Full Moon Magick in the Air: The Star and The Priestess

Full Moon in Leo. Also referred to as the “Hunger Moon”. With the transport issues we’re facing this is certainly appropro. Although we aren’t experiencing any human food shortage personally, I AM seeing empty pet food shelves – especially the cat food I serve Ramses: Fussie Cat. It’s the only brand I 100% trust. (Since it’s made in the U.S.A., I know the issue lies with transportation.) He prefers the tuna blends but there are none to be found around here. So I stocked up on 6 cases of his second favorite: chicken. (I have a stash of cans of tuna, too, just in case…)

Additionally, Ceres trines Pluto making “for the powerful striking back of mother nature and natural law to those who would suppress the natural light of human beings!” (I would add the natural light of ALL living things.)

DarkStar Astrology suggests carnelian for its healing properties. (Funny thing, I just purchased a carnelian gemstone last Friday. How timely.)

I’m appealing to Hekate tonight so will add carnelian (along with a moonstone I also bought) to my ritual.

I pulled cards yesterday: “Tell me a story of the next few days.” They took my breath away. MAGICK.

When two Major Arcana cards appear together, it’s a good indication that there’s an interplay between two major forces or major life-issues at work. Indeed. Both these cards are deeply SPIRITUAL.

“When you wish upon a star…” When The Star appears, the impossible becomes the possible so MAKE A WISH. It is the Zodiacal Trump of Aquarius. As we entered the true Age of Aquarius on December 21, 2020 this is fitting. The Star represents clear sight, living in the present, and submersing ourselves in the beauty of Nature. She is a Guiding Light that connects us to Universal Intelligence, the flow of our higher selves from the Divine.

Even in the darkest places are small lights
that can grow and grow until they warm us all.

– Gwen Cooper

Last seen on January 9, 2022, The Priestess reminds me that my chosen Word of the Year is MAGICK. She is the Planetary Trump of the Moon and represents the Divine Feminine Archetype: seduction and mystery, arcane knowledge and occult talents, psychic power, and harnessing the Dark. The Priestess is MAGICK in action.

There is a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears
and the teacher comes when the soul calls.

– Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Finally, last night I had a lovely dream about a contemporary house whose rooms were filled with floor-to-ceiling windows. I was decorating the spaces. Whenever I dream of living spaces I always dream in color and the dream was filled with turquoise and raspberry-sherbet pink.

When you dream of a living space (house, apartment, etc.), this actually is a reflection of how you are feeling about YOURSELF. I always awake happy after having one of these dreams…

ℳ –

Vampyres, The Tower, and Buffy the Freedom-Slayer

Monday night (actually early Tuesday morning) I had this disturbing dream. I was surrounded by a group of vampires, the leader of which wanted me (paramour?) but I had invoked a verbal charm of some kind which kept them at bay. This scene took place in a large warehouse or perhaps parking garage. Everything had a 1950’s feel to it. The vampires were dressed like extras from American Graffiti or Grease and I left the scene in a Chevy Impala, which was being driven by woman who was my best friend. I think I told the leader we were going shopping.

At that moment I awoke, feeling like I’d just escaped…something. It was 2:30am.

Vampires generally symbolize bloodthirstiness, demons, and negative entities.

The most common interpretation says vampires in dreams represent threat and danger, or problems that are troubling you in your waking life. (Like what’s going on in the world right now – and especially in California. See below.)

Being Chased by Several Vampires: You are fighting some major force in your life and it’s very stressful. The situation itself may be scaring you more than you’d like to admit. (However, since I used a magic spell to keep them from coming after us this would indicate that I have it within myself to control the situation, or at least control how I react to it.)

Who knows what the whole 50’s vibe means…

This Cunt might’ve been the reason behind the dream.

Buffy the Freedom-Slayer

Meet Buffy Wicks (Yes, that’s her real name.). This individual is aligned with the Democratic party and serves on the California State Assembly. This Cunt is currently crafting a bill that would force all Californians to be JABBED. Currently, this evil piece of legislature is “on hold” until 2022 but the bill would require that all employers, both public and private sector, require all employees who are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to show proof of vaccination or take a weekly COVID-19 test. Asm. Wicks will continue to work on this proposed bill language headed into the next legislative session, in partnership with Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), Asm. Akilah Weber, M.D. (D-San Diego), Asm. Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley), Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), and Sen. Josh Newman (D-Fullerton).

The implication is that the UN-VAXXED might then be denied access to certain businesses (such as grocery stores or pharmacies) – which would follow in lockstep with The W.H.O.’s Vaccine Passport agenda.
Download “Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status” (pdf) here.

It’s either “Power to the People” or “Sieg Heil”…what say you, CALIFORNIA?

Finally, I did a Tarot read yesterday morning: “What energies should I embrace today?” I drew

The Tower is a Major Arcana card. As such, when you see a Major Arcana card in a Tarot reading you are being called to reflect on the life lessons and themes that are currently being experienced at this time. The Tower is the Planetary Trump of Mars and is ruled by Aries. It represents: Destruction of old structures; dramatic changes and revolution; upheaval; renewal; escape; chaos; a blessing in disguise as a disaster. This card is about sudden change and is the “Tower of Truth and Liberation”.

The Tower reflects upon a current situation. In order for the wished-for outcome to become a reality, direct all your energy and focus towards that end. Keep a positive attitude and be ready to roll with the changes. Additionally, for Aries the major theme of the August 8th New Moon (in Leo) was reacting to unexpected changes in a progressive way with flexibility and self-awareness. This read may be a carry-over from that New Moon’s energy.

I am keeping in mind that the sudden changes and upheaval symbolized here may not be “earth shattering” or even far-reaching; but merely a reminder that whatever is thrown my way I have the strength of Will to grab hold and run with it – much like the Warrior Vampyre shown in the card.

Without chaos, nothing can evolve.
– Oscar Wilde

ℳ –

Dream Journal (8.8.2021)

This dream took place last night.

SHE came to me last night. My Spirit Animal. My Shadow. My Panther. I was in a large warehouse-type building talking to someone when SHE appeared and nudged my hand. I ignored her and walk a few feet away. SHE followed me and nudged my hand again. This dance cycled itself a couple more times until SHE gently nipped my hand. I finally gave in and began petting her as SHE sat on her haunches right next to me, content at last.

When the Black Panther appears it’s time to remove the mask. Black Panther as a Totem Animal belongs to those who live honestly and authentically.

Black Panther speaks to our soul with the shimmering energy of the Moon; this big cat is the ultimate shapeshifter and the master of disguise. Panther’s sleek black coat cloaks its true identity in the shadows. It isn’t until you are close to a Panther that their illusion falls away and who they really becomes visible.

But, good luck getting close to this elusive animal and any human for which Black Panther is their Totem Animal.

Black Panther is a loner. This Spirit is one of solitary study who often walks alone; this is not a lonely life, rather one of choice that develops Panther’s senses especially to psychic abilities and magic.

Because Panther has lunar ties, they hold the power of mysticism and the safety of darkness. Her wisdom and knowledge are a deep as the night itself. She is sensitive to vibrations that others cannot process, and very in touch with her sensual, sexual self.


I haven’t connected with my Shadow self since leaving Northern California. I guess SHE felt it was time we re-connected. I couldn’t agree more…

ℳ –

Dream Journal (2.2.2021)

This dream took place last night.

Ever dreamed of dying? Specifically, have you ever had a dream in which you are scheduled to be killed or executed? I don’t believe I ever posted the previous one, which happened last year, where I was in a holding cell with a lot of other people and we were all scheduled to be executed the following day. Well, I decided I was going to conduct aerobic exercises and got everyone up and participating. Hilarious, right? Perhaps I was doing my best to take everyone’s mind off things because I know it wasn’t because we were concerned about keeping ourselves fit! LOL.

Last night’s was more sobering. Both Ramses and I were in the company of an individual who had clearly kidnapped us for the sake of executing me. At least, I think I was the only one due to be killed. This assassin had a gun and was someone I knew. When it came time for me to die, I turned my back to him so he could deliver the bullet to the back of my head. I told Ramses I would “meet him on the other side” (This is where I’m not sure if Ramses was going to be killed straightaway or not.) and told Diego and Ortoloni I would “be joining them soon.” I was calm and had clearly accepted my fate. I woke up prior to the individual pulling the trigger.

Dreaming of death indicates a possible change in our life, a necessary and unavoidable change that is about to come and that we must accept otherwise it will not be possible to evolve. This change may come in the form of psychological transformation or major transition. It may be your inner guide’s way of saying you’re ready to let go of something that no longer serves you.

But the fact is, my feelings upon awakening were deep sadness coupled with a sense of loss. On one hand I was joyfully looking forward to seeing my beloved cats again. On the other, I was heartbroken about leaving behind T (and possibly Ramses). So I’m not sure what the dream is telling me. One site suggested that dreaming about being executed is an “indication that you need to make a change in your life” and that “there is some part of your waking life that needs changing as soon as possible.”

So I did what I thought would help clarify things for me:  I sat down and did a Tarot reading…

When a card appears Reversed, it means that the card’s energy is present but at a lower level. It’s weakened. The last time I drew the Lord of Skulls (King of Pentacles) Reversed was on November 4, 2020:  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Lord of Skulls.

The suit of Pentacles tends to deal with the material aspects of our lives:  Money, our bodies, work, and material possessions. The suit also has ties to the home, earth, and nature. I’m still unsure about the card’s connection to my dream. I may have to mull this over for a few days…

ℳ –

Snakes, Swords, and Aspirational Clutter

At 3:30 this morning I awoke from a dream. In this dream I was lying on a couch in front of a fireplace within which burned a fire. There was a coiled rattlesnake on the floor beside the couch. It was not rattling its tail but was regarding me intently. Not wanting to get bitten and hoping the serpent would wander off, I lay very still. Suddenly it DID strike me. On the side of my head, but my thick hair acted like a helmet and deflected its fangs.

I’ve had snake dreams before but never a rattlesnake – and never with one striking out at me.

Reading-up on dream interpretations, I found that the dreamer should place high importance on any dream about snakes. As I was not bitten, I ruled out any explanations that focused on that. Most said that dreaming of a rattlesnake is a warning of something hostile or dangerous in the dreamer’s waking life. The danger may either be external or internal. In other words, the snake could represent wrestling with one’s inner demons or harboring irrational fears; or it could mean treachery at foot (I ruled the latter out as well.).

The more I analyzed it, the more I felt the creature striking at my head was a sign from the Universe telling me to “Wake up.”

Now I was wide awake and feeling a bit weird about the dream, so I got up and made myself a hot milk toddy. Then I decided to burn some incense to cleanse the air. Then I thought I might as well pull a Tarot card…as I was still feeling pretty funky.

While the Vampyress in the card is described as being “sorrowful”, I’ve always sensed a bit of REVENGE here. It’s there in the eyes and the tilt of her head. The phrase “cuts like a knife” comes to mind, with the knife representing the sharp intellect representative of the suit. DID she exact revenge? Has the Vampyress fed upon her pain for so long she’s allowed it to consume her?

Also referred to as “Lord of Sorrow”, the 3 of Knives (Swords) represents worries, heartache, and emotional pain. As Knives (Swords) rule the intellect and mental activity this unhappiness is being caused by stressful thinking and needless worrying. Denying or blocking emotions results in the inability to free oneself from the past. Release any emotional tension or negative energy by allowing yourself to experience it fully. Then let go of it.

Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster.
For when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Today also marks a New Moon in the analytical sign of Virgo. (Note: The Sun is also aligned with Virgo and will be staying there through September 22nd.)

At the same time we have Sun Trine Saturn (which shines a spotlight on authority figures) and Mercury Square Jupiter (focus on organization). Additionally, this New Moon is “”connecting with the North and South Nodes of the moon, which are known as the Nodes of Destiny. This means that the actions we take during this time will be key in shifting our future, giving this lunation even more relevance than any other regular new moon.” Reference link

New Moons are not only for setting intentions, they are usually a time of fresh starts and new beginnings; but with Mars still Retrograde (in Aries) this is not the time to start anything new. Virgo’s New Moon will urge us to Re-flect, Re-examine, Re-evaluate, Re-vise, and Re-organize. (This would be a good time to Re-visit any forgotten projects…)

Lastly, Virgo is connected to the Healer Archetype. Focus on your well-being and the well-being of those you love. Practice self-care. More than ever, this last point is vital to our mental and physical health.

Which brings me to “aspirational clutter”. Apartment Therapy has been posting daily decluttering tips and today’s was: Removing This One Type of Clutter from Your Life Is an Act of Self-Love.

According to the Post, “Aspirational clutter is anything you’re keeping for a future version of yourself. Clear it out if you need more mental or physical space for who you are right now.” Indeed.

I will go a step further and challenge each and every one of us to perform an Aspirational Declutter of our minds and spirits. Let’s get rid of everything that doesn’t serve us; that no longer benefits who we aspire to BE.

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