Let’s Get Physical

Arriving at 4:05am on the West Coast, today’s New Moon is in the sign of Libra (The Scales of Justice). It is conjunct Mars and quincunx Uranus. Both the moon and Mars are aligned with a star in Constellation Corvus the Crow (The Trixster): Algorab.

Libra represents aesthetic beauty, harmony, and diplomacy in astrology; and symbolizes the creation of social harmony and the expression of justice. The best time for starting new endeavors is during the waxing phase of the moon (from October 6 up to the October 20 full moon), so this Libran New Moon provides the perfect opportunity to:

  • Work on re-balancing our relationships.
  • Learn to make peace with those around us, as well as our environments.
  • Establish a sense of order and equilibrium in our lives.

Mars conjunct adds abundant energy, initiative, and courage to your efforts.

However, there are some difficult aspects that come with this New Moon.

Fixed star Algorab has a Saturn-Mars energy (scavenging, destructiveness, repulsiveness, malevolence, fiendishness and lying, suicide, greed, injuries). As a Behenian star, it has magical properties and is used in medieval magic; carries witchy vibes; is good for driving away evil spirits; and protects against the evil intentions of men and demons. Its gemstone is onyx.

A quincunx means integration and is often described as “being between a rock and a hard place.” Therefore, Uranus quincunx would be considered in a “hard” aspect to the moon- which means it brings some challenges to the mix. With this New Moon you might be feeling nervous, tense, and anxious. Your intuition senses change or some drama is on the way. (Indeed. Both of us have been feeling perculiarly anxious the last few days.) Practice self-control and patience. Find a constructive outlet for this unstable energy through physical activity

all the more relevant given that the difficult aspect of Uranus (Revolution) and the aggressive fixed star Algorab will bring out the more destructive nature of Mars – with the potential for anger turning to violence.

Pluto (Death/Rebirth/Reincarnation) turns direct on October 6th, seven hours after this New Moon, so any violent acts will be ones of REVENGE. Saturn (Karma) goes direct on October 10th, so any retaliation may be swift and final. Pluto’s influence will also pull back the veil on things that need to be exposed.

Currently we have five plants in retrograde: Mercury (through October 18th), Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus.

For this Libran New Moon I drew the 3 of Scepters (Wands)

Aligned with the Sun in Aries, this card has the energy of the true pioneer.

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The Power of Solitude

Tarot of Vampyres

Images © Ian Daniels

8 of Pentacles
“Lord of Prudence.”

Sun in Virgo:   Perfection, attention to detail, organization.
Number 8: Power that comes from within that allows one to attain personal achievement.

You’ve awakening to the fact that your energies come from a place of solitude; of needing to be alone, within yourself in order to reach your goals and realize success. This is something you not only acknowledge, but welcome as being an integral part of who you are.

Necromancer or Sorcerer, this gentleman is fully absorbed in and focused on the task at hand: Bringing forth the spark of creation using the power of his Will. Like the Hermit (the Major Arcana card ruled by Virgo), he’s aware that the strength needed to hone his craft comes from within. Withdrawing from the rest of the world allows him to concentrate on perfecting his skills in order to reach the desired outcome.

Once You Start To Embrace Being Alone, These 10 Things Will Happen
1. You get to recharge. Being surrounded by other people drains us of our energy. We have to keep others happy, make them laugh, read their emotions, etc…
2. You get more time to reflect…
3. You get to know your own emotions…
4. You’ll begin doing things you’re actually interested in…When surrounded by other people, you have to make compromises to figure out ways that the entire group can enjoy an activity…
5. You’ll be far more productive…Oftentimes, the presence of other people merely distracts you from getting things done…
6. Relationships will become even more enjoyable…
7. You’ll become more independent… ≋;>
8. You don’t have to constantly keep other people happy…
9. You don’t have to apologize for anything…We tend to do things that upset other people, or hurt their feelings, and we quickly have to apologize for it…Being alone removes all the pressure. You can stop second guessing yourself. ≋;>
10. You’ll stop requiring validation…Spending time alone teaches you to trust your instincts and make decisions without any outside influence…

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