January is such a meh month, don’t you think? It’s just…there. February has Imbolc, Valemtime’s Day, and Mardi Gras to keep us partying as we March toward Spring; but in spite of one US holiday that everyone celebrates and one that no one pays attention to anymore, January is rather dull. In January, we are in LIMBO.

n. The state of being disregarded or forgotten

However, leading up to the Aquarian New Moon yesterday (Which had me pacing like a caged Panther – New Moons drive me little crazy.), there was a fair bit of excitement last week: Over 2,600 Narcissistic Sociopaths and assorted Daemons (Cue YGL Alum and WEF Board Member, Yo-Yo Ma) convened in Switzerland to participate in Davos 2023 which was hosted by the Schwab-led World Economic Forum (WEF). All the Usual Suspects were there: KMM (Khazarian-controlled mainstream media), Medical-Industrial complex, Pharma, big Tech, titans of banking and commerce, higher learning, and world governments (including the FBI), ad nauseam.

The US was HEAVILY represented and these raised my eyebrows: AARP, Estee Lauder, Instacart, Manpower, PG&E, and Habitat for Humanity. In a curiously-timed act, Amazon decided to phase-out its AmazonSmile charitable arm after ten years in operation. I’m sure it has NOTHING to do with the company’s unspoken pledge to divert $$ to their KM brethren instead.

I received the following email message on Jan 18, 2023:

In 2013, we launched AmazonSmile to make it easier for customers to support their favorite charities. However, after almost a decade, the program has not grown to create the impact that we had originally hoped. With so many eligible organizations—more than 1 million globally—our ability to have an impact was often spread too thin.

We are writing to let you know that we plan to wind down AmazonSmile by February 20, 2023. We will continue to pursue and invest in other areas where we’ve seen we can make meaningful change—from building affordable housing to providing access to computer science education for students in underserved communities to using our logistics infrastructure and technology to assist broad communities impacted by natural disasters.

To help charities that have been a part of the AmazonSmile program with this transition, we will be providing them with a one-time donation equivalent to three months of what they earned in 2022 through the program [aka Payoff], and they will also be able to accrue additional donations until the program officially closes in February. Once AmazonSmile closes, charities will still be able to seek support from Amazon customers by creating their own wish lists.

As a company, we will continue supporting a wide range of other programs that help thousands of charities and communities across the U.S. For instance:

Housing Equity Fund: We’re investing $2 billion to build and preserve affordable housing in our hometown communities. In just two years, we’ve provided funding to create more than 14,000 affordable homes—and we expect to build at least 6,000 more in the coming months. These units will host more than 18,000 moderate- to low-income families, many of them with children. In one year alone, our investments have been able to increase the affordable housing stock in communities like Bellevue, Washington and Arlington, Virginia by at least 20%.

Amazon Future Engineer: We’ve funded computer science curriculum for more than 600,000 students across over 5,000 schools—all in underserved communities. We have plans to reach an additional 1 million students this year. We’ve also provided immediate assistance to 55,000 students in our hometown communities by giving them warm clothes for the winter, food, and school supplies.

Community Delivery Program: We’ve partnered with food banks in 35 U.S. cities to deliver more than 23 million meals, using our logistics infrastructure to help families in need access healthy food – and we plan to deliver 12 million more meals this year alone. In addition to our delivery services, we’ve also donated 30 million meals in communities across the country.

Amazon Disaster Relief: We’re using our logistics capabilities, inventory, and cloud technology to provide fast aid to communities affected by natural disasters. For example, we’ve created a Disaster Relief Hub in Atlanta with more than 1 million relief items ready for deployment, our Disaster Relief team has responded to more than 95 natural disasters, and we’ve donated more than 20 million relief products to nonprofits assisting communities on the ground.

Community Giving: We support hundreds of local nonprofits doing meaningful work in cities where our employees and their families live. For example, each year we donate hundreds of millions of dollars to organizations working to build stronger communities, from youth sport leagues, to local community colleges, to shelters for families experiencing homelessness.

They closed this contemptible message with the typical bit of PR-driven drivel:

We’ll continue working to make a difference in many ways, and our long-term commitment to our communities remains the same—we’re determined to do every day better for our customers, our employees, and the world at large.

My AmazonSmile charity is a small rescue based in Southern California: Milo’s Sanctuary. Some of their residents have come to them as far away as Egypt and many are special needs cats. At Milo’s Sanctuary these felines are a part of their Lifetime Care Program: “Many of our long-term residents have ongoing physical or medical needs that prevent them from finding a forever home. When we rescue a cat, we promise them a lifetime of love and care.” Being a part of AmazonSmile these last ten years has allowed me to personally donate (literally) HUNDREDS of dollars to Milo’s Sanctuary.

As of January 21, 2023:

This is no chump change for small charities.
I have pledged to donate each month to one favored charity.
Milo’s Sanctuary has been added to my list.

Philanthropy is the gateway to power.
Mad Men (S2 E7 “The Gold Violin”)

In other more humdrum news, last Wednesday the TITAN25 took flight from the US and apparently landed in Germany

All in all, a rather mundane month full of rather common instances of EVIL.

P.S. I think WordPress has been hacked in some way because there has been some crazy weird stuff going on around here…

RED is the color of PASSION.
RED is the color of DANGER.
RED is the color of MARS (My ruling planet).
RED is the color of the BLOODY MARY I am drinking.
RED is the color of STRAWBERRIES.
RED is the color of my RED PUMPS.

RED is the color of COURAGE.
RED is the color of ROSES – also hibiscus, geraniums, and poppies.
RED is the color of ANGER.
RED is the color of BLOOD.

is the color…


Huzzahs for the Heroes ~ and a little something for The Haters

As of October 17, 2021 the % of CV-19 cases resulting in DEATH = 1.61 (.0161).
That’s right. 1% of people in the U.S. who have contracted the virus have actually DIED.


Think about that. I didn’t pull this statistic off social media. I didn’t pull this statistic from the news. I actually took the time to go to Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center and did the math. Anyone can – even you. Think about that. CAN you think? Or am I assuming too much here? Is half of the U.S. populace really mindless zombies? (That would account for the huge popularity of zombie entertainment…) Or are you simply soulless automotons?

Not standing up for the freedom of others…
meant surrendering one’s own freedom.

– Václav Havel

There are many heroes in the world right now who are fighting against authoritarianism and oppression in its many forms. But Freedom Begins at Home, where many are standing up for their individual rights and freedoms – as well as yours. This list is by no means complete for there are over 156 MILLION of us in this country alone. AMERICAN HEROES. WE ARE LEGION.

An individualist is a man who says: I will not run anyone’s life – nor let anyone run mine. I will not rule nor be ruled. I will not be a master nor a slave. I will not sacrifice myself to anyone – nor sacrifice anyone to myself.
– Ayn Rand

I stand behind each and every one of these individuals, if not in body then in heart and mind, for saying “NO TO MANDATES”.

    (In no particular order.)

  • Now vilified, the Frontline Heroes of this “pandemic” – the healthcare workers that have or will lose their jobs.
  • Members of the police and military across the country that have or will lose their jobs.
  • Ditto the firefighters – even as they battle blazes that threaten life and nature.
  • Those in the public sector (such as schools, colleges, universities, and local government offices) who will or have lost their jobs.
  • Ditto for those in the private sector (Most recently the pilots of Southwest Airlines).
  • UFC head, Dana White.
  • Dr. Kevin Stellwagon (Orange County, FL)
  • Jonathan Isaac (NBA player, Orlando Magic)
  • Kyrie Irving (NBA player, Brooklyn Nets) (BTW, his claims about microchips are NOT unfounded: This video is not for the squeamish.)
  • The “5 Doctors“.
  • Catherine Austin Fitts
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola: “”…by shaming people who have concerns about participating in a medical experiment and threatening to bar them from society, government officials are proving that this is not for the greater good. It’s not about public health. It’s about creating loyal subjects…”
  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • The lawyers who are filing suits against this tyranny.
  • The Corona Investigative Committee.
  • Parents who’ve yanked their children from public schools into private ones – or better yet, are homeschooling them.
  • Governors Ron DeSantis (Florida) and Greg Abbott (Texas).
  • Paul Shortino (“…when you have to bribe people to take something, you kind of wanna question it.”)
  • Ted Nugent (BTW, Blabbermouthpiece uses articles like this to push THE NARRATIVE. Asswipes.)
  • Aaron Rogers drops CV-19 TRUTH BOMBS on a hit sports talk show.
  • Eric Clapton

Huzzah to everyone listed above!

Now, on to The Haters…

Though The Architects of this little social experiment (Schwab, Rockefellers, B&M Gates, ad nauseam) and their henchmen (politicians, corporate lapdogs, media moguls, and Fauci Two-Face) can all be considered “Haters”, I’d like to turn my full attention towards individuals who blindly follow the propaganda being fed them, and as a result have become virulent and toxic zombies filled with hatred towards anyone who questions the narrative. Or, as Dr. Binoy Kampmark puts it: “…this baffling and trite notion that ‘we’ and ‘all this’ and ‘together’ are somehow linked in blood sealed harmony, binding Homo sapiens in a bond of preservation that urges us to suffer together in order to survive.” Indeed.

The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous
rather than cowardly.

– Robert Anton Wilson

    (This is not an exhaustive list, by any means.)

  • Sean Penn (Calls for mandatory vaccinations, says it’s no different than requiring a driver’s license)
  • Sharon Stone (The over-the-hill actress wants a fully vaccinated set on her next gig, and says she’s being threatened she’ll lose the job because of it.)
  • Management of the Atlanta Hawks’ basketball team who told player Brandon Goodwin to keep his MOUTH SHUT about blood clots from CV-19 vaccine that ended his season and maybe his career
  • Every American Should be Mandated to be Vaccinated.” (Sebastian Bach)
  • Vaccine Mandates ‘Should’ be the New Normal.” (George Lynch)
  • Gene Simmons
  • Former NBA stars Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (compares a seat belt to getting JABBED – what a moron), Shaquille O’Neal (“I wouldn’t want to be part of a team that couldn’t get together and couldn’t win a championship because you did this [declined the JAB]”)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (“Screw your freedom.”)
  • Willie Garson (“We’ll be wearing masks the rest of our lives because of these fucking idiots not wearing masks and refusing vaccines.”) Mr. Garson’s life was cut short last month. Boo-hoo.
  • Former member of Cycle Sluts from Hell (“Oh, and get fucking vaccinated if you haven’t already. Don’t be a dick.”)
  • For all you arrogant morons who claim this vaxx is no different from other mandated vaccines, here’s a quote from Dr. Suneel Dhand, “The virus which causes CV-19 is an unstable virus and in that way it is similar to the influenza virus…[CV-19 vaccine] is not like a vaccine against a stable pathogen like measles, mumps, or even smallpox in that you give the vaccine and then there’s zero chance of you getting the illness afterward.”
  • Don Lemon (“All unvaxxed Americans should be ELIMINATED from society.”)
  • Keith Olbermann (“It’s time to stop coddling them [the un-vaxxed].”)
  • DNA Lounge (SF, CA)
  • It’s still not safe [to go on the road] until these fucking knuckleheads do what’s right so society can function and get their fucking vaccines. (Al Jourgensen)
  • (By the way, Al, I’m not a “herd” animal. I’m a human being.)

    n. A group of cattle or other domestic animals of a single kind kept together for a specific purpose.

I have a little gift to brighten your day…OPEN.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
then they fight you, then you win.

– Gandhi

ℳ –

Vampyres, The Tower, and Buffy the Freedom-Slayer

Monday night (actually early Tuesday morning) I had this disturbing dream. I was surrounded by a group of vampires, the leader of which wanted me (paramour?) but I had invoked a verbal charm of some kind which kept them at bay. This scene took place in a large warehouse or perhaps parking garage. Everything had a 1950’s feel to it. The vampires were dressed like extras from American Graffiti or Grease and I left the scene in a Chevy Impala, which was being driven by woman who was my best friend. I think I told the leader we were going shopping.

At that moment I awoke, feeling like I’d just escaped…something. It was 2:30am.

Vampires generally symbolize bloodthirstiness, demons, and negative entities.

The most common interpretation says vampires in dreams represent threat and danger, or problems that are troubling you in your waking life. (Like what’s going on in the world right now – and especially in California. See below.)

Being Chased by Several Vampires: You are fighting some major force in your life and it’s very stressful. The situation itself may be scaring you more than you’d like to admit. (However, since I used a magic spell to keep them from coming after us this would indicate that I have it within myself to control the situation, or at least control how I react to it.)

Who knows what the whole 50’s vibe means…

This Cunt might’ve been the reason behind the dream.

Buffy the Freedom-Slayer

Meet Buffy Wicks (Yes, that’s her real name.). This individual is aligned with the Democratic party and serves on the California State Assembly. This Cunt is currently crafting a bill that would force all Californians to be JABBED. Currently, this evil piece of legislature is “on hold” until 2022 but the bill would require that all employers, both public and private sector, require all employees who are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to show proof of vaccination or take a weekly COVID-19 test. Asm. Wicks will continue to work on this proposed bill language headed into the next legislative session, in partnership with Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), Asm. Akilah Weber, M.D. (D-San Diego), Asm. Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley), Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), and Sen. Josh Newman (D-Fullerton).

The implication is that the UN-VAXXED might then be denied access to certain businesses (such as grocery stores or pharmacies) – which would follow in lockstep with The W.H.O.’s Vaccine Passport agenda.
Download “Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status” (pdf) here.

It’s either “Power to the People” or “Sieg Heil”…what say you, CALIFORNIA?

Finally, I did a Tarot read yesterday morning: “What energies should I embrace today?” I drew

The Tower is a Major Arcana card. As such, when you see a Major Arcana card in a Tarot reading you are being called to reflect on the life lessons and themes that are currently being experienced at this time. The Tower is the Planetary Trump of Mars and is ruled by Aries. It represents: Destruction of old structures; dramatic changes and revolution; upheaval; renewal; escape; chaos; a blessing in disguise as a disaster. This card is about sudden change and is the “Tower of Truth and Liberation”.

The Tower reflects upon a current situation. In order for the wished-for outcome to become a reality, direct all your energy and focus towards that end. Keep a positive attitude and be ready to roll with the changes. Additionally, for Aries the major theme of the August 8th New Moon (in Leo) was reacting to unexpected changes in a progressive way with flexibility and self-awareness. This read may be a carry-over from that New Moon’s energy.

I am keeping in mind that the sudden changes and upheaval symbolized here may not be “earth shattering” or even far-reaching; but merely a reminder that whatever is thrown my way I have the strength of Will to grab hold and run with it – much like the Warrior Vampyre shown in the card.

Without chaos, nothing can evolve.
– Oscar Wilde

ℳ –

I Awoke This Morning

…by shaming people who have concerns about participating in a medical experiment and threatening to bar them from society, government officials are proving that this is not for the greater good. It’s not about public health. It’s about creating loyal subjects…
– Dr. Joseph Mercola

I awoke early this morning thinking about FEAR. How fearful people are – especially those who are pulling the strings. They are insecure. Highly insecure people go to great lengths putting on a strong front. This is psychology 101. Insecure people have an insane need to CONTROL and once they have control they have an insane need to hold onto it. The world is being run by very scared and insecure little boys and girls.

As for the citizenry. I get why the average person would beat the drums against those who are unvaccinated. They are scared too. They are scared they made a horrible decision because they are beginning to hear the stories…and to acknowledge those stories would mean they or their loved ones may be doomed and THEY ARE TERRIFIED.

The hatred we direct towards others is actually self-hatred,
projected outward.

– Ray Grasse

I keep hearing one thing my neighbor said to me after her son was rushed to the emergency room two days after receiving his 2nd JAB. He was diagnosed with an ENLARGED HEART. He is only in his early 30’s with no prior heart issues. While there, a spinal tap was performed where large amounts of SPIKE PROTEINS were found. But this is what she said to me:

“They knew.
I could see it on the doctors’ faces.
They were void of any emotion or reaction. THEY KNEW.”

They knew. Indeed. This is what brings me to tears. Tears you will not find in those who are condemning the unvaccinated, for they do not care about the people who have (and may have) been health-compromised or died from THE JAB. They will give excuses and deride because THEY ARE SCARED THEY WILL BE NEXT.

The fearful have no capacity for compassion or empathy. I choose to be FEARLESS.

I cannot embed this video because it’s not on YouTube, but it’s excellent. Dr. Cole is well-spoken, thoughtful, and intelligent and he has something very important to say: The spike is the toxin.

Dr. Ryan Cole — What the Vaccine spike protein does to the body…

Watch them remove the graphene oxide nanoparticles from the JAB in a guy’s arm:

(Note: This video disappeared from original site. I managed to find it again on and it is available there for download as well as viewing. Watch/download before it disappears again.)

ℳ –