Dividing Carnies

So, having been inspired by my recent visit
to the Conservatory of Flowers,
I thought it was time to divide one of my “carnies” – a Sarracenia.

Supplies needed: (most can be found at your local nursery)

  • Small rocks for bottom layer (if using a glass vessel, you may want to consider color and size)
  • Charcoal (aquarium or horticultural quality – not charcoal briquettes)
  • Good quality New Zealand Spaghnum Moss
  • Good quality Peat Moss
  • Horticultural Sand (no beach sand)
  • Perlite (not shown)
  • Distilled water (See Warning below)
  • Vessel *, if necessary disinfect using vinegar/water (don’t use any chemical-based solution)

WARNING: Never use anything but distilled, reverse osmosis, or rainwater on Carnivorous plants. They do not tolerate MINERALS in water – which is why filtered or bottled water will kill them just as quickly as tap water.

*Normally you’d choose a pot with drainage. Sarracenia are bog plants. Except in winter (when they can take a bit less water) they like their feet to be fully immersed – which is why I chose this tall glass vase to show it off!



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