Ant Friday

Today, it’s all about the “ants”!!

Mad ANThony was the first band I saw at Puma’s (BITD).


Well, they’re B-A-C-K!

Tonight @ The Quarter Note – with The Wicked Fools. You know I’ll be there…


(Driftwood Sinn @ O’Malley’s – for those not familiar with “BITD”)

Next up: New ANT Plant ♥

So I just received my order from Black Jungle Terrarium Supply (Xmas in July!):
a beautiful little Calathea ornata and a Dischidia pectinoides (aka “Ant Plant”).

››› Why they’re called ‘Ant Plants’

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Just another Summer in the Park

Fremont Park, Menlo Park, CA

Marco Ferrari (Hair Nation & Hysteria) flew in from Seattle to fill-in for Hairstrike bassist, Christian Gallegos – who was enjoying a vacation of his own with his beautiful wife, Mildred.


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Adventures in Time Travel ›››


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Crazy in Downtown San Jose

Downtown San Jose is where the action is next week. Lotsa blasts from the 80’s…

Kicking it off on Monday, July 11th, The Fixx is coming to The Ritz.

@ SJ Live on Thursday Diamond Lane returns to the South Bay! Not to fucking San Francisco…not to fucking Oakland…they’re headed back to fucking San Jose (thank you, Phil Greene)!!! These men are pure LA 80’s-style rock – you do not want to miss this show (the venue will do them justice).

71416 DiamondLane-SJS @ SJLive

Opening for DL is local über talent, SJ Sindicate
(who’ll be embarking on a tour of England this September)
– along with Gypsy Flight


On Friday, July 15th we’re  back @ The Ritz for The Babys – with Slam Nancy and Gundacker opening.

But you know what? There’s plenty other happenings in the South Bay on Friday:

Swamphammer returns to O’Malley’s in Mt. View

The Wicked Fools play The Quarter Note in Sunnyvale

No excuses, my friends. Get dressed to the hilt and get your asses down to these shows!

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