Playlist::Power Walk 1

Power Walks:  Walking briskly on hilly roads while wearing 1-pound weighted hand gloves. I do a 3-mile lap around the neighborhood which takes about 50 minutes – after which I perform my normal 30-minute workout (weight-training, abdominal & butt-sculpting, stretches).

I prefer tunes with a fast tempo, not unlike those I use during my indoor cardio workouts.

17 songs
1 hours, 8 minutes

Jet City Woman Queensrÿche
The Beat Goes On Sonny & Cher
St. Elmo’s Fire John Parr
Summer Song Joe Satriani
Goody Two Shoes Adam Ant
Wild Boys Duran Duran
We Didn’t Start the Fire Billy Joel
Somebody Save Me Cinderella
Call Me Blondie
Shock to the System Billy Idol
Gloria Laura Branigan
Baby I’m a Star Prince
Need You Tonight INXS
Any Way You Want It Journey
Dying Miss Crazy
Mow Miss Crazy
Cold Hearted Paula Abdul

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Cats who Rock with their Humans

“Cats are musicians without instruments.”
Keith Richards

And lastly, Darkthrone‘s Gylve Nagell with Peanut Butter – who are featured in the book Metal Cats.

Rock Stars with Cats
Cultural Cat
Celebrity Pets
Cats and Rockstars
Fame and the Feline
Men and Cats

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80’s Blast::Billy Idol

(anyone who thinks otherwise can go jump in Lake Minnetonka)

Billy Idol
Hot In The City
from his self-titled album Billy Idol
(1982, reissued in 1983)Billy Idol (1983 reissue)

MTV banned the 1987 version because it showed Idol’s girlfriend,
Perri Lister*, bound to a cross (3:33).

The song was featured in the 1998 film Big.

In 2014 Billy Idol published his autobiography, Dancing with Myself.

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*An Aries