3 of Wands and 3 of Pentacles

The Witching Hour. The past few days I have been waking up around 3:30am. It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed and I’m not waking up because I have to pee. I have not awakened from any bad dreams or nightmares and I am not feeling alarmed or frightened. Indeed. I feel that I’ve slept the night through and that it’s my normal time to get out of bed. Then I look at the clock and realize I’ve got many more hours before getting up, but I cannot go back to sleep. I’m wide awake and thoughts are hurtling towards me like an oncoming train. The last time this happened was back in April of 2020.

In the Western Christian tradition, the hour between 3 and 4 a.m. was considered a period of peak supernatural activity…Nonetheless, there is psychological literature suggesting that apparitional experiences and sensed presences are most common between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m., corresponding with a 3 a.m. peak in the amount of melatonin in the body.

Some think that witches and psychics are more powerful at this time of night; while others believe it is the time of night when the barrier between worlds is thinnest and ghosts and spirits can cross over into the land of the living.

Is there a spiritual significance to waking up during the Witching Hour? You bet.

1. A sign of awakening
Being bright eyed from 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. could mean that your consciousness is “waking up.” You’re developing greater self-awareness in a world that’s so desperately lacking in this area. When you’re in the midst of an awakening, your realignment is shifting back to your natural state of being. The result? You’re physically waking up at a time when the veil between these two dimensions is most permeable.

2. Your Spirit Guides & Angels are sending you messages
During this window, there’s less noise and interruption. Usage of electronics is lower, so there’s less exposure to those frequencies. Your personal vibrational state is very calm and at ease. This makes it so much easier to be sensitive to the subtle energies of the spirit world. And it also makes it easier for the celestial realm to reach out and give you a ring. Your Spirit Guides and Angels may be trying to establish a spiritual connection to send a message, give higher guidance, assist you with your inner soul work or help you expand your consciousness.

3. A call to manifest and co-create
Between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m., the world is still…still. Your mind is free of distraction. And, at this time, the Universe may be calling you to uplevel your manifesting game.


The Power of Three

When more than a single Number 3 card appears in your reading, those themes will soon be a major current in your life. In Tarot, threes signify a unifying force and are characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. In numerology three represents the upright triangle. Associated with Jupiter, three symbolizes manifestation through creative actions and processes.

Nothing happens until something moves.
– Albert Einstein

The 3 of Scepters (Wands) is ruled by the Sun in Aries and is a Kindred Spirit to the Queen of Wands. Also known as the Lord of Established Strength and Virtue, the 3 of Scepters represents vision, creativity, new beginnings, exploration, awakenings, integrity/honesty/honor, centeredness, and extreme confidence. Its energy relates to one’s personal calling or talent. You are connected with the cosmic flow; accept your destiny with dignity, grace, and everlasting Hope. Make preparations for a journey towards new horizons and awakenings to places you’ve only dreamed of. The 3 of Scepters symbolizes one’s powerful nature.

Mars (energy and drive) in Capricorn (focus and success) rules the 3 of Skulls (Pentacles). Known as the Lord of Material Works it symbolizes hard work, creative powers, mastering new challenges or skills, integration, the physical act of creation, manifestation, and collaboration. When this card shows up the Universe is saying you are on the right track. You are building a solid foundation toward long-term success and stability. Make sure you are putting in time and effort on something you feel strongly about. Additionally, each of us has unique talents and skills. The 3 of Pentacles shines a spotlight on these gifts as they relate to the world as a whole.

“The Hindu concept of Indra’s Net is also evident here, teaching us that every person, being, and atom in the Universe is revealed to [the Vampyress].” [1]

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[1] Daniels, Ian (2010). Phantasmagoria. Llewellyn Publications. p. 271.

Honeybees, an Orange-tinted Blue Moon, and the Death card???

Happy National Honey Bee Day!

National Honey Bee Day is an awareness day when beekeepers, beekeeping clubs and associations, and honey bee enthusiasts from across the United States celebrate honey bees and recognize their contribution to humans’ everyday lives as a means of protecting this critical species. National Honey Bee Day also pays homage to beekeepers, whose labors ensure there are well-managed, healthy bees to pollinate crops.

According to its organizers, the National Honey Bee Day program started with a simple concept:

Bring together beekeepers, bee associations, as well as other interested groups to connect with the communities to advance beekeeping. By working together and harnessing the efforts that so many already accomplish, and [by] using a united effort one day a year, the rewards and message is magnified many times over. We encourage bee associations, individuals, and other groups to get involved. The program is free and open to all.

National Honey Bee Day is managed by HoneyLove.org, a Los Angeles-based honey bee educational non-profit.


Tomorrow, August 22, 2021, the Full Moon occurs in Aquarius (Decan 3) and is conjunct Jupiter. It is also a Blue Moon, but around here it’s taking on an orange hue because of all the particulates in the air.

Blue Moons are not really BLUE, though. They occur when there are two Full Moons within a solar month, which happens about every 32 months. Which is where we get the phrase “once in a blue moon” – meaning to do it very rarely.

This should be a jovial Full Moon because of its aspect to Jupiter, the planet of joy, good fortune, and success. It’s a very positive, creative, and healing lunation – perfect for manifestation magick regarding transitions [see Death below].

Being an Aries, the August 22, 2021, Full Moon falls into my 11th House, the House of friends, groups, gatherings, and social circles; and which just so happens to be ruled by Jupiter. (Guess I’d better get out and about tonight…)

Dark Star Astrology has a list of each Astrological Sign with the corresponding house into which this Full Moon falls.

Symbolizes all transitions.

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Day Trip ~ Santa Cruz Mountains

Last Wednesday, I awoke to a mixture of marine layer and smoke from the Caldor and Dixie fires. The particulates in the air created an orangish tint to the sunlight that managed to peek through, and I could detect a faint smell of smoke. But that didn’t deter us from taking a day trip to Boulder Creek.

We stopped for lunch at a small taqueria in town. Vegetarian nachos and a Corona. Took a stroll to walk-off lunch and found ourselves in front of a cool little store calling itself “A Mystical Bazaar”: Air and Fire.

Now’s the time to start working on my personal grimoire:

The shop had a large selection of tarot decks and books. Saw this and had to get it:

Inside there are chapters on Cat Deities and the Feminie Mystique; Elemental Feline Folklore and Divination; Cat Magick, Candle Spells, and Astrology; The Feline Familiar, Charms and Spells for Your Cat; Cat Magick Journal, and Feline Power Animals.

(May 21 to June 21)

The Gemini cat is curious, alert, very social, and really enjoys being spoken to; they demand attention! This cat is the perfect companion for the young at heart, and Gemini cats retain an air of kittenish behavior throughout their lives. (Uh-oh…) Gemini cats are full of activity and fun loving. They are constantly on the move and looking for the next adventure. Gemini cats are very vocal, with quite the repertoire of sounds. These cats love to scout out goodd hiding places and are active and smart. They do enjoy their quiet time and are likely to go and pick out a favored hidey-hole for a nice, long nap. That way, when they wake up, they are full of energy and can find lots to occupy themselves. (Or just plain annoy their Maman.) The Gemini cat is not overly demonstrative but shows its affection in subtler ways. A typical gesture of affection from a Gemini cat is having it rub against your legs, going back and forth, while you do your best not to trip. The Gemini cat loves to keep its human on their toes.

Ramses: May 22

I also grabbed a couple of crystals and a beautiful black leather pouch to stash ’em in. The citrine is a stone I wanted in my repertoire but the pink calcite was unknown to me. I was drawn to it. In their display of crystals it was the first one I reached for. I loved the feel of it and figured I would research its properties later. (Ha! My powers of intuition win again. The calcite was just what the Goddess ordered and I’m keeping it on my desk.)

Metaphysical Index

Chakra: solar plexus and crown
Strengthens self-esteem, increases psychic powers, deflects nightmares, promotes positive energy, enhances mental clarity and will power, good for protection.
Citrine is referred to as the “Merchant’s Stone” because it’s associated with success and prosperity.
Elixir for removing toxins from the body: Soak citrine in a glass of pure water. [source]
Citrine should never be soaked in salt water and it’s very sensitive to heat. Never place or store it where there’s excessive exposure to heat and light.

Crystals & Jewelry
Love and Light School

Chakra: sacral
Centering, grounding, purification/cleansing, peace, calms fears, removes negativity, linked to higher consciousness, enhances learning abilities.
Calcite clears negative energies from the environment, and protects against negative energies and physical/psychic attacks.
It’s called the stone of emotional intelligence because it creates a bridge between the emotions and the intellect.
Calcite is a spiritual stone, facilitating psychic abilities and deep spiritual awakening.
Amplifier: Calcite will intensify the vibration of any crystal nearby. It also enhances the frequencies of the human biofield – the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body.
Calcite should never be cleansed with salt or anything harsh. To cleanse pass it through the smoke of burning sage or leave it to bathe overnight in the light of the Moon (perfect for charging your crystal with intentions).

Crystals & Jewelry
Charms of Light

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