The Emperor governs Earth Day 2021

Every year the heavens celebrate Earth Day by having a meteor party – and we’re all invited! The April Lyrids last from April 16 to April 26 each year and will peak on April 21-22 here in the Bay Area – with peak viewing just before dawn on Thursday, April 22nd. Well, I awoke early intending to catch the display only to find it overcast here…

Many people who recorded the event live posted their videos on YouTube. If, like me, you missed the Lyrids you can catch the show here.

Happy Earth Day!

When I sat down to write this Post my thoughts invariably turned to the usual suspects: Conservation, volunteering, recycling, etc. (Search “Earth Day” for more ideas.) However, I realized I’d just be repeating that which has already been written. Instead, I thought I’d write about what “Earth Day” means to me and what I’m doing – and pledge to do – in support of Mother Earth. Gaia.

This resonates with me because no matter how much we try to convince ourselves that humans are above all other life here, we most certainly are not. Consider this:  Earth is taking a beating from us. But no matter what horrors we inflict upon her, Mother Earth will always choose to survive. But if humans persist on racing down the path we are currently on, Earth will have no choice but to terminate us in order to survive. Of course, our demise will be on us. For we are dependent upon this beautiful world and if we continue to decimate it to the point where it can no longer sustain us, well, it won’t. We can no more run away from this hard truth than we can DEATH itself. As animals, I believe human beings instinctively know this but we talk ourselves out of it at every turn…

For instance, I Reuse and Recycle but don’t REDUCE as much as I should. I’m a Vegetarian but not a VEGAN. I don’t use LED bulbs (Gasp!) because I prefer softer lighting in my home. I volunteer and support charitable organizations but never feel I’m doing ENOUGH. I regularly donate items I no longer need but I’m still BUYING more items. (I take good care of said items so I won’t have to constantly replace them, but I’m still buying stuff…) I take BATHS and let the water run while brushing my teeth. The hardest thing for me to admit? Despite my deep love for non-human species, and despite the fact that I volunteer/support animal-related charitable organizations, I recently purchased a new pair of boots and a new purse. Both made of leather. My justification was that I’d been buying purses at the local Goodwill for years and wanted to treat myself. (No excuse for the 80s-style, purple-and-black boots. They were ON SALE.)

So you see, I’m still fucking things up. But I work towards fucking things up LESS.

  • Meals are planned around seasonal produce, most of which is purchased at one of the local Farmers’ Markets.
  • I only eat food that’s certified organic or verified to be non-GMO (by the Non-GMO Project).
  • Interestingly, PETA (an organization I’ve supported for years) posted an article on a vegan product they were recommending. I noticed it was labeled neither “organic” nor “non-GMO”. I’ve done – and continue to do – a ton of self-education on the subject and have concluded that genetically-modified organisms are not healthy for humans, animals, plants, or the earth (dirt) itself, so I asked PETA if the item in question was “non-GMO” and got quite a snobby reply back stating that it was “vegan” and “that was the point”. It is my belief that the health and welfare of animals begins with the health and welfare of the food they consume, the pesticides/fertilizers used in growing the food, and the dirt in which the food is grown. End of story.

  • Although cats are obligate carnivores and cannot follow either a vegetarian or vegan diet, Ramses gets the highest quality grain-free (non-GMO) cat food: Fussie Cat.
  • Although my hobby of growing carnivorous plants means I must use CFL’s for CarnieVIL, used bulbs get recycled responsibly (meaning not in the trash bin).
  • Ditto for batteries (My ROKU remote uses them up like crazy!) and electronics.
  • We religiously put all recyclable items in the recycling bins here in the complex. (I’m happy to report that we tenants are filling these huge trash-bin-sized containers to the brim every week, while the trash bin is only half-full.)
  • I walk or use transit to run errands; otherwise, two of us share the one car.
  • I use leftover cooking water (veggies and pasta) to feed my outdoor plants. Lots of good nutrients!
  • Speaking of outdoor plants, when I have to use a pesticide/fungicide I choose ones that are safe for organic gardening.
  • I use AmazonSmile because Amazon donates a portion of my purchases to the charity of my choice:  Milos Sanctuary and Special Needs Cat Rescue Inc.
  • For those of you who shop Amazon but don’t login at AmazonSmile because you think your purchases won’t make much of a difference, CHECK THIS OUT:

And this is what I need/want to do:

  1. Use Amazon Second Chance. Find out more about the program here.
  2. Although 90% of the household cleaners we use are non-toxic, we could do a better job.
  3. Be more cognizant of how I waste water. This is of special concern here in California where we are facing another year of drought, water-conservation, and risk of more devastating fires.
  4. A week ago I saw one Monarch butterfly and one Swallowtail butterfly here in the complex. Two insects we don’t normally see around here until late summer. WTF? I discovered that Monarch butterflies are in danger of becoming extinct. Seems what’s killing them are the same things that have been decimating bees for some time now (Yesterday, I saw my first bee of the year right here in my Concrete Jungle.).
  5. I have PLEDGED to plant a bee-friendly, butterfly-friendly garden in my little slice of heaven. I have limited access to all-day sun and no soil. But I have plans. I will work around the concrete and less-than-optimal sunlight and plant insect-friendly herbs and flowers that will thrive in the environment. Oh, and I’m getting a Bee House ’cause the bees around here are solitary bees (like Mason bees). Here’s the low-down on Bee Houses. As butterflies can be particularly finicky about the flowers they sip from, this year I’m making them a Butterfly Feeder!

    We already have a Hummer Café and recently installed one for the birds. (Ramses thinks all the activity is fun stuff to watch! Kitty TV.)

    I’d love to make the patio a sustainable Wildlife Habitat – ’cause if balconies can become such, so can the Concrete Jungle.

‘Kayso, this brings me to The Emperor. How does HE fit in to Earth Day?

The Zodiacal Trump of Aries, The Emperor is also known as “Sun of the Morning” and “Chief Among the Mighty”. Normally one thinks of conquest or domination when this card appears, but he also represents the Archetypal Father figure.

Take a close look at the card and you’ll see abundance and life in the red apples and BEE. (Don’tcha just LOVE synchronicites…) The regal Vampyre embodies strength and confidence which comes from a place of love and support. He is the Earthly Father. A leader who does not rule with an iron fist but with intelligence, courage, wisdom, justice – and a bit of passion. Although a man of action (Mars rules Aries), his decisions are not made in haste. Like King Arthur, The Emperor wants nothing more than to see his kingdom (The Earth) and all who live within it to thrive and prosper.

Today’s the day to begin creating OUR Camelot right here on Planet Earth – for all its creatures, not just man. Instead of pillaging and destroying, let’s evolve into being PROTECTOR. Let’s take care of each other. Let’s give a voice to the voiceless and become their CHAMPIONS – for there is room enough for all to live and flourish within Camelot.

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.
– James D. Miles

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New Moon (4.22.2020): Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

Happy Earth Day!

During the first phase of its 29½-day lunar cycle the Moon appears invisible to us because it’s positioned between Earth and the Sun. Additionally, because the Moon is so close to the Sun none of the side FACING Earth is illuminated – thus it “disappears” in the sky.

Today’s New Moon is sextile Saturn. While the Moon deals with emotions and intuition, Saturn represents structure and discipline. Saturn is the “Task Master”. During this New Moon you may want to focus on practical matters and completing serious or difficult tasks. Any emerging feelings at this time will allow you to build upon new foundations.

This New Moon is also conjunct Chiron (The Healer). Your deepest wounds – both physical and emotional – will be exposed. Old wounds may resurface. It’s important you don’t hold onto this pain and internalize it, and be alert to any urges to react negatively to the pain by turning your anger against yourself and others.

Finally, today’s New Moon is square the Nodes of the Moons. Karmic crossroads. Feeling torn between the past and the future. Negative behavior patterns may rear their ugly heads and old wounds may surface. You may be feeling confused, not knowing which path to take. What’s holding you back from realizing your destiny? Pay attention to your intuition and dreams.

When you “know what you mean but you can’t say it,”
it is your Moon that knows it and your Sun that can’t say it.
“Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears”
are the thoughts of your Moon’s nature.

– Grant Lewis (Astrology for the Millions)

Just as the Full Moon signals closure the New Moon opens a door, inviting change into your life. It marks the end of one cycle and the start of a new one. Considered a “growth phase”, farmers have routinely planted seeds during the New Moon. Why not plant some “seeds” of your own? The New Moon phase is perfect for setting your intention(s) in motion for the coming month. A simple but powerful way to do this is by simply asking the Universe for what you want.

Write down your wishes and desires – in your relationships, career, creative projects, spiritual growth, etc. Be as specific as you can. Take at least 5 minutes to meditate on what you’ve written down, visualizing your desires becoming reality. Do this each day for the next few days focusing on your goals with purpose and intent. Meditate on how you intend to make it all happen. The strength of the New Moon’s energy lasts for about ten days, decreasing with each passing day, so it’s important you engage with the power of this energy in the first 48 hours of its arrival.

Be careful what you wish for because the “seeds” planted during a New Moon phase will germinate and take hold.

Note:  You may want to conduct your meditation rituals during non-Void of Course Moon times.
Void of Course Moon calendar for 2020 (printable PDF file).

The New Moon phase would be an effective time to do self-growth work as, astrologically, the Moon is ruled by Cancer which represents our instincts, imagination, intuition, and unconscious. In Tarot, The Moon represents one’s fears, illusions, unconscious, imagination, dreams/nightmares, and occult knowledge.

More information on New Moon rituals:
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