High Winds, Blackouts, and No Showers

With many parts of California consumed with battling wildfires, El Dorado County has been lucky. Buffeted by high winds on Sunday, we were fire-free – and have remained so. (Thank you to all the PG&E contractors who worked so hard clearing trees from power lines up here the last two months. My peeps.)

This week power outages were weird in Placerville, with one side of Main Street having power while the other side was dark. Those small businesses who had power said they didn’t know from one day to the next if they’d be in the dark again. Some businesses on “the dark side” of Main Street had power generators set-up on the sidewalk so they could remain open. People living in the township were lucky to have a small window of power on Tuesday before power was shut-off again (in preparation for the third “wind event” this month). Up here in the rural hillsides we were not so lucky.

Power here went down early Saturday evening and was turned back on at 11:30 this morning. In my last Post I mentioned that we had a power generator (no trying to read or play Scrabble by candlelight). But since the well runs on power, there was no running water. Toilet had to be manually flushed. No baths or showers. (Sponge baths are fine in a pinch, but today’s shower was simply luxuriant; and after going five days without showering I was SO happy to finally wash my hair. Small pleasures.) I couldn’t get online either since the WiFi tower was down with the rest of us. It feels good to be connected.

A bright note:  I discovered some cool channels on broadcast television.

  • Dabl “A New Lifestyle Network”
  • MOVIES! (Today they are showing some great old horror movies. Right now I’m watching The Revenge of Frankenstein.)

Unconnected and with grimy hair, I reminded myself that there are many Californians who had been evacuated (many to temporary shelters) who may not have a house to come home to. My thoughts are with them. Thank you First Responders; and the individuals, companies, and organizations pitching in to help those affected by the fires.

To the Public House tonight for some Halloween-style Drinkin’ and Trivia…and Pub Nachos!

Happy Halloween!!

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The Raging Inferno

I’m working on several pre-Halloween Posts which has been difficult due to power outages this past week. I am trying to get at least one Post published today; but I really need to talk about what’s happening in my state.

We are facing another outage later tonight (I’m crossing my fingers it’ll be in the early Sunday morning hours) that will last through Monday. 50mph winds are forecast for Northern California (down from the north) early Sunday which are expected to spread as far south as the South Bay (where I used to live). In additon, both Sonoma and El Dorado counties (where I live now) are experiencing 29% humidity. This is EXTREMELY low compared to the rest of Northern California and is contributing to our High Fire Danger. (To give you some perspective, a deer was spotted nearby sneezing! Diego has had some major problems with nasal allergies this morning, as well. Low humidity has been shown to cause upper respiratory issues – such as allergies – and it’s particularly bad right now.)

Governor Newsom has declared both Sonoma and LA counties in a State of Emergency. The Kincade Fire in Sonoma County has consumed over 25,000 acres and is only 10% contained. As I write this, I personally know one Santa Rosa family undergoing a mandatory evacuation.

We are lucky that, in spite of being in a HIGH FIRE DANGER zone, we have a fire department close by. We also have evacuation routes posted on the roads and a small airport nearby. It’s still scary though. After more than two weeks, the Caples Fire just east of here is finally under control.

And in spite of two lame-brained teenagers living here during this, we are fairly prepared:  power generator, gasoline, bottles of drinking water, and containers of well-water for flushing the toilet…and lots of GIN!!!. Small miracles.

So, just heard that in 45 minutes we might have NO POWER…will try to finish this post-haste (Shower be damned!)

From time.com:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom criticized PG&E and other utility companies in a press conference about the wildfire Thursday morning, saying that “they will be held to account” and “they better step up.”

“It’s more than just climate change,” Newsom said. As it relates to PG&E, he said, it’s about “decades of mismanagement” and “focusing on shareholders and dividends” over the public. Newsom said that at least 178,000 customers had already been impacted by PG&E’s power disruptions.

He criticized other utility companies too, saying that the state has been meeting with Edison and SDG for “close to a year now” working to “[lay] out protocols… and they’re not meeting those protocols.”

One more thing. Please be kind to the PG&E workers here. Many of them are contractors and are doing the best they can in this crisis. Fuck the higher-ups, though! If you’re going to “go postal” on someone’s ass, target them!

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

There are all types of energies, and it appears I’ve been dealing with a couple varieties. The first being the most obvious:  PG&E.

In my previous Post, I indicated that PG&E threatened to cut power here last Tuesday – which they did – and iy was not reinstated until Friday evening. Three days without power here not only means no electricity, but no water. The search for a power generator proved equally frustrating. There was nary a one to be found – even in Sacramento which is a mere hour away. Thursday afternoon we happened upon an auto parts store in town that was expecting a shipment that evening. This was pure serendipity, as O’Reilly Auto Parts does not normally stock power generators (an employee was driving all the way to Oroville to get them).

We stopped at O’Reilly on our way back from Folsom that night (where we had just been to the Palladio LUXE to see Joker AND pick up a few things from “nirvana” [aka Whole Foods]). Couldn’t set it up until Friday morning but still…better late than never. (This last winter, PG&E cut our power for three days, so I expect we’ll be using this power generator quite often in the months to come.)

What fries me is that the town of Placerville had their power reinstated Thursday. (We live in a rural section called Swansboro, which is 9.5 miles from the town itself, and – in spite of PG&E crews coming in and trimming trees like mad this last month – is apparently still considered more of a high fire zone.)

Then, Saturday morning I woke up to smoke everywhere! WTF!?! Seems it’s coming from a Cal Fire “prescribed burn” that got out of control and turned into a wildfire. The Caples fire is east of Placerville, and is only 35% contained (as of this morning). My question is:  What idiot decided – in the midst of a statewide power emergency due to fires/fire danger and with us experiencing high winds here – to facilitate a burn? I love California, but I wonder about choices sometimes…


Do you believe that places, especially buildings, contain energy? I do. There were two spaces (rooms) in the Santa Clara townhouse that housed more positive vibes than the rest of the place. Whenever I spent time in either of those rooms, my artistic energy flowed unencumbered. Ideas would rush forth. Images would appear. We all experience times when creative juices ebb and flow, but I always felt expressive while living in that townhouse.

I feel “deadened” in this house. There’s no life here. No magic. Ever since I moved here, I’ve experienced more negativity than at any other time in my life. I can’t drum up the desire to engage in hobbies and activities I once loved. In fact, I seem to have lost all joie de vivre (joy of living). (Making the decision to go on morning Power Walks outside has helped tremendously, because I even started losing the joy of working out.)

I had looked forward to decorating this place (it needs it). Usually I like to sit in a space and let it help me decide how I’d like it to look. This house says nothing to me. Less than nothing. It’s like a Bermuda Triangle with a roof.

I have all the things I love in one room (my desk, favorite chair, plants, books, and Diego) and that’s where I spend my time. The rest of the house is an empty void. Believe me when I tell you this is the first time I’ve felt this way about ANY place in which I’ve lived.

I have become, by turns, frustrated, melancholy, angry, desolate, and moody. Where I never used to lash out, I find I do this often. Where I used to channel negative energy creatively, it’s difficult now; and my levels of concentration are much lower than normal.

From finerminds.com:

Physical Vampires are humans. Some people are unable to move thru life without taking energy from others. They may have a physical, emotional or mental dysfunction that is draining them and most times energy feeding is not intentional. It is not deliberate. Another energetic part of them attaches to you and sets it up. It could be anyone – friend, co-worker, your children, other family members, intimate relationship, a fleeting encounter, and other group meetings/organizations.

Non-Physical Vampires are entities in the unseen, non-physical realms around us. They have every intention of stealing and using your energy. That is mainly how they survive.

13 Signs That You’re Being Drained Dry

  1. You feel drained after being in someone’s presence or a phone conversation.
  2. Trying to fit in. (Does not apply to me at all. In fact, I’m glad I DON’T fit in with this household.)
  3. Feeling guilty at home about not being who they want you to be or doing enough for them.
  4. Doing what others want you to do even when you don’t want to.
  5. Having sexual intimacy without both partners having love for and being in joy with one another.
  6. You would like to leave a relationship, but no energy. Confusion reigns and clarity is not there because of the feeding. Not sure how to find a way out or even if there is a way out.
  7. Participating in drama. (I’d like to add that you don’t have to PARTICIPATE; just being surrounded by drama can fuck you up.)
  8. In an abusive situation. (This can be emotional, not necessarily physical) Narcissistic personalities are famous energy drainers and takers.
  9. Worshipping a guru, god, celebrity or other Being, physical or nonphysical, outside of you. (I heard this was the case with one person who used to live here. Perhaps that energy is still hanging around…)
  10. Someone important in your life is saying they can’t live without you; they wouldn’t know how to live without you. You are just flat tired most or all of the time.
  11. Experiencing chronic fatigue…Note: It is also a good idea to see if there is a physical condition as well when in chronic fatigue such as candida and fungus overgrowth. Both of those are significant energy zappers.
  12. Being on the receiving end of physical/sexual violence at any age. (Once again, a former occupant had experienced this.)
  13. You or someone around you is needy, co-dependent and whiney.

Some of these bullet points do not apply in my case, but most ring true. Both Diego and I come from a place of “no drama”. Low tension. Quiet and peaceful. It has proven to be the very opposite living here. (An interesting thing to note:  His two dogs are unruly and both exhibit anxious behavior. When it’s just me and the animals in the house, the dogs are calm. That is, until everyone else comes home, then all hell breaks loose again. Coincidence?)

My question is:  Which came first? Have the negative vibes from previous occupants permeated the house, thus wreaking havoc on everyone under its roof? Or have the energies from the last 20 years created this soul-sucking void?

More information:
Energy Vampires: 10 Ways To Prevent Chronic Psychic Fatigue
6 Types of Energy Vampires That Emotionally Exhaust You
Energy Vampires: How to Steal Light, Luck, and Energy From Others (Or Not)

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So PG&E is taking no chances

They’ve been sending out automated text messages saying that they may cut our power tonight, if the winds start gusting. This past month, PG&E has had workers out here trimming trees like mad. I’ve seen them regularly on my Power Walk route (my “peeps”).

Currently there’s a big fire in Yosemite that’s only 5% contained (as of this morning). Been waking-up to smoke for the last three days – it travels that far.

Now, I experienced numerous power outtages when I lived in Silicon Valley. Most were from generators blowing-up. So you make use of those candles you stocked up on and hope you don’t lose everything in the freezer… But here, it’s a different story.

Well water is powered by electricity. That means no water. No showers and hand-flushing toilets with jugs of water. AND we’re 10 miles from town. Lovely.

More good news:  The schools have announced they will be closed tomorrow. This means that the two teenagers belonging to the guy I’m living with will be here all day. (Because they are three years behind their respective ages of 13 and 16, they are not responsible enough to be left alone for any long period of time.)

The silver lining? He’ll be hovering over them instead of me. All I have to do is listen to their whining. Thank god we’re stocked-up on booze. Another gin and tonic please!

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