This Weekend’s Not Just For Sports Fans!

ESPN has grabbed COVID by the reins and stepped-up the sports game, providing a weekend of FUN SHIT! Stock-up on beer (Corona?) and pizza.

Saturday:  UFC Day

All times are Eastern

  • Noon-3pm:  UFC 25 Greatest Fights: Nos. 1-4
  • 3-4pm:        Demetrious Jonson vs Henry Cejudo 2
  • 4-5pm:        Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz (both fights)
  • 5-5:30pm:    Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustaffson 1
  • 5:30-6pm:    Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs Dan Henderson
  • 6-7pm:         Kelvin Gastelum vs Israel Adesanya
  • 7-8pm:         Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor
  • 8-11pm:        UFC 244: Masvidal vs Diaz

(This is the FUN SHIT right here…)

Sunday:  OCHO 8

All times are Eastern

  • Midnight:  Johnsonville ACL Cornhole Championships: 2020 Kickoff
  • 2am:        World Axe Throwing League: 2019 World Championship
  • 4am:        U.S. Open Ultimate Championships
  • 6am:        2019 Spikeball College Championship
  • 7am:        2019 Las Vegas Highland Games
  • 7:30am:    Putt Putt Championships
  • 8am:        2019 IDEAL Electricians National Championship
  • 9am:        E:60 as part of The Ocho
  • 9:30am:    51st National Stone Skipping Competition
  • 10:30am:  2007 World Sport Stacking Championships
  • 11:30am:  2019 World Sign Spinning Championship
    (Hands down, my favorite. These spinners ROCK!)
  • Noon:       2006 Krystal World Hamburger Eating Championship
  • 1pm:        2006 Johnsonville Brat Eating World Championship
  • I’m a BIG fan of Japanese competitive eater
    – and Guinness World Records holder –
    Takeru Kobayashi
    (who WON both competitions)

  • 2pm:        European TramDriver Championship
  • 3pm:        2019 Stupid Robot Fighting League
  • 3:30pm:    46th Annual Cherry Pit Spitting Championship
  • 4pm:        Professional Arm Wrestling Championships
  • 4:30pm:    2019 Golden Tee World Championship
  • 5pm:        2018 Classic Tetris World Championship
  • 5:30pm:    E:60 on ESPN 8 Presented by Liberty Mutual
  • 6:30pm:    America’s Dodgeball Continental Cup: USA vs Canada
  • 7:30pm:    2019 Jelle’s Marble Runs
  • 8pm:        Slippery Stairs: College Tour
  • 8:30pm:    2019 Death Diving World Championship
  • 9:30pm:    Dodge Juggle 3
  • 10:30pm:   Moxie Games 3

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