Daily Tarot::Queen of Skulls (reversed)

NOTE:  Reversed cards now interpreted as Upright – with greater emphasis.

The Queen of Pentacles was last drawn on 8.12.2017

Tarot of Vampyres

The Queen of Pentacles epitomizes the idea of Mother Earth, the Earth Goddess; and is here to remind us one’s body is the temple that houses our feelings of well-being. Be especially nurturing to yourself today. Eat well, exercise, and spend some quiet time meditating.

(The Queen of Pentacles is also known as the Queen of the Thrones of Earth and embodies Water in Earth. She’s the feminine aspects of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; and represents kindness, fertility, and sensuality. Her Shadow self is represented as moodiness, manipulative, frivolous, and barren.)

Image © Ian Daniels

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Daily Tarot::The World

The World was last drawn on 9.29.2017

Tarot of Vampyres

The World marks the end of your journey through the Major Arcana, which begins with The Fool

There’s a feeling of wholeness accompanied by signs and/or synchronicities – giving you a sense of knowing you’re exactly where you should be; of belonging. This is a time of bliss and a deep satisfaction within yourself. Carl Jung would use the term “individuation” to describe this state of spiritual harmony.

(Also known as The Great One of the Night of Time, The World is ruled by Saturn and represents the completion of a major cycle in one’s life. The Shadow side of The World will manifest as a fear of separation, loneliness, insecurity, depression, and chaos.)

Image © Ian Daniels

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Daily Tarot::The Fool (reversed)

NOTE:  Reversed cards interpreted as Upright – with greater emphasis.

The Fools was last drawn on 10.23.2017

Modern Pagan Tarot

Drawing The Fool shows you are open to all possibilities – where every moment is a new beginning. In most decks The Fool is accompanied by a spirit animal; a familiar helping guide him/her along an uncharted path. You’re learning and growing exponentially. Continue to embrace life with joyous abandonment and childlike curiosity.

(Also known as the Spirit of Aether, The Fool is ruled by Air. He represents true innocence, optimism, changes, and the beginning of a new cycle.)

Image © Gina M. Pace

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Daily Tarot::3 of Skulls

The 3 of Pentacles was last drawn on 10.6.2017

Tarot of Vampyres

Industriousness with a creative, passionate purpose should be on your agenda. The foundation you weave today will support your hopes and dreams tomorrow. The 3 of Pentacles also points to a warm, kind, and supportive energy surrounding you; and indicates people in your life value and appreciate you.

(The 3 of Pentacles is known as the Lord of Material Works and is aligned with Mars in Capricorn. It represents creativity, self-confidence, and mastering new challenges. Its Shadow side can manifest itself as: complacency, ennui, and laziness.)

Image © Ian Daniels

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Daily Tarot::King of Wands

The King of Wands was last drawn on 10.19.2017

Via Tarot:  The Path of Life

Drawing the King of Wands indicates you’re on the path to becoming a decisive leader; a bold, courageous warrior. You understand who you are and have achieved a level of completeness within. There’s nothing holding you back from taking the reins and charging forward.

(Embodying the fiery aspect of Fire, the King of Wands is also known as the Prince of the Chariot of Fire. Being the Spirit of Fire, He represents enthusiasm, adventure, sudden change, leadership, and victory in overcoming obstacles. His Shadow side reflects as: impetuous, egotistical, oppressive, violent, cruel, and intolerant.)

Image © Susan Jameson & John Bonner

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