy

Exterior: waterproof glue (Beacon 527), horticultural sand, glass stones (some broken into smaller pieces) Interior: gravel, aquarium-grade charcoal, soil (cactus mix), horticultural sand, succulents, small shells & starfish, plastic fish (mounted on wire)