My “7 Heavenly Lusts”…

As part of my annual “January Cure” I assigned myself the task of properly organizing this site. This was no mean feat since my interests are so varied. I write about everything from music to gardening. I decided to tackle the “plant” section first.

I massage words and text to death. This is called wordsmithing: “The making of changes to a text to improve clarity and style”. I admit to being a bit of a perfectionist sometimes…

I needed to come up with a title that was sorta like plant nerd – but not. Don’t remember the exact details, but I stumbled upon “Plant Lust”. The segue from LUST to SIN to 7 DEADLY SINS to “7 Heavenly Lusts” was an easy transition!

All I had to do was come up with the other 6 Heavenly Lusts. Once I had all seven, the reorganization process was a piece of cake. Everything fell into place by itself! Here’s the rundown:

  1. Arcane Curiosities ~ under Arcanum (the definition of arcane is “mysterious or secret” and I have a special project I’m working on that involves active engagement on the part of the participant.) You’ll find bits on such topics as astrology, tarot, myths & legends, and wicca.
  2. Cats ~ Diego’s World, Valentino (Rock Star), Kitty Knoll Gang, On the Catwalk (Courageous, charming, captivating, and just plain COOL! cats). You’ll also find other animal-related content there.
  3. Cheap Thrills ~ Innocent distractions (Game of Thrones, Black Sails, Sports, etc.)
  4. Edible Delights ~ under Plant Lust, this covers everything that’s good to eat (recipes, too).
  5. Glamour ~ If you’re looking for my photo album, it’s here! Look under M –
  6. Plant Lust ~ gardening & plants – inside and out! Inspiration Board, Projects, the Diabolical Garden (my über lust being carnivorous plants), and don’t forget to scope-out Guests in the Wildlife Motel.
  7. Rock/Mëtal ~ galleries (photos/videos/posts), Bay Area Bands, Rock Vixen (my alter-ego), and my homage to the Best Decade Ever:  The 80’s Rocked

Of course, I have links to links to links all over the place, too!

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Let me know if there’s one LUST you’re particularly interested in.

Thanks for visiting – XX00