June 19, 2021

When I awoke this morning the 3-day heatwave had broken. Although the temperatures were only in the 90s yesterday it was still HOT.

In spite of requests to conserve energy here in CA, I finally had to run the downstairs A/C so I could workout. Did I mention we’d gotten a stationary bike and I am loving it!?! I just wasn’t getting the cardio workout walking around the neighborhood (no hills) and after 20 or 30 decades of Step Aerobix I’d finally gotten tired of THAT routine. This gives me the cardio I want, I can listen to music (Playlists), catch the action in the Wildlife Mötel/Concrete Jungle, and watch TV (NBA). All from the comfort of our living room…

Been using it five times a week, along with my strength training and floor work, and you can see the progress I’ve made since we bought it a month ago:

I’m able to accrue more miles in the same amount of time by “cycling” to faster music. As I noted in the second picture above I actually hit 106rpm at one point, which amounted to around 5mph.

Speaking of which, it’s time I hit the “bike” and watch the NBA playoffs but I’ll leave you with this photo of Ramses and Hayley.

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10-Minute Cardio Workout

I was a Personal Trainer for almost 30 years. Over the years I’ve discovered what works for me and my body and what doesn’t; what I like to do (cardio to Rock/Mëtal) and what I don’t like (anything that puts undo stress on my lower back – which I will NIX right away). I also like to “shake it up” from time to time and incorporate different moves or exercises into my routines. The body can get used to performing movements a certain way in a certain sequence. (If you’ve ever found you’ve reached a plateau in your training, try mixing things up and see how your body responds.)

Here in Hootersville, I workout by myself. Last summer I began Power Walking (walking briskly using weighted gloves) on the hilly roads around where I live. I have a 3-1/2 mile route that takes me a little over an hour to complete (All the while listening to favorite songs on my iPod!) – sometimes I sprint the last 1/4 mile. When I get home I perform my normal upper/lower body routine plus stretches.

For upper body, I do Part 1 of this video using 7-lb weights, In Shape with Rachel McLish. (Instead of the bench she uses for certain exercises, I substitute either a balance ball or armless chair.)

(Instead of the exercises in Part II of the video, I found combining some of her moves with others works better for me…more on that in another Post.)

Anyway, my daily Power Walks provide the cardio part of my workout, but what does one do on a day when it’s raining or snowing – or fucking colder than…well, you get the picture. Sometimes I use my Step and other times I do a set of dance-type moves – 30 minutes is enough to get my heart pumping and have me sweating. Today I ran across an article on POOSH that mentioned a fitness guru I hadn’t heard of before:  Astrid Swan. So I looked her up on YouTube and found several routines that I liked. (Like I said, I like to shake things up…) I enjoy seeing what other people are doing and I appreciate “thinking outside the box.”

So, here’s one of Astrid’s cardio routines. She calls it “10-Minute HIIT Workout”. I tested it today. ≋;> If you’re short on time, it’s a blast! And it’s incredibly easy to incorporate any of these movements into your regular cardio workout.

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How do you start YOUR day?

‘Kayso Kourtney Kardashian (Oooh, she’s an Aries!) launched a lifestyle website earlier this year called POOSH. I know, I know, but hear me out. I love POOSH so much I had planned on including it in one of my What’s Rockin’ My World Posts. I even signed-up for their email newsletter.

I know what you’re thinking, but POOSH is not just fluff. Sure it covers beauty, style, health & fitness, and decor (Looks That Kill baby!), but there are plenty of healthy recipes (Edible Delights!) plus articles on relationships, family, giving back, and wellness (both body and mind).

A few days back, POOSH published an article entitled The Right Way to Start Your Morning. It discussed positive morning rituals versus negative ones:  “Each morning when we wake up, we can go in one of two directions: we can set ourselves up to feel good with morning rituals like meditating, setting intentions, and exercising … or we can pick up our phones, drink a bunch of coffee, and start rushing around.”

The author further opined that the morning is “when we choose how we want the rest of the day to go”. She outlined easy ways to shift behavior(s) in order to redirect our energies for the coming day.

My morning Power Walk is a meditative and reflective time for me – as well as being good for my physical well-being. I let my mind wander. I become fully engaged with the music.

It’s also a time when creative ideas take shape. (There are mornings when I return home and can’t wait to get through the rest of my workout so I can begin formulating a new Post.) But I realize there’s much more I can do to get where I want to go – and who I want to be.

We all lead complex lives, with families/relationships and work all vying for our attention. But it’s really important to set aside some “me time”. To visualize what we want to accomplish and to center ourselves for the coming day.

So…what rituals do you engage in to start your day?

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Back to the Land of the Living

I never get sick. Everyone around me can be sick and I’ll be the only woman standing. The last time I had the flu was over 20 years ago. My time ran out this week. Tuesday I came down with whatever flu strain is going around California right now. High fever 101°+ (My temperature runs lower than the normal 98.6° – so this was high for me.), chills, aches, headache (?!?), and loss of appetite. Yesterday was my first day out of bed (A trip to Mecca – aka Whole Foods in Folsom – always cheers me up!), but I was wiped-out by the time I got home.

How to tell the difference between a Cold and the Flu

My fever broke last night and I was ready for prime time. It took a little longer to complete my normal 3-mile Power Walk this morning but I did it!! The season is changing, even here (We should continue to see balmy temperatures through December.) and I got some more shots of the wildlife.

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What’s Rockin’ My World (9.11.2019)

What’s “trending” at Chez Rock Vixen:

  1. The past week it’s been a bit cool in the mornings. Wearing shorts for my Power Walks just won’t cut it on these chilly mornings, so I bought myself some cool “Power” leggings!

    High-Waist, 4-Way-Stretch Workout Leggings with Pockets by PHISOCKAT. Found ’em on Amazon for a cool $16.95. The fabric is nice and thick (perfect for being outdoors) and they fit like a dream. They have two pockets, one on each thigh (for your iPod/iPhone), and a tiny hidden one at the waistband (for keys). (Now all I need to do is order another pair – or two.)

  2. Another one of my Rock Heroes has a new album coming out October 18th:  One Man Gang.

    You can pre-order on Amazon or through iTunes. Here’s a sneak preview:

    Michael Monroe One Man Gang album details revealed
    Michael Monroe releases music video for new single
    Michael Monroe’s website

  3. Perhaps not “trending”, but still worth mentioning. Skylar was only four when she died of cancer in August 1995. Vince Neil Remembers Late Daughter Skylar. My heart goes out to Vince and Sharise.

    The Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation was founded by Vince Neil, in honor of his daughter Skylar, who passed away after a long battle with cancer. Since its inception, the Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation has donated more than two million dollars for Cancer, Leukemia and AIDS research through the TJ Martell Foundation.

    Vince Neil’s website

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