The 3 of Wands is my “Bloodline” card.
From Phantasmagoria (companion book to the Tarot of Vampyres deck):
“…our Bloodline card depicts the challenges and quest of our life. Studying this card will unlock messages about your personal journey.”

Everyday Witch Tarot
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3 of Wands
Lord of Established Strength

Sun in Aries:  The Sun symbolizes the Ego and our sense of identity. In Aries (ruled by Mars, the God of War) it gives strength, confidence, and initiative.
Number 3:  Self-expression, communication, development, the act of creation.
Herb:  Saffron

Creativity and skill, vision, growth, competence, manifestation.

Note the lizard (actually a salamander), which symbolizes the element of Fire.

Tarot of Vampyres
Images © Ian Daniels

The 3 of Wands contains the spirit of the true pioneer and points to initial success. There is still much to do, but the efforts you’ve sustained regarding a project are well-spent. Patience is not one of Aries’ viritues, but now is the time when it must be cultivated.

The God of War’s innate passionate nature means that as long as you remain focused and keep that creative fire fanned, you’ll see gains.

In this card, Aries is represented by the ram’s skull atop her scepter – while the symbol for the Sun (a circle with a dot in the center) can be seen on one of the ship’s sails.

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“You have to be burning with ‘an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right.’ If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.”
– Steve Jobs (an Aries)

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Daily Tarot::Queen of Wands

Imagine my unbridled JOY when I turned the card over this morning to reveal the Queen of Wands! In the Tarot, she’s the one I was instantly drawn to and use to represent myself as Querent. In fact,  I’ve devoted a Section to this Queen  which you can access at any time by clicking on Queen of Wands Tarot Cards which are scattered throughout my site – like this one on my homepage:

Cosmic Tarot Deck

The Queen of Wands is one of the most fertile (metaphorically and literally) and feminine/womanly energies in the Tarot deck. In a reading, like all court cards, she can often signify a literal person in our lives, most often female. The Queen brings good energy, and is a positive sign to receive. The Queen of Wands can also refer to a woman who has a lot of FIRE energy about her (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius). When not referring to a literal person, she stands for getting a lot accomplished, and often, a focus on work/career. The Queen is positive, uplifting energy. When she stands in for a woman in your life, she’s a good friend, who is solidly on your side, even though she may seem a bit self-absorbed. If you are looking for work, this Queen can mean that a woman (usually with light-colored hair) will be instrumental in helping you find employment. All in all, things will be looking up professionally. Again, this Queen is a very positive omen in the context of love relationships. If you are looking for love, this can mean that you’ll meet someone suitable through a light-haired friend or acquaintance. You aren’t in the mood to be on your own now. Get out, mingle, trust yourself and the universe to bring you the love and support you want and need. You may be tempted to get carried away buying things when this Queen appears – exercise moderation or you may come to regret your expenditures. This doesn’t mean money will be bad, it just means that you are not in the mood to think before spending. Your home surroundings are a good place to put your efforts now. But home improvement doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Be creative. You are suddenly likely to be spiritually hungry when the Queen of Wands appears. Take your time, read and reflect, talk to lots of people, before making huge life changes. Your exploration is admirable. Crossing over into huge life-changing decisions without full consideration might not be as healthy.

(The Queen of Wands is also the Queen of the Thrones of Flame, and is aligned with the fiery signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. She represents self-knowledge, warmth, pleasure, compassion and loyalty. This Queen is born of Fire and is depicted in antiquity as the fiery goddesses of old, whose chariots were drawn by lions.)

Image © Norbert Lösche

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