Steve Grimmett: 1959-2022

Considering my undying love for Mötley Crüe, one might be surprised to hear that the first CD I ever purchased was Grim Reaper’s “See You in Hell” (1983). Grimmett’s sustained note at the end of the song “See You in Hell” always amazes me, as it was recorded without effects. It was all Steve. And THAT’s why I purchased the CD.

According to vocalist Steve Grimmett in a 1984 interview, “Dead on Arrival” [from See You in Hell] is about his friendship with Brian Field who was involved with the Great Train Robbery. [source]

Grim Reaper’s songs made it into many of my Mëtalaerobix classes. I loved turning my students on to new artists. Being one of my favorite Heavy Mëtal bands from the 80s, I dearly wanted to see them live; but, sadly, it was not to be. You will be missed, Steve. ❤

Steve Grimmett: 2nd from right

Steve Grimmett
August 19, 1959 – August 15, 2022

Love that 80’s hair!

From the album, Rock You to Hell (Crank. It. Up!):

GRIM REAPER…Nick Bowcott on Steve Grimmett: “He Was a Glass Half Full Guy…He Was an Exceptional Human Being”
GRIM REAPER Vocalist STEVE GRIMMETT Dead At 62 Years Old
80’s Blast::Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper to release new album
@ Wikipedia
Grim Reaper Vocalist Steve Grimmett – The full in bloom Legacy Interview – See You in Hell
GRIM REAPER – Interview with Steve Grimmett and Nick Bowcott from 2015

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Jeff LaBar: 1963-2021

In 2015, Jeff LaBar and Bay Area musician Ronnie Borchert/Markus Allen Christopher (Miss Crazy) formed Welcome to the Freakshow. The video above was shot at the now-defunct Rockbar Theatre in San Jose, CA. “Everyone” was the first video from their self-titled CD. Although I did not participate in the video shoot I was there that day (‘Cause where else would I be on a Sunday in August of 2015?) sitting at the bar watching everyone (!) patiently filming take after take…

Above photos © 2015

I did not meet Jeff LaBar until three months later
when the band played a show at Rockbar Theater.

Earlier that night I remember seeing Jeff near the bar where we were sitting. I looked up and there he was, chatting with some people and staring straight at me. No biggie, though. I just thought, “Oh, there’s Jeff LaBar” and continued doing what I was doing. While one of the opening bands was playing I was tapped on the shoulder and asked if we’d like to go backstage and meet the band. Well, I was (and am) a huge fan of Miss Crazy and saw this as my opportunity to tell Markus Allen Christopher (aka Ronnie Borchert) just how much I loved them. So backstage we went.

Each of us was given a “limited edition” copy of the CD.

The photo on the back of the CD was taken in the Vodka Bar located inside Rockbar Theater. (The Vodka Bar was where I spent many nights hawking my wares at their Simply Stilettos ladies-only events. It was a beautiful room.)

Next thing I know, Jeff appears to my right and introduces himself. “Hi, I’m Jeff.” Mr. LaBar was a cutie AND a bit of a smart-ass – but in a nice way. I enjoyed the verbal sparring we engaged in. Very cool and laid-back.

Once Welcome to the Freakshow took the stage we went right up and stood in front of Jeff. With both him and MAC/RB at the helm, it’s no surprise they played some kick-ass 80’s style music! They even did one of my favorite covers by W.A.S.P.I Wanna Be Somebody.

The show was on a Friday and by the next week I was working-out to several of their songs.

Even though I saw Cinderella once or twice back-in-the-day, I will never forget meeting Jeff backstage at that show.

Jeff LaBar
March 18, 1963 – July 14, 2021

Cinderella (late 80’s). Jeff is far-left.

From the video “Somebody Save Me”. My favorite shot of Jeff. Very intense.

Jeff LaBar (wikipedia)
freakshowrox (myspace)
Cinderella (wikipedia)

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