Know What’s Irritating?

Most of you probably communicate via Facebook and its ilk, but I like Blogs and Bloggers. There are quite a few on my “regular visit” radar. But don’t you hate it when you visit a blogsite only to find their last Post was one or more YEARS ago?!?

I mean, people may care less, but at least I Post on a regular (if not daily) basis…

Thanks to all of you who take an active (or inactive) interest in the mundane – although eccentric at times – content I Post. ≋;>

Hugs & Kisses

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On your mark – get set

Nov 25, 10:00pm
From 1st night of Winterfest @ CGA

– GO!!!



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Blessed Be

Happy Thanksgiving

Jill and I had some pre-Thanksgiving sushi (!) earlier this week.

Sushi Confidential in Campbell has the best sushi


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This Post’s for You

I get such a ration from some of my friends about how I’m not on Facebook.

n. (trademark) a social networking website
v. to communicate with/search for information about (a person) by using Facebook
v. to post on Facebook

Raining outside, cozy inside.

Hate to interrupt all this coziness but I HAVE to run an errand. As long as I’m out I thought, “Why not do a Post for my Facebook aficionados?”

n. a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject,
or pastime

I'm ba-ack. Let's take a tour of the complex.
Now that I'm all "un-cozy" what should I do next?
Hmmm, patio needs work.
Probably not a good day for that.
I still have to do something with all these:

Maybe I'll just start with this little guy I bought last week.

BUT FIRST...I need sustenance.

I baked sweet potatoes early this morning. 
Butter, salt and pepper = YUM!
(The Kraken's going into some hot milk. Add a little
sugar and you've got MY version of a "hot toddy".)


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