Team Valentino T-Shirt Campaign

With just hours left in the campaign, 33 more T-Shirts were purchased yesterday!
Their goal of 150 and final tally of 113 means they came up a bit short.
BUT…they raised $460!!

Leave No Paws Behind is declaring their Team Valentino T-Shirt Campaign a SUCCESS!!

New comic strip in the Mercury News

Enjoy the lovely weather everybody!!

ℳ –

D-Day: 3.29.2017

n. the day on which an important operation is to begin or a change to take effect

Valentino – then (2.14.17) and now (3.28.17)

3.28.2017 post on LNPB:
“Happy Tuesday from Valentino! Moments from sure death to the gift of life, love and the promise of tomorrow, this fella knows miracles happen every day right here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc.! Valentino’s ‘tail’ of rescue is nothing short of miraculous! One phone call, one photo, and one tiny little meow for help is all it took and the rest is HISTORY! Valentino became an overnight sensation, and after almost 2 months in the hospital our little boy is heading home to our loving and life saving foster mommy where he will continue to heal! I cannot thank DVM Michelle Dulake and the entire staff at The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks for the wonderful care they have given him and for bringing back to life! I want to also thank everyone who donated for his medical care and a very huge and heart felt thank you to Elaine Seamans for stopping at his cage, listening to his cries for help and then reaching out to him and letting LNPB be your first call to help. It takes a Village to save a life and here at LNPB you folks are all simply the best! Thank you so much for your continued support and for all you do for the animals. tw, LNPB”

When you shop Amazon, ask them to
donate 10% of your purchase to Leave No Paws Behind
(this doesn’t cost you a thing)!!

3.29.2017 post on LNPB:
“Happy Wet Nose Wednesday from our boy Valentino. He is living the dream. Valentino is still deemed contagious, (ringworm is a BEAST) and will remain so over the next 3-4 weeks, so careful measures must be taken and he must remain isolated, ideally on tile as it is easy to keep clean. Our loving and life-saving foster mommy received a ‘book’ of after-care and cleaning instructions which did not deter her one bit AND as you can see, he will not lack for love and attention! She tells us he had a peaceful night and that he is happy, content, bright, alert and his appetite is GREAT LOL!

We would not be surprised if, thanks to Valentino, Petco has a sudden rush on this cat scratching bed! Hmmmmm maybe we can get them to donate 1 or 10 to Valentino!”

Want to have a Valentino couch to call your own? Well, you can purchase them on line from Petco; HOWEVER as it stands right now they are in stock! You can also go directly into the store where they are cheaper. Tell them Valentino from Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. sent you LOL!

3.30.2017: Video of Valentino in his new Foster Home

ℳ –

Happy Caturday! (3.25.17)

adj. like a cat’s eye


LNPB FB post 3.22.2017
“Happy Wet-Nose Wednesday from Cat Casanova, Mr. Valentino! Oh he is quite the character and LOVES that scratching bed LOL! Look how relaxed he is and not pre-occupied about his food! He is weighing in at 10.2 pounds and is doing GREAT! He has no idea that in just 5 days he is heading home to our loving and life-saving foster – AND do not fret, there will continue to be daily updates.”

2.14.17 – Arriving at ACCESS: Advanced Critical Care Animal Hospital
(It was a very special Valentine’s Day for Mr. Valentino – ending one path and starting him down a brighter one filled with hope, love, and good health.)

12 Slightly weird things  all  Cat Owners have definitely done

  1. Trying to hold hands with your cat even though they never really like it.
  2. Regularly stepping on cat litter while trying to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  3. Holding the urge to pee for an uncomfortably long time because you couldn’t possibly disturb your cat.
  4. Sharing your human food with your cat, and sometimes having to properly defend your meal from sneaky paws.
  5. Talking in a weird, high-pitched voice you only ever use for your cat.
  6. Never calling your cat the name you actually chose for them.
  7. Holding your cat up to the mirror and trying to get them to recognize themselves.
  8. Putting up with being violently attacked on a regular basis.
  9. Compromising your sleeping position so as not to disturb your cat (who sleeps for 18 hours a day anyway).
  10. Being mildly amused when you and your cat go to the bathroom at the same time.
  11. Spending hours of your life standing in open doorways trying to reason with your cat to make a decision.
  12. Loving a  very  sometimes annoying, extremely destructive (wtf???), snooty ball of fluff more than most humans. ≋;>

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