Blabbermouth(piece) gets a HUGE

Blabbermouth bills itself as “the CNN of heavy metal and hard rock news”. It does an incredibly good job of emulating that multinational newsertainment TV channel, too. Like MSM everywhere nowadays, on stories that follow the favored narrative Blabbermouth paints the musician in a POSITIVE light. Those stories that are in opposition to the narrative are painted in a NEGATIVE light, with some musicians being abused and denigrated within the article itself. Yes, Blabbermouth is yet another example of rock and roll following in lockstep with the Fascists.

I remember the good old days when Rock & Roll railed AGAINST “the man” instead of being his lapdog.


Gene: A Nazi disguised as a Child of Israel


That’s Valerie Bertinelli making the ‘dick” statement.

There are more, but I’ll stop here – although I’m sure Blabbermouth won’t.

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One Year Later…

May 30, 2020 marks the day I returned home. It’s very warm today (87°) so I’ve got my mini fan on here in my room. I’m enjoying a Gin & Tonic à la Chez Rock Vixen (Recipe below) and watching Dean and Nala (Nala’s World: One Man, His Rescue Cat, and a Bike Ride around the Globe) cycle around the Danube.

Reflecting on this past year, I am torn between being thankful for the first stimulus check (It enabled me to rent that POD; otherwise I might never have made it back home…) and despising the evil that’s permeating this planet like a smallpox-laden blanket.

v. to look down on with disrespect or aversion; to regard as negligible, worthless,
or distasteful

Fortunately, both Tim and I are of like mind and are pretty much saying “Fuck Them and Fuck That” to their pathetic push to coerce us into getting jabbed. In addition to the transparency of their tactics, these jabs (like the flu vaccines) contain GENETICALLY MODIFIED DNA. That’s what the “R” in mRNA stands for: Recombinant DNA Technology. “Recombinant DNA technology is the joining together of DNA molecules from two different species.” Anyone who knows me very well knows I am averse to genetic engineering. If I don’t want to ingest GMO why on Earth would I allow someone to inject me with that shit? Then there’s the subject of blood clots, organ failures, DEATH… (Do ya feel lucky, punk?)

Yeah, Fuck Them and Fuck That!

Anyhoo…a big thank you to Uncle Sam for the $1200!

I had meant to post more photos of my Ensuite Bedroom but lagged. (I promise to do that REAL SOON.) In lieu of that, how ’bout some videos of the wildlife around here (of which both Ramses and I are enjoying immensely)?

There is a pair of robins who have been visiting the Concrete Jungle regularly scrounging for seeds jettisoned from the bird feeder. I’ve named the male “Rock” and the female “Robin”. (Get it? Rock & Robin.) Anyhoo…I caught Rock stealing some coco fiber from my planter. My assumption was that he was going to woo Robin with his choice of nesting material.

Apparently she approved of his choice because right after I took the video, they engaged in “avian coitus” on the fence.

A family of geese have have staked out the complex as their home base.

Yesterday they meandered by the front door, stopping at the apartment kitty-corner to the right of us for morsels of bread being handed-out by our neighbor. One gosling even took a piece from his hand! Needless to say, I grabbed our supply of corn (ORGANIC, of course) and headed-out the front door. They were happy to see me.

– and Ramses was fascinated by them. (What ARE those thimgs?)

Gin & Tonic à la Chez Rock Vixen

Bombay Sapphire Gin
Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic Water
Scrappy’s Lavender Bitters

Place two ice cubes in glass. Add jigger of Bombay Gin and enough tonic water to cover ice. Finish with 2-3 sploshes of Lavender Bitters. Prendre plaisir!

See ya later, alligator!

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A Continued Middle-Finger Salute to CA

And the FUCK YOU Awards keep piling up…

Added: January 24, 2021

Santa Clara County blames COVID-19 for not fulfilling public records requests

Santa Clara County is refusing to release records related to COVID-19 because “it is not in the public interest” for county employees to divert their time from the pandemic to collect and review public documents. (So they’re blaming the Jinn for them not releasing information relating to the Jinn. Talk about double-speak. This is straight out of 1984.)

Although Gov. Gavin Newsom loosened some of the state’s open meeting laws due to the pandemic, he has not suspended the public records act or modified any of its requirements.

This means counties and cities still have to follow the state law, regardless of the pandemic.

Government agencies can use COVID-19 to delay the release of public records, experts say…


California keeps key virus data out of public sight

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has from the start said his coronavirus policy decisions would be driven by data shared with the public to provide maximum transparency.

But with the state starting to emerge from its worst surge, his administration won’t disclose key information that will help determine when his latest stay-at-home order is lifted.

State health officials said they rely on a very complex set of measurements that would confuse (Because we’re all feeble-minded children to them.) and potentially mislead the public if they were made public…


As you can see by the chart below, Califonia is the only that state where hair salons are still shuttered. THE ONLY ONE. (and some wonder why people are high-tailing it out of here…)

Chart courtesy of

Jan 13, 2021 Update

Salons and barbershops in the Greater Sacramento Region can open today after meeting the ICU capacity criteria for exiting the Regional Stay At Home Order. This includes the following counties: Alpine, Amador, Butte, Colusa, El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Sacramento, Sierra, Sutter, Yolo, Yuba. These counties will move back into the color-coded, tiered system “Blueprint for a Safer Economy” which allows salons and barbershops to operate indoors, with restrictions, in all tiers.

(Please note that the Bay Area is NOT included. Salons remain CLOSED to servicing customers both indoors and outdoors INDEFINITELY.)

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The latest FUCK YOU Award goes to…

Congratulations, Santa Clara County officials, for being the sheeple that you are and collecting salaries while businesses around you are dropping like flies!!!

November 17, 2020:
I love California, but now our State officials have rolled us all the way back to the “purple” tier (Why purple? Shouldn’t it be RED for STOP?) which is the most restrictive. So we are back to square one. HOW MANY MORE BUSINESSES WILL GO BANKRUPT? HOW MANY MORE CITIZENS OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA WILL GO HUNGRY BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT WORKING? I wonder how MANY of these fine officials would be willing to directly help their fellow Californians – using $$ out of their own pockets. Money WE the citizens of California PAY THEM.

Let’s TAKE THE $$$$$$ BACK!!! Let’s DEMAND each and every California state official give-up a year of their salary to help those Californians most in need during THIS MADNESS. They can certainly afford it…

I saw this on the Tahoe Daily Tribune website and thought “How festive!” with its red background and MADNESS-shaped snowflakes. (Very pretty, don’t you think? I’d love to see someone create holiday wrapping paper using this design.)

November 18, 2020:
There are two kinds of anger I’ve been feeling over this whole mess:

  1. Righteous – a reactive emotion of anger over mistreatment, insult, or malice of another. It is akin to what is called the sense of injustice.
  2. Anger caused by inaction – proactivity being the salvo here.

I decided to put MY money (so to speak) where MY mouth is, quit ranting about this crap, and DO something. So I sent a polite missive to the Governor of our fair state.

I may or may not hear back from him, but as a California taxpayer I have the right to contact State officials to voice my concerns – in a respectful manner. I urge you to do the same.

12.7.2020:  To date I have heard nothing from the Governor’s office. Nothing – not even a canned response acknowledging my email. I guess that tells me all I need to know.

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HP Phones Home

Before I get going with this Post let me share a comedic graphic I posted last month:

‘Kayso, anyone who’s had to deal with Microsoft’s updates will recognize the ironic humor in that. However, waiting 30 minutes (and counting) is absolutely ridiculous! This is what I experienced last night when shutting down my laptop – these days one has no recourse but to update (when there’s an update) before shutting down Windows. (To make matters worse [as you’ll see] I had selected “Update and Restart” instead of “Update and Shutdown”, but it was too late to do anything about it.) I did not want to stay up waiting for the update to load for who knows how long, so I threw something over the screen and went to bed.

3:30 this morning I got up to visit the loo. Back in bed and just starting to doze off, my laptop “came to life”. Suddenly the whole room was lit-up by its screen. I jumped out of bed to see what the hell was going on. (Surely Windows wasn’t still updating…)

HP was updating the BIOS. I always shut-down my computers at night so I’ve never seen this sort of thing before and was understandably concerned. Was my HP laptop reaching out to its Mothership or was this some sort of nefarious activity? By now I was fully awake. I decided to wait and see what transpired…

Apparently, it was just an update of the laptop’s BIOS. However, Microsoft changed some of my settings (quelle surprise) such as reverting my browser-of-choice (Firefox) to their piece-of-shit browser, changing some of my “Open with” settings, etc. Typical Microsoft shit.

By the time I reset everything to MY liking, there was no way I was going back to sleep – tossing and turning until Ramses woke me. (Sleeps through the night until 6:30am. The cat’s a fucking alarm clock.) I see a nap in my future…that is, if “the Prince” will allow me to take one.

(The fact that my laptop phoned home still perturbs me.)

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