Potting Ludisia discolor

Ludisia discolor (“Jewel Orchid”) is a terrestrial orchid
noted more for its beautiful foliage than its flowers.

Jewel Orchids like consistently moist, but not wet, soil with good drainage. I whipped-up my own mix of 60% regular potting soil and 40% grit (volcanic pumice).
They grow their shallow roots via rhizomes.
This grower’s pot wasn’t that deep, but I was shocked when I unpotted it.
You can barely see the stubby roots jutting out of their rhizomes!
Since their roots like to stay near the top of the soil, this shallow bonsai pot seemed a perfect fit.
Covering the drainage hole with a piece of coffee filter (!), I filled the pot with soil.
After gently nestling the plants on top of the soil, I fashioned “pins” from floral wire to hold them in place.
I covered the soil with a thin layer of black “minis” and gave my Jewel Orchid a light watering.

Here’s a beautiful Ludisia discolor in full bloom!

Learn more about Jewel Orchids.

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