I Wish I Had Wings

I was outside early this morning with my cup of coffee, my bare feet caressing Mother Earth, listening to the relaxing sounds of solfeggio music. I’ve found that solfeggio frequencies pair nicely with early morning calm. (I save Lindemann and Mötley Crüe for late afternoon and workouts.) This spot, by My Tree, gets sun almost all day but I can tell Summer’s waning by the shafts of sunlight. They are growing longer. No matter. There is still plenty of sunlight streaming down.

I glanced up at the sky and saw him (maybe her) on the power line. A lone dove also enjoying the morning warmth.

I am living breathing freedom.
– Hiroko Sakai

I envied the bird its freedom to take off at a moment’s notice and go wherever it wants to. Unfettered and unhindered. I started wishing I had wings too. But not a bird with wings…

Cats are bats with wings

Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself.
– Richard Bach

What kills us is not being who we are. Our real self. Independent. Free. Spirit. Curious. Contradictory. Mystical. Wild. Soul.

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I Awoke This Morning

…by shaming people who have concerns about participating in a medical experiment and threatening to bar them from society, government officials are proving that this is not for the greater good. It’s not about public health. It’s about creating loyal subjects…
– Dr. Joseph Mercola

I awoke early this morning thinking about FEAR. How fearful people are – especially those who are pulling the strings. They are insecure. Highly insecure people go to great lengths putting on a strong front. This is psychology 101. Insecure people have an insane need to CONTROL and once they have control they have an insane need to hold onto it. The world is being run by very scared and insecure little boys and girls.

As for the citizenry. I get why the average person would beat the drums against those who are unvaccinated. They are scared too. They are scared they made a horrible decision because they are beginning to hear the stories…and to acknowledge those stories would mean they or their loved ones may be doomed and THEY ARE TERRIFIED.

The hatred we direct towards others is actually self-hatred,
projected outward.

– Ray Grasse

I keep hearing one thing my neighbor said to me after her son was rushed to the emergency room two days after receiving his 2nd JAB. He was diagnosed with an ENLARGED HEART. He is only in his early 30’s with no prior heart issues. While there, a spinal tap was performed where large amounts of SPIKE PROTEINS were found. But this is what she said to me:

“They knew.
I could see it on the doctors’ faces.
They were void of any emotion or reaction. THEY KNEW.”

They knew. Indeed. This is what brings me to tears. Tears you will not find in those who are condemning the unvaccinated, for they do not care about the people who have (and may have) been health-compromised or died from THE JAB. They will give excuses and deride because THEY ARE SCARED THEY WILL BE NEXT.

The fearful have no capacity for compassion or empathy. I choose to be FEARLESS.

I cannot embed this video because it’s not on YouTube, but it’s excellent. Dr. Cole is well-spoken, thoughtful, and intelligent and he has something very important to say: The spike is the toxin.

Dr. Ryan Cole — What the Vaccine spike protein does to the body…

Watch them remove the graphene oxide nanoparticles from the JAB in a guy’s arm:

(Note: This video disappeared from original site. I managed to find it again on 153news.net and it is available there for download as well as viewing. Watch/download before it disappears again.)

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King of Cups, 8 of Swords, and F.E.A.R.

Who will be my Muse, my inspiration over the next three days; and what energies should I embrace?

The Lord of Grails (King of Cups) is a visionary, enchanter, sorcerer, and shapeshifter. He is ruled by Pluto (God of the Underworld) in Scorpio (death/rebirth) and steals the energies (symbolized here by Medusa’s head) of his enemies to use as his own. The Lord of Grails rides a Pale Horse. He is my Muse.

Ruled by Jupiter (expansion/growth) in Gemini (restless mind) the 8 of Knives (Swords) personifies endless analyzing, creating one’s own problems, mystical insight, and transcension. It asks you to have patience and allow things to unfold at their true pace. Alternately, the card may suggest a need to conquer fears and break free of self-imposed restrictions or negative beliefs.

Freedom from fear that binds and blinds.
– Elliot Adam

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

Ever seen a cartoon of a little boy scaring his sister with a garter snake? Sure, we all have. Maybe you scared your sister similarly or were on the receiving end of such a prank. In any event, most of the time we outgrow these childish impulses. We learn how to be empathetic, respectful, and treats others courteously. Well, some of us do.

But there seem to be a large number of individuals in the World who feed on the misery of others – whether they be hoo-man or animal. Maybe you’ve even had the misfortune to meet one. Make no mistake, though, these empty vessels are everywhere. They are LEGION. They manufacture or incite FEAR then sit back and FEED on the misery it creates. They practically quiver with ecstasy.

These insights came to my mind after hearing a number of preposterous and downright ludicrous statements recently made by mouthpieces, self-proclaimed experts, and our government. I really don’t know how they kept a straight face. Than it dawned on me: They’re fucking with us. And they love it. They love seeing us squirm and scramble and BE AFRAID. They get off on it. THEY’RE FEEDING ON IT. But I also realized they feed off our ANGER, too.

“Wait. Are you telling me to love these people?” Glad you asked. That is totally up to you and your comfort zone. However, the single best tactic one can take to deflate their “power” is by ignoring it. Yes, they are strong-arming here and there. But what if you went ahead and got on with your life and never gave them and their ugly schemes the time of day? Deal with situations as they come up calmly and without fear or anger. What do they have to feed off of then? These are my thoughts currently. I would love to hear yours.

How we react to what is thrown at us
is what determines our level of happiness or frustration

I’m loving my early-morning communions with Mother Earth…

and the beautiful things I see on my way back to the house.

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It wasn’t always like This.

The Internet (It was referred to as “The World Wide Web” back then.) used to contain some truly beautiful, engaging, creative endeavors. At least, that’s how it was when I first became interested in web design back in 1998. Like two sides of the human brain, there were informational sites and visually-artistic ones. Yin-Yang. That’s how it USED to be…sigh.

This was before 24-bit monitors, high-speed internet access, and the ability to create and upload videos using your phone. Yahoo! was the King of Search Engines and most everyone used either Internet Explorer or Netscape. Websites were created using HTML 3.2 and some kind of graphics software (such as Photoshop). Back then computer monitors displayed a maximum of 256 colors. (I stumbled upon this fact quite by accident while creating buttons for use on our company’s intranet. They looked fine in Photoshop but when viewed within the webpage the colors displayed completely differently! Needless to say, I re-created them using the 256-color palette…and lived to design another webpage.)

Although challenges can create constraints, for the creative mind these limitations just seemed to promote more creativity. Web Designers began pushing the envelope using Javascript, CGI, and Flash – with some pretty amazing results! But over time these types of websites became less and less common, and the internet evolved into the trite and mundance entity it is today with cookie-cutter interfaces and social media platforms. (When I performed a search on “the best artistic websites” the most relevant entries were ones owned by artists or galleries showing-off their portfolios. Not one could be called a piece of artwork in and of itself.)

Unlike Entropy8. Auriea Harvey’s website was not only visually stunning but encouraged the visitor to engage with her world. It was a labyrinth of rich graphics and interactive puzzle-pieces in which I lost myself for HOURS that first visit. I was both captivated AND inspired.

All screenshots remain the property of entropy8.com.

I wrote this Post because I was saddened to learn today that one of my favorite plant bloggers is planning to publish less posts in the future, preferring to use her Instagram account because she’s “getting more traffic/comments” there. I’m seeing this happen more often. People want their content SPOON-FED to them (heaven forbid they type more than a few words of comment…) and I started thinking about much the World Wide Web has changed – for the worse.

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May 11, 2021

I hear them before the sky begins to lighten. “My Bird” (as I called it before identifying it as a robin) is always the first to announce the day. The songbird’s equivalent of a rooster, I suppose. Today he – because only male robins sing – is not close but his powerful song echoes through the neighborhood.

Yesterday, after researching songs of the backyard birds here in the Silicon Valley (TOTALLY forgetting it was World Bird Migration Day. What a happy sychronicity.), I can more distinctly tell the difference between bird calls. Before it was either “My Bird” (the robin) or “crow” or “woodpecker”. Everyone else sounded the same to me. Now I can hear their unique differences.

Downstairs Ramses is stationed at the back door being “Pancake Puss” (aka “Flat Cat”), intently watching one squirrel foraging for the cracked corn the birds have jettisoned from the feeder. Another squirrel sits on the fence watching the other, calculating its next move. Kitty TV. LIVE from dawn to dusk.

de-de-de-de-de (very fast)

or maybe it's

- with the last tweet somewhat warbled

I’ve made an identification!! It’s a Bewick’s Wren.

It’s going to be very warm today. California is already declaring a drought and an early fire season is upon us. We had very little rainfall this last winter. I am keeping a watchful eye on my water consumption. Where before I would have allowed the water run while rinsing dishes, I now turn it off and on, as needed.

Ramses just mosied up to our bedroom, whined at me twice, then disappeared down the stairs. Does he want me to follow him? Has Timmy fallen down the well? OK, I’ll just grab my coffee mug (the one with photos of PR-12) and go downstairs…OOPS, too late. He’s back and into the bathroom for a quick nosh.

New Moon today and I’m asking The Universe for help with my fearfulness. No, that’s not quite right. More a FEAR OF LOSS. I think it stems from losing Diego, losing myself, and almost losing those I love. Now that I have a new, crazy little fur-baby in my life and have relocated back home, I SHOULD feel at peace. But I’m not quite there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely happy and grateful for this life and all the wonderfulness it holds, but I cannot seems to slough off this heavy blanket of sorrow. Perhaps I feel like I haven’t “found” myself again, yet. I need a nudge in the right direction. Something to Kickstart My Heart, as it were.

Putting my dilemma and question to the cards, “How do I get over my deep – and seemingly irrational – fear of loss?”, I pulled the Prince of Scepters (Knight of Wands).

He is the quintessential Seeker Archetype, this knight. The Seeker Archetype is one of searching – searching for a place in the world, an identity, a sense of belonging, something better. The Prince of Scepters is ruled by Jupiter (the planet of expansion and luck) in Sagittarius – a strong placement as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter – and is filled with a joy for life, creative energy, passion, and spontaneity. He is also heroic and idealistic.

In this instance it’s quite obvious that the energy of this card is badly needed right now. This hero knight would feel the fear, yet take action anyway.

Let go of fear, embrace change, and move toward joy.
– Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher

Intellectually I know all this already. Putting it into practice is a whole ‘nother ballgame. I’ve recently been shielding myself on a daily basis and this HAS helped keep negativity at bay – both within and without. I give thanks everyday for the bounty that is my life. But last night was a tough one. Nights seem to be the roughest. Perhaps I was overly tired? Perhaps I have too much time on my hands?

“I once heard an artist say that when a person has no problems, the mind automatically finds a way to invent some.” [1]

Is this what I’m doing? We humans are so COMPLICATED but just how much of this is contrived out of boredom, guilt, shame, anxiety, or other psychological issues? And what about emotional “triggers”, which are anything (memories, experiences, events, etc.) that sparks an intense emotional reaction, regardless of your current mood. Certain triggers I’ve learned to avoid but what about the ones that I actively seek out, like the spate of books about cats I’ve been reading? They are all heartwarming AND heart-breaking. They leave me wracked with emotion and tears. I am aware much of this turmoil stems from my guilt over Diego’s brain tumor and the part I played in keeping us too long in that toxic environment up North. But then I reach over and pet Ramses and tearfully whisper “I’m so happy you’re in my life.” The sweet, comical, little bozo that is Prince Ramses XII brings so much joy to this household. I cannot imagine him NOT being here; and if Diego had remained healthy would I have adopted Ramses, bringing two amazing felines back home with me? Or am I just afraid of losing everything I’ve just reclaimed? What would the Prince of Scepters do? Hell, what would Ramses do!?!

I think I have much work ahead of me…

ℳ –

[1] Manson, Mark (2016). The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. Harper Collins. p. 18.