Beefcake::Zach McGowan

n.  an attractive man with well-developed muscles

It is only fitting that the first installment of masculine magnificence be the actor who embodies MY ideal man:  Captain Charles Vane*

Zach McGowan

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*Black Sails


Tonight’s Post is brought to you courtesy of the Internet.

As far as title sequences go, Black Sails is my #1 favorite
– not only visually, but for its theme song.*

After being introduced to the title sequence of Westworld (the series), I went digging around for more details after one image caught my attention,

and ran across an interesting site that showcases a variety of movies/series: Art of the Title. While there, I searched to see if they had anything on Black Sails. They did:

The work of Kris Kuksi was just one of the inspirations behind the (CGI) sculpture.

From Wikipedia:

"The opening title sequence was made by Imaginary Forces**
...with the backing sea shanty inspired theme composed by 
Battlestar Galactica and The Walking Dead composer Bear

It accurately features an instrument of the period in the form 
of the hurdy-gurdy."

Season Four of Black Sails debuts January 29, 2017 – without Vane (who was hanged in Season Three). Waxing nostalgic for Charles, I re-watched the first episode where Captain Flint (played by Toby Stephens) delivers two of the best quotes in the entire series:

"He means to make us monsters - 'cause that's the only way his 
god-fearing, tax-paying subjects can make sense of men who keep 
what is theirs and fear no one. When I said there's a War 
coming...Civilization is coming and it means to exterminate us."
- Flint (to Billy Bones)

"I'm not just gonna make you rich. I'm not just gonna make you
strong. I'm gonna make you Princes of the New World!"
- Flint (to the crew of The Walrus)


ℳ –

*Game of Thrones’ intro appears to have top-billing to-date. It is visually-stunning and will be discussed in a future Post.

**Credited also for the opening sequence of Mad Men.

Charles Vane – R.I.P. (spoiler alert)

I don’t watch television – I don’t get the point of it.  I’ll watch an occasional movie on DVD – but I made a HUGE exception for Black Sails:

  1. Strong female lead characters – you may get 1 (if you’re lucky) in a series, but 3 is a rarity:  Eleanor Guthrie, Anne Bonny, and Max
  2. Bonus that the 1st episode provided me with the quintessential rock band:
    Drums: (Long) John Silver
    Bass: Anne Bonny
    Guitar:  Charles Vane
    Singer/frontman:  John Rackham
  3. “Winky” shots (nice they kept us ladies in mind when they doled out the nudity)
  4. Charles Vane – the feline grace, the throaty rasp of a voice, the soul of a romantic. He’s the character I came back for episode after episode (and the man of my dreams) – and now they’ve killed him off…

Captain Charles Vane (Zach McGowan)

Starz pretty much ripped out the heart & soul of Black Sails; and I have to admit the romantic in me really wanted Eleanor & Charles to burn up the screen once more…sigh…

Black Sails' Vane and Eleanor

I guess it’s time to ditch the series and hunt down my OWN Captain Vane.

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