3 Bands and a Brawl

Something for everyone @ the Broken Spoke last night.

One Hardcore Metal band
One darkly-symphonic metal band
(fronted by a gorgeous woman with an amazing voice)
One punk-edged metal band (complete with Mowhawk)
and a brawl!*


M –

*sorry, no photos of the brawl…

Gallerie::Johnny V’s (9.2.2016)

Breaking The Walls
with Israel Sanchez, The Quart of Blood Technique, & Ravaged


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Two Days of Blood & Fools


Quart of Blood Technique
O’Malley’s (8.5.16)

Shaun, me & JoJo (Rockbar, 4.3.15)

The Wicked Fools
The Ritz (8.6.16)


M –

Batio/QofBT Show

August 24, 2015 @ Rockbar

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Local boys, The Quart of Blood Technique, ripped-up the place last night – their 2nd time @ Rockbar! QoBT’s sound is a combination of thrash metal and punk laced together with smooth grooves. I love these guys.

Michael Angelo Batio – a superb musician, but who knew he had a razor-sharp wit! Normally, I detest too much talk between songs, but Batio kept me (and the rest of the audience) entertained throughout his set!

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