Grim Reaper to release new album

One of my favorite heavy metal bands, Grim Reaper, was formed in England in 1979. They continue to tour and will be releasing a new album, “At The Gates“, October 11, 2019.

Recently the band was in Montreal playing a gig at the Piranha Bar when Jimmy Kay (The Metal Voice) caught-up with their frontman, Steve Grimmett:

Full Article @ Sleaze Roxx

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All Hell Let Loose*

Tarot of Vampyres

Images © Ian Daniels

6 of Wands
“Victory, triumph, and success is yours.”

Jupiter in Leo:  In Leo the planet of expansion and good fortune manifests as an outpouring of individual expression and creativity
Number 6: In Tarot, Sixes represent departure, transition, and harmonious outcome. In the suit of Wands, this symbolizes accepting and responding to transitions in a creative manner.

The recognition you seek has been granted – victory is within your grasp.

The Tower
“Out with the old and in with the new.”

Mars in Aries: The planetary God of War is ruled by Aries creating an unstoppable firestorm of power and determination
Number 16:   A Karmic Number which denotes personal willpower, independence, initiative action, and unforseen events.

Watch for sudden, violent, and unexpected changes. Before you can build something better, the old structure must be destroyed. Envision a forest fire laying everything bare so new growth can emerge from the ashes. Additionally, choose your words carefully today; aim for diplomacy.

Queen of Pentacles
“A little flexibility will take you a long way.”

Venus in Taurus:  Venus in Taurus concerns itself with things in the material realm
Number 13: Another Karmic Number assigned to upheaval and the ability to adapt to change gracefully

Stubborn resistance to change might throw a monkey wrench in your plans – causing setbacks and delays.

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