Magick is Chaos, Art and Science.*

Halloween. Samhain. All Hallow’s Eve. It’s a Magickal time of year where the curtain separating us from the dead is pulled back, revealing what lies behind it…


There is Chaos and Order, Good and Evil in all of us.
– Yennefer (Blood of Elves)

Although Chaos Magick sounds quite devilish, it’s really just about using whatever ideas and practices are helpful to you at the moment, even if they contradict the ideas and practices you used previously. Hence “chaos”: The confused, unorganized condition or mass of matter before the creation of distinct and orderly forms.

Chaos Magick is much less complex than ceremonial magic, which depends on specific beliefs and old occult teachings. It’s central defining tenet is the concept that the Power of Belief is a tool for achieving effect. It also differs from eclectic practices in that, although both borrow from many sources, Chaos Magick never forms a permanent, personal system. It’s a magickal spirituality with little or no set-in-stone ritual, dogma, deities, or any other object of faith to which the initiate is bound. The chaos magician only places faith in himself.

Sigils are an example of Chaos Magick.

above: Jimmy Page’s sigil for the cover of ‘Led Zeppelin IV’.

Chaos Magick
Austin Osman Spare
Spare’s Technique



  • The Magic Net (poem) – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Magic (collection of short stories) – Isaac Asimov
  • Practical Magic (1995), The Rules of Magic (2017), Magic Lessons (2020), The Book of Magic (2022) – Alice Hoffman

The Magic Circle (Waterhouse, 1886)


  • Chandu on the Magic Island (1935) starring Bela Lugosi
  • Magic (1978) starring Anthony Hopkins and Ann-Margret
  • Magic in the Water (1995) starring Mark Harmon
  • Practical Magic (1998) starring Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Dianne Wiest, and Stockard Channing
  • The Magic Flute (2006) directed by Kenneth Branagh

  • The Magic Flute (1791 opera) – Mozart
  • “Magic” (1984) – The Cars
  • “Magic” (1980) – Olivia Newton-John
  • “Magic Man” (1975) – Heart
  • “Five Magics” (1990) – Megadeth
  • “Magic Carpet Ride” (1968) – Steppenwolf

  • “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” (1981) – The Police
  • “Black Magic Woman” (1968) – Fleetwood Mac
  • “Black Magic Woman” (1968 cover) – Santana
  • “Do You Believe in Magic” (1965) – The Lovin’ Spoonful

  • “Magical Mystery Tour” (1967) – The Beatles
  • “This Magic Moment” (1960) – The Drifters
  • “This Magic Moment (1968 cover) – Jay and the Americans
  • “That Old Black Magic” (1958) – Louis Prima
  • “Magic Touch” (1987) – Aerosmith
  • “By the Light of a Magical Moon” (1970) – T. Rex


Yes, there is a relationship between science and magic – the magic of illusionists.

ℳ –

* Yennefer (Blood of Elves)

Mystical, Magickal Monday

In the midst of a culture that thinks it sits atop all the knowledge of history and demands absolute proof of every little thing, there is right now a great need for the mystics.
– Patrick Pierce

The Mystic’s main goal is union with the Divine, to experience Oneness. The Mystic closes their eyes to free themselves from the distractions of this world, while the Magician opens theirs to explore the world, to wonder and admire, to understand and grow.

The Magician uses certain techniques such as journeying, ritual, and divination to help them in their quest. The Mystic is more likely to shun these as distractions, and will focus on meditation and prayer.

The author further states: “The Magician might have this goal, and may therefore be a mystic, but in addition she or he has other goals.They may wish to explore other worlds, to experience altered states consciousness, to converse with any beings they may meet in other worlds. They may want to develop their powers of perception or sensitivity or intuition. They may want to transform or improve circumstances for themselves or for others.” In other words, the Magician actively engages with the Divine, while the Mystic surrenders to it. Taking it out of a spiritual realm, the Mystic would be akin to a pure academic or philosopher, learning for learning’s sake. The Magician would take that knowledge and do something with it – like teach.

The Priestess would be considered a Mystic.

While The Magician is, well, a Magician!

In Tarot, The Priestess (feminine) balances the energy of The Magician (masculine),
reflecting it and giving it foundation.

I have a Mystic Cross on my right palm

My Life Path number is 9. It is considered to be the symbol of wisdom and initiation, and holds the path to mystical knowledge.

My Spirit Animal is the Black Leopard.
Because the Panther has lunar ties, they hold the power of mysticism…

The ancient Greeks held that mistletoe had mystical powers.

My mystical, magickal Ramses.

ℳ –

My Lord(s) – Intention and Manifestation

What the Lord of Skulls manifests the Lord of Scepters sets into action. Both cards carry a masculine energy; however, it’s useful to think of intent as a tool of conception while manifestation is a tool of creation. Together they produce the desired outcome.

Know your true power and apply it!
– Moon Wolf

The Lord of Skulls (King of Pentacles) is the Vampyre of Harvests. He symbolizes powerful, intentional manifestation. The trophy he carries is representative of this ability.

v. to create something or turn something from an idea into a reality; to show something clearly, through signs or actions

This Vampyre Lord is master of the physical world and has a potent connection to Nature. Wear your power like a second skin. Your Magick lies in your ability to manifest something out of thin air. Somewhat of a Magician/Magus, your results are centered in the physical world. Like King Midas, you are generating propsperity and abundance – manifesting everything you touch into “gold”.

The Lord of Scepters (King of Wands) epitomizes force of Will and assertive action. He is the quintessential Hero/Superhero Archetype. This particular Lord will never be happy just sitting on a throne managing his kingdom. Inactivity is his worse enemy. The Lord of Scepters symbolizes follow-through. You have reached a level of maturity where you can see projects through to their conclusion. Your power rests in your strength of Will.

He is the creator who utilizes his personal potential and power by identifying with his own inner image as the creator god[dess].” [1]

There is also a bit of the crusading warrior in this Vampyre King – his flaming scepter is reminiscent of a cross. Divine Spirit? Indeed, the Lord of Scepters may also represent Divine inspiration.

Since transitioning to a practicing Witch I have uncovered some things about myself:

  1. I have an green aura* which means I am typically drawn to animals and nature. A green aura resonates with the vibration of the heart chakra (4th chakra), and bridges the spiritual and physical worlds. Those with green auras are said to be natural self-healers. Synonymous with growth and change, it’s a magnetic color, attracting manifesting energy to help bring new goals and projects to fruition. I’ve been told the green hovers around my torso and extends down both arms, which might correspond with my love of plants and cooking as those are the areas I nurture and which I use to nurture others.
  2. I can be called a Hedge Witch. Hedge witchcraft is usually practiced by solitaries (as opposed to witches who belong to a group or coven), and involves deep study of plants and the natural world. They find magickal intent in day-to-day activities. Additionally, a type of witch who can “hedge jump,” or travel between different worlds. They are mostly self-taught.
  3. I have the blood of Irish Travellers running through my veins. This, I believe, is where my aptitude for fortune-telling (Tarot) comes from. Irish Travellers may be descended from Druids.
  4. Country prophetesses grow from the same tree as druids.
    And a druid will go so far as to wish the gadfly sucking his blood
    to enjoy his meal.

    – Dandelion (The Last Wish)

*Every minute of every hour, your body is emitting energy at a particular frequency, the combined result is known as your aura. Auras can change color throughout our lives. Mine has been shown to change from a light green to a deep forest green and then to an emerald green.

I work Magickal intent every day. It’s a bit like strength training. When you first begin working with a set of muscles you feel like you’re just going through the motions because you haven’t built up their strength. But one day you realize that YOU ARE USING A MUSCLE/MUSCLE GROUP to perform the move(s)! What an AHA moment. I mean, I KNEW I had it in me but when I saw tangible results, it was like another door opened up. And it all happened in my Magickal, sacred space called the Concrete Jungle.

I’ve been invoking health, wealth, happiness, joy, growth, life, and abundance each morning all year. SETTING INTENTIONS. That is spellcrafting. Only I do it everyday, sometimes throughout the day. That’s the Hedge Witchery part. Using my natural skills in aligning with plants has brought about some surprises. That’s the MANIFESTATION part and may tie-in to the green aura thing.

For example, given that she’s been repotted and fed regulary, it’s not surprising that my Datura has 20+ 41 flower buds on her. Likewise, the Aristolochia fimbriata. It’s pretty much the same with every plant I’ve repotted and/or nurtured.

I bought this Bishop’s Cap pepper as an experiment.
I didn’t expect it to produce this much fruit!!!

However, I have a black mondo grass plant that has been in the same grower’s pot it was purchased it in for two years. (I just haven’t found the right POT to show it off.) It also hasn’t been fed all that time. So what does it do? It MANIFESTS some lovely little flowers for the first time…

All right, you say that mondo grass is pretty resilient and I’ll accept that – but FLOWERS? Moving on…after I read that Borage has a deep tap root and should never be repotted I bought some seeds. I am “seed hesitant”. Meaning I lack confidence in growing plants from seed. But what the heck. I sprinkled some in a 1-gallon pot along with a piece of Rose quartz. This was my first time using crystals in the garden and rose quartz is said to promote growth. Did it ever.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Big deal. So I was actually able to grow what, a weed, from seed? OK, answer this: How do you get a cold-weather plant like Cyclamen (which are still in their grower’s pots and have never been fed) to bloom during the peak of Summer?

That, dear readers, is MAGICK. Intent manifesting into reality.

ℳ –


[1] Daniels, Ian (2010). Phantasmagoria. Llewellyn Publications. p. 183.

A Slight Summer Squall

Mother Nature ushered in Lammas/Lughnasadh (August 1, 2022) with a little shower that morning. The temps were in the 80’s which made for a very humid day, but when we ventured outside to run some errands the air smelled fresh and clean.

The squall did not last long and the sky gave way to some beautiful sunsets that evening.

At 11:00pm the temps were still in the low 80s. I LOVE warm Summer nights. I revel in them. When I was re-designing the Concrete Jungle this year I did it specifically with that in mind. My Magickal Space.

You may have to turn the volume up because I was whispering (All our neighbors were asleep.) Ramses was having the time of his life. We have seldom had the chance to enjoy a late evening in the patio.

Blessed Be to All.

ℳ –

Concrete Jungle Update: 5.27.2022

We’re a good month away from the Summer Solstice (officially) but I’m already feeling the Summer Love. So is Ramses. He wants to be “outside” all the time!

(As I’m writing this, he has made himself into a little black “loaf” next to my chair. An unusual place for him to park but I’m not complaining.)

We had some real warm weather earlier this week. I still have some gardening to do (potting and re-potting) but it was too hot so I opted to spend some quality time with the plants, Ramses, and a nice glass of white wine. Did I tell you I cleared away a corner of the Concrete Jungle so I could have a proper seating area?

The mornings have been lovely, too, so I’ve taken to having my first sips of coffee out there. I think I want to hang some small pots on the trellis. Maybe ferns. The asparagus fern in the corner serves as a little hideaway “tent” for Ramses. (He thinks he’s hiding from me. LOL)

None of the birds have gotten used to me sitting out there though, as I’m VERY close to both feeding stations. They anxiously observe us from the nearby tree, cussing us out. (At least, it SEEMS like they’re cursing.) I watch the bees making their rounds of the African Blue basils. So does Ramses. I keep a spray bottle of water nearby when he gets too inquisitive because my cat’s an Über Hunter! Today he caught and consumed a Cabbage Butterfly. I consider them pests because of their larvae (cabbage worms) so I didn’t care. However, I had to intervene when he tried to grab Skipper butterfly – which is considered a no-no. I have to keep an eye on him constantly. Hence another reason for the seating nook.

In the afternoons (wine in hand) I chart the sun’s path through the patio and make notes of which plants I might want (or need) to relocate. Container gardening = flexibility. I note which plants need pruning or deadheading. The choices I made in plants last year have proved sound. They are thriving. The ones that flower are flourishing. Small though it may be, there’s abundance here.

Little by little, my Concrete Jungle is becoming a Sacred Sanctuary filled with Magickal intent…

ℳ –