Daily Tarot::5 of Cups

Bohemian Gothic Tarot Deck

Cups represent the element of Water; and also represent the qualities of passivity, dependency and receptivity – typical for emotion, passion and desire. Because those feelings are always dependent on outside influences, they need a goal or an impulse to come alive. In common Tarot, the Cups are mostly taken for the emotions or definitions regarding human relations. Nevertheless, a Cup card should not be viewed with any restriction such as this because sometimes we might miss the point.

The 5 of Cups is another card which reminds us that where we put our focus in life has a great deal to do with the quality of our lives and how well they work for us. In most Tarot decks, depictions on each card give solid guides toward interpretation and this is very much the case with the 5 of Cups. Most often, a sad or downcast figure is shown with five cups. Three are spilled and two remain upright and whole. The implication is extremely clear:  Are you going to cry over “spilled milk” or are you going to focus on the “milk” you still have and get on with things? The point is to watch where you put your focus and make sure that the focus is for your highest good. If you are looking for a job when this card comes up, try not to get too worked-up if there are delays. Things with applications, resumes, and such will likely be moving slowly. Be pro-active but not pushy. Regarding love, a relationship may have just ended. You must realize that “all is not lost.” There will come a day when you realize that the reason this relationship ended was to get you to the place you really want to be – which is in a relationship that really works for you, and works well. Worrying too much about money can actually have the opposite effect of what you are trying to make happen (having a better flow of financial prosperity – that is, a flow in your favor). The way to get a handle on this worry is actually to be generous. You’re probably not as bad off as you think. Give something away or make a small donation to a cause that you believe in. It’s also critical that you keep a positive attitude. It’s important now to give some thought to forgiveness. You don’t forgive others for THEIR sake, you do it for your own sake – because holding on to anger and pain is toxic and bad for you. Now is the time to let go. The past is gone. Focus on the present, and the future.

(The Five of Cups is known also as the Lord of Loss in Pleasure and is aligned astrologically with Mars in Scorpio. It represents disappointment in areas of the heart, longing, and misunderstandings in relationships. The 5 of Cups implies the loss of illusion, the realization of a deception.)

Image © Alex Ukolov & Karen Mahony

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Daily Tarot::Page of Swords (reversed)

Clover Tarot Deck*

*In this deck Daughters = Pages

Swords represent the element of Air and qualities of intellect and rationality; and also to every considerated achievement such as culture, science, philosophy – or any ongoing process that later ends up as “history”. Swords are aligned with Uranus (the planet of change and revolution, independence and new inventions).

The reversed Page of Swords can sometimes represent a literal person in your life. This can be someone younger than you, who may have a tendency to stick his or her nose in where it doesn’t belong. If so, don’t hesitate to draw boundaries. In general the reversed Page of Swords tells you that you simply can’t plan for everything. Unexpected occurrences are part of life and you shouldn’t beat yourself up because of them. Work through any problems that crop up one step at a time. If you’re seeking work, know that some employers are very likely to do intensive background checks before hiring you. Be prepared to respond about questions regarding your past and/or about information you consider personal, like your credit score. If you are looking for love you may be attracted to someone who strikes you as a braggart or a “big talker.” Sometimes this is just nervousness – give them a chance. When it comes to money, the reversed Page can indicate that you may receive a message that you aren’t thrilled about. Don’t panic; you can work with the situation and things could be a whole lot worse. Don’t overreact, either. The initial information you get may be incorrect. Dig deeper and be patient

(The Page of Swords is also referred to as the Princess of the Rushing Winds and Lotus of the Palace of Air. It represents a renewal of mental and intellectual clarity, new ideas and information that have the capacity to bring dramatic change. The Page of Swords brings new beginnings and the release of fears that have been holding you back.)

Image © Nika Berne

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Daily Tarot::3 of Wands

My ‘name day’ is April 4th which falls in the  2nd Decan of Aries  and is associated with both the  Queen of Wands  and the  3 of Wands  (my “destiny card“).

Animism Tarot

Wands represent the element of Fire and manifests as will, inspiration, and the wish & power to achieve honor & victory. When the 3 of Wands appears, you are likely to find that your finances are going much better, in fact this can be the month that your proverbial ship has come in. You are likely to be feeling very strong and with good reason. You may be finally experiencing some important success after you’ve been through some difficulty. In general, the 3 of Wands refers to work in an extremely positive way. If you’re looking for work, you will soon find a position that is going to be better than you expected. Hold your head up high and know that you have a lot that you’re bringing to the table. In love, if you have recently met someone new know that you are held in very high regard by this person. Things are looking up financially – you may do better than you’d ever dreamed. You have a somewhat mature, sensible spiritual view in place. Even so, realize that if you are paying attention at all you are growing spiritually; and that thus, your spiritual views can and should change and develop over time. Don’t be afraid of change and new information.

(The 3 of Wands is called the Lord of Established Strength, is aligned with Sun in Decan 2 of Aries, and represents vision, confidence in self, and integrity. The 3 of Wands is also known as ‘Virtue’ – the powerful fire understands its responsibilty.)

Image © sobeyondthis

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Daily Tarot::4 of Pentacles (reversed)

Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night*

*In this deck Skulls = Pentacles

Pentacles represent the element of the Earth; and stand for the material world, the human body, and the  animal soul  (which rules a far bigger part of our being than we usually like to admit). The 4 of Pentacles reversed often implies that you are holding on to things, people, money, or situations far more than you should for your own well-being and piece of mind. It’s time to relax and to remember that you cannot control what others choose to do. We all have free will. Focus on your own choices. When the 4 of Pentacles is reversed, it can mean that the querent will move quickly through the fear-based clinging they have been exhibiting and suddenly learn to be more open, more generous, and more aware that fear solves nothing. Making a point to think positively will help. When it comes to love, the 4 of Pentacles reversed is a card about fear. However, the reversal can mean that you are about to let go of the fear and finally open yourself up in a way that is real. If you are looking for love and get the reversed 4 of Pentacles, it’s telling you to not let fear of rejection hold you back. Reach out, mingle, get to know people. You have to be open for love to come to you and being full of fear is not helpful. When the reversed 4 of Pentacles appears, it can show that you are finally getting beyond your worries about money because you will have realized that your worry isn’t helping you. You can make a difference in your financial situation IF you let go of your fear and get moving. The 4 of Pentacles reversed, although it may not feel particularly pleasant at first, can indicate that you are about to move forward emotionally. You are about to take a spiritual leap forward; because of a combination of factors, you are likely to no longer be holding yourself back and will be more open to dealing with others and allowing them to affect you. This will give both them, and yourself, blessings and opportunities for growth.

(The Four of Pentacles is the Lord of Earthly Power and is aligned with Sun in Capricorn. It represents responsibility, power and mastery of the material world; and refers to earthly power, character and security.)

Image © Davide Corsi

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Daily Tarot::9 of Pentacles

Boy, did this card speak to me today! Raven-haired woman relaxing in her beautiful garden; glass of wine, a good book, and her  BLACK CAT  settled around her shoulders. (‘Kayso, I don’t actually have a pointed black hat or “witch’s” broom…but still…)

Everyday Witch Tarot

The 9 of Pentacles is one of the most uplifting and encouraging omens in the suit. Success, prosperity and luxury are strong features of the 9 of Pentacles. This can mean that your financial worries are over for a while, and that things in general will be going better than you thought possible. Enjoy this good energy, and share your wealth and happiness with others. The 9 of Pentacles points to happiness and success. This is on both the mundane and the inner realms. You will have a great deal to be proud of and hopeful about. Expect the best to happen. You’ll be in the position to help those less fortunate than yourself. Pay attention not only to your material abundance but also to your spirituality. If you’re looking for a position, the 9 of Pentacles could well point to a better job coming your way than you would have thought possible. You’ll have a lot to be grateful for. The 9 of pentacles is an excellent omen with regard to love, also. If you’re unattached and looking, this card tells you that someone new who has what it takes to be a meaningful, deep love, could be headed your way very soon. Smile. The world loves a lover. On a more mundane level, your financial cycle is likely to improve, perhaps beyond your wildest dreams. Work hard. You will be rewarded. Share what you have. This too is key. When this card appears, you are likely to be feeling a great deal of spiritual peace and happiness. Your self-esteem is possibly higher than it has ever been, which is a very good thing. You are in the position now to mentor others and to share the spiritual insights that you have accumulated. Spread the word, share your happiness. The 9 of Pentacles can also be a sign of discipline, self-control, and self-reliance. It is also a sign that you may need to reject the coarse or offensive and seek the highest.

(The 9 of Pentacles is known as the Lord of Material Gain and is aligned with Venus in Virgo. It represents in belief in abundance and plenty, growth and gain.)

Image © Deborah Blake & Elisabeth Alba

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