Ceropegia in Hanging Orb

Ceropegia woodii variegata is a succulent trailing vine native to areas of Africa.  link

Being a succulent, all varieties of Ceropegia require dry conditions and excellent drainage. That being said, you might wonder why I’ve planted one in a non-draining glass orb. I planted a non-variegated version in a similar vessel a couple of years ago and it’s doing well. I check on it periodically (aka when I remember to). Last Summer I waited a little too long between waterings and part of the vine withered away. Walking that fine line between too much & not enough, my solution was to gently mist the soil instead of pouring water over it. (Most houseplants are killed by overwatering – so if in doubt, take your watering can and walk away!!!)

Bottom layer: Small black rocks mixed with a pinch of horticultural charcoal (never use BBQ-style charcoal).

Second layer: With a non-draining container like this LESS SOIL = LESS CHANCE OF OVERWATERING. So, after removing the plant from its 4″ grower’s pot, I gently teased away all but 1″ of the soil and placed the plant on top of the rocks.

Top layer: More small rocks were positioned just inside the mouth of the glass orb (this will help keep the planting medium from leaking out). Black aquarium sand was spooned in until it covered all exposed soil around the Ceropegia.

Using a Half-Hitch Spiral design, I macraméd the hanger directly onto the loop at the top of the glass orb.

A light misting and my Ceropegia woodii variegata was ready to hang!

Here’s what the flowers look like

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