He may not have made the cut this year…

Ramses is NOT giving up! Ever since he discovered Diego participated in THREE Kitten Bowls he’s been working on his game. Problem is, my boy got no game. (He sure as hell makes mincemeat out of that ball, though!)

Ramses may not have made the Pouncy Panthers Little Longtails team this year, but he’ll be hitting the gym, studying the playbook, and working his moves hoping to be ready for next year’s Kitten Bowl 2022!

In the meantime, don’t forget to watch Kitten Bowl VIII February 7, 2021 at 11:00am PT on the Hallmark Channel. This catstravaganza will be filled with furry felines showing off their cat-letic skills. The four teams will go paw-to-paw (or claw-to-claw) competing for the Kitten Bowl VIII trophy, while both human and feline fans watch it live at Kitten Bowl Tailgate parties around the country! You certainly don’t want to miss the purr-fectly pawsome Kitten Bowl Half Time Show. The pageantry, the pomp – the glitter! You know Ramses and I won’t miss it and neither should you.

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2019 Kitten Bowl Trading Card

It’s that time of year! Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl VI airs this Sunday – before the Super Bowl, so there’s NO EXCUSE not to tune in.

Diego just issued his 2019 Cat-Lete Trading Card (a collectible):

Formerly with the Little Longtails, he was traded early this season to the Pouncy Panthers. But Diego says couldn’t be happier playing Furry-Safety for this team of fabulous felines!

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Drowning in Catnip…

Kitten Bowl V

Diego’s team, the Little Longtails, prevailed against the Last Hope Lions and went on to face the Pouncy Panthers (who defeated 2017 Kitten Bowl champs, the North Shore Bengals) in the final match-up of Kitten Bowl V. Tied at the end of quarter four the two teams entered into Overtime Fur-for-All – with the Pouncy Panthers scoring the first touchdown and taking home the winner’s trophy.

Diego proceeded to drown himself in catnip…

Stories and Highlights from Kitten Bowl V

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2018 Kitten Bowl

After his team, the Little Longtails, was defeated in the final game against the Pouncy Panthers, Diego drowned his sorrows in catnip…

Sunday, February 4, 2018
Noon & 3:00pm
The Hallmark Channel

Diego‘s in the Kitten Bowl again this year. If you recall, he participated in the 2017 Kitten Bowl as Long Napper for the North Shore Bengals. This year he’s Pouncerback for the Little Longtails:

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