The Mind is a Fertile Garden*

Everyday Witch Tarot
Images © Deborah Blake & Elisabeth Alba

Queen of Pentacles
Queen of the Thrones of Earth

Mercury in Virgo:  Critical-thinking, problem-solving, analytical, orderly, articulate.
Number 13 = 4:  Grounding energy, stability, structure, process of manifestation.

If this card doesn’t symbolize abundance I don’t know what does! The Queen of Pentacles (from the Everyday Witch Tarot) is fertile, but not in the normal sense as she’s clearly a woman past her child-bearing years.

Considered a “harvest card”, she’s invested her “power to produce” well:  a lush, bountiful garden and chest full of money. Even her cat has followed suit – with three black kittens. Pentacles is connected to the material realm, but this Queen’s fertility also extends to her imagination. She has a strong creative streak capable of giving birth to new and original ideas with ease.

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As the Queen of Pentacles is the Earth Mother Archetype, she patiently cultivates the seeds she plants to ensure a bountiful harvest. The life that’s being nurtured here should not be limited to raising a child or growing a garden – anything one’s passionate about should be fostered with loving intent, be it health, hobby, business, or creative endeavor. She urges you to “grow” an undertaking in which you are currently involved.

You also have a deep connection to nature and animals, and an affinity for New Age subjects such as spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism.

Lastly, this Queen indicates a need for security acquired through self-sufficiency and independence. What you harvest may prove to be financially beneficial.

* Bruce Lee

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Summer Solstice

Tarot of Vampyres

Images © Ian Daniels

Queen of Pentacles

Mercury in Virgo.

Practical and earthy, the Queen of the Thrones of Earth possesses a logical mind and a sharp eye for details. She uses her intellect prowess to quickly analyze and resolve issues. All Queens represent the watery side of their respective element; matriarchal rulers – the Yin to their King’s Yang. Being of Water in Earth, this makes the Queen of Pentacles more pragmatic than the other Queens. Deeply connected to Mother Earth, she is a Domestic Goddess – tied to hearth and home, business and money, nature and the environment.

Revel in the joys of nature and work in the garden – or just putter around the house. Someone close to you may need your practical, loving support today.

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Dead (Wo)Man’s Party

Tarot of Vampyres

Images © Ian Daniels


Pluto in Scorpio:  Pluto rules Scorpio and is the planet of power/power struggles, sex, death, transformation/reinvention/regeneration, wealth, and the subconscious.
Number 13: Change and upheaval. Death = Transformation = Rebirth.

n. the destruction or permanent end
of something

n. a thorough or dramatic change
in the form, appearance, or

n. the action of reappearing or starting
to flourish or increase after a decline

A major change is about to happen in your life. This turn may be sudden and you’ll have no control over it. Just let it happen. The resulting transformation is necessary to your personal growth.

Supporting Cast

Queen of Pentacles

Venus in Taurus: Sensual, practical, and stubborn.
Number 13: Transformational; new ground will be broken to achieve a personal/professional dream or both.

The Archetype of Mother Earth, the Queen of Pentacles is passive (feminine) to The Emperior’s aggressive (masculine). She is a perfect Consort for him: supportive, sensible, loyal, patient, and wise.

The Emperor

Mars in Aries:  The Trump card of Aries; symbolizes all the qualities of that astrological sign: masculine will, leadership, fearlessness, and independence.
Number 4: In Tarot, the Number 4 exerts a grounding energy, with hard work and diligence being its most important qualities.

The Emperor is leader and ruler. The traits exemplified by Aries manifest here as: leadership, authority, control, and confidence. He stands for your fighting spirit. I see him as a General on a battlefield, mapping out his strategies. Rationally and intelligently assessing the situation before taking any action.

Together, The Emperor and the Queen of Pentacles create a harmonious balance of energies.

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All Hell Let Loose*

Tarot of Vampyres

Images © Ian Daniels

6 of Wands
“Victory, triumph, and success is yours.”

Jupiter in Leo:  In Leo the planet of expansion and good fortune manifests as an outpouring of individual expression and creativity
Number 6: In Tarot, Sixes represent departure, transition, and harmonious outcome. In the suit of Wands, this symbolizes accepting and responding to transitions in a creative manner.

The recognition you seek has been granted – victory is within your grasp.

The Tower
“Out with the old and in with the new.”

Mars in Aries: The planetary God of War is ruled by Aries creating an unstoppable firestorm of power and determination
Number 16:   A Karmic Number which denotes personal willpower, independence, initiative action, and unforseen events.

Watch for sudden, violent, and unexpected changes. Before you can build something better, the old structure must be destroyed. Envision a forest fire laying everything bare so new growth can emerge from the ashes. Additionally, choose your words carefully today; aim for diplomacy.

Queen of Pentacles
“A little flexibility will take you a long way.”

Venus in Taurus:  Venus in Taurus concerns itself with things in the material realm
Number 13: Another Karmic Number assigned to upheaval and the ability to adapt to change gracefully

Stubborn resistance to change might throw a monkey wrench in your plans – causing setbacks and delays.

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Cuts Like a Knife*

Tarot of Vampyres

Images © Ian Daniels

Those born with Venus in Taurus are concerned with the material realm – things they can touch – and tend to be money-conscious. Abhorrent to change, this trait can manifest itself as extreme stubbornness.

Queen of Pentacles
“Go with the flow.”

Venus in Taurus:  Denotes a love for nature, security, and wealth
Number 13: Associated with great transformations

The Queen of Pentacles finds change to be threatening to her well-being, as she prefers life to be relatively predictable.

The Empress
“Drink Cosmos while watching your favorite movie.”

Venus in Taurus:  At home in Taurus, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and money
Number 3:   A powerful drive to express feelings, ideas, and dreams in a creative manner

Being the archetypal “Mother Earth”, The Empress urges you to protect, love, and nurture yourself and your needs. Surround yourself with things that make you happy and secure. Engage in activities that involve nature. Luxuriate in a bath full of bubbles. Spend quality time with an animal companion.

King of Swords
“Aim for the jugular.”

Venus in Aquarius:  Aquarius brings an unconventional, emotionally cold vibe to Venus
Number 14:  A Karmic number, 14 signifies personal freedom, self-initiative, independence, unity, and justice; and brings with it a variety of trials and tribulations.

Methodical objectivity is what’s required. Whatever decision or situation you find yourself it, thrust your sword deep into its center and rip it wide open. Remain aloof and detached as you consider your options.

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