n.  an attractive man with well-developed muscles

Currently in AEW, Luchasaurus is the ring name persona of Austin Matelson. Along with Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus belongs to the professional wrestling team known as “Jurassic Express“.

Luchasaurus/Austin Matelson
Placed 5th in Big Brother 17
Has a Masters Degree (Ooooh, smart AND hunky.)

BEFORE his “heel” turn.

I like his heel look better.

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Beefcake::Derrick Henry

n.  an attractive man with well-developed muscles

In the run-up to this Sunday’s final playoff games, I thought it would be appropriate to do a Post on an NFL player who’s not only BEEFY but (as the league’s leading rusher) is red-hot right now.

Derrick Henry
Running Back for the Tennessee Titans

A growing number of Titans have jumped on the plant-based band wagon – a movement started by Henry. (2018)

“What started as a couple’s personal undertaking has become a full-fledged Titans plant-based meal movement that is entering Year 2 of the program. It began when Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan decided to try a plant-based diet nearly a year-and-a-half ago, enlisting the help of his wife, Charity, to join him and re-educate herself to cook vegan. Morgan’s teammates saw, smelled and tasted the food that his wife made during the 2017 season. One-by-one, players asked to join the vegan meal plan, and they were sold.”

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What’s Rockin’ My World (12.4.2019)

What’s “trending” at Chez Rock Vixen…

  1. This video of actress & TV host, Tracee Ellis Ross (47) shows Tracee performing her skincare routine, and it is amazing! As she proceeds you can visibly see the change in her skin – all without makeup (If applied, face makeup will look its best if your skin is in optimal condition to begin with.). There’s one instrument she uses which has been praised by a number of actresses and models (some of whom have also mentioned Tracee’s video):  Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar ($195). (I’ve put it on my must-purchase list.)
  2. I’m not particulary fond of commercials – except, of course, any that have cats in them. But there are three in particular I will always stop what I’m doing to watch and they all have something in common.

    Here they are beginning with my favorite by VISA, “Passing the Torch”:

  3. This one by Facebook Groups always brings a tear to my eyes…Dads with Daughters.

    Finally, one starring BEEFCAKE Roman Reigns and his daughter.

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Beefcake::Micha Bergese

n.  an attractive man with well-developed muscles

Micha Bergese
Actor, dancer/choreographer, theater director

Micha Bergese was a choreographer for Interview with the Vampire. He also played one of the Paris vampires. However, Micha might be best known as the Huntsman in The Company of Wolves.

Micha Berges on IMDB
Shaolin Show
Interview with Micha Bergese

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