GLAM Living Spaces (12.2020)

Kicking out 2020 with a GLAM BANG!

This year there was no shortage of beautiful interiors for me to drool over. (Thank you Vogue, ApartmentTherapy, and LivingEtc.) Which is not surprising since most of us spent a great deal of time in our homes.

‘Kayso, for your viewing pleasure (Drooling pleasure?), here some of my very favorites from 2020. (Skulls, animal prints, rock & roll, KITTIES, and plenty of bling!)

and I can’t let New Year’s Eve go by without including a Disco Ball…

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GLAM Living Spaces (12.2019)

The last GLAM Living Spaces Post of 2019. I’ve got a mix of decorating ideas here:  Christmas, jewel tones, animal prints (Natch), whimsical, one skull, and a hint of Spring to come. Enjoy!

I’m all over the leopard-print stair runner…

not to mention this poster!

I’m also IN LOVE with rich, jewel tones – and they work wonderfully with the holiday season.

This vintage file card cabinet functions beautifully storing shoes (or other accessories).

A claw foot bathtub in PLUM!?! Fuck yeah!

Although a bit too colorful for my taste, this entryway brought a smile to my face.
One could always replace the galoshes with a collection of unexpected items
(Stuffed animals? Vintage toys? Antique dolls?)
The message here is to ditch the usual flower arrangement and “think outside the box”.

The right kind of SKULL accessory is appropriate any time, in any space.

These purples and greens just scream SPRING to me.
(This time of year I keep telling myself “It’s just around the corner.”
Maybe if I click my heels together…)

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GLAM Living Spaces (10.2019)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yep! Halloween’s coming. But if you’re as big a fan of the holiday as I am, you want it to last all year long. There are many ways you can celebrate your sinister and strange side without putting up paper skeletons or covering the house in fake cobwebs. A few carefully-placed accessories may be all you need to set the mood. Keep it tasteful by reminding yourself “less is more”.

I like using framed posters as artwork; they’re inexpensive yet make a big statement. If you have a collection of oddities show them off! Grouping them together – especially if they’re on the smaller side – will create more of an impact.

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Eye Candy ~ 1

There’s only one magazine I splurge on: LivingEtc

(We get them here in the US a month late, but I don’t care.)


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