August is the Sunday of Summer*

Yep, tomorrow not only marks the Autumn Equinox (Mabon) but it’s the end of Summer for many. For us in the Bay Area our Summer extends through September into October – sometimes into November. In fact, Summer doesn’t really hit its stride here UNTIL August. (90s are forecast for the coming week. Hot days mean warm nights which I absolutely LOVE!)

BTW, have I mentioned how much I’ve missed sunbathing? It’s been years since I’ve had a tan and I must admit I’m loving the way it looks – especially since I’m LIVING in shorts these days. LOL

Corn, heirloom tomatoes, and other seasonal produce are still in great abundance at our Farmers Markets. (Yay!) Next week it’s back to Excite Ballpark to see another SJ Giants game, and mid-September will be enjoying the last of the local Art & Wine Festivals.

Summer lingers on…

To celebrate the Autumn Equinox I made another Mabon Apple Cake, except I added a couple handfuls of raisins and about 1/2 cup of chopped pecans to the batter. Really made a difference in both the texture and flavor!

Enchanted Living‘s Autumn 2022 (The Vintage Witch) Issue included a recipe I HAD to try:

I used almond milk instead of coconut milk
– and added a healthy splosh of bourbon. Yum!

Merry Mabon everyone!

ℳ –


* “August is the Sunday of Summer” by MaK Cov.

My Darkness: Strength and the 6 of Wands

My Darkness

I wear my Darkness
Like a warm cape.
A gently slumbering
Shadowy Wraith.

An unbridled, coiled
Spectre of strength.
Inspired by Fire,
Awakened by rage.

By Magick unleashed
My Shadow takes flight.
A ravenous beast
Ready to strike.

Razor-sharp claws:
One of her weapons.
Blood-drenched fangs:
And my Will is done.

I call to my Beast.
She returns into me.
From darkness to light
Then back once again.

I wrap my Darkness
Around like a cape.
A gently slumbering
Shadowy Wraith.

© MK (of House M -) 2022

ℳ –

Mystical, Magickal Monday

In the midst of a culture that thinks it sits atop all the knowledge of history and demands absolute proof of every little thing, there is right now a great need for the mystics.
– Patrick Pierce

The Mystic’s main goal is union with the Divine, to experience Oneness. The Mystic closes their eyes to free themselves from the distractions of this world, while the Magician opens theirs to explore the world, to wonder and admire, to understand and grow.

The Magician uses certain techniques such as journeying, ritual, and divination to help them in their quest. The Mystic is more likely to shun these as distractions, and will focus on meditation and prayer.

The author further states: “The Magician might have this goal, and may therefore be a mystic, but in addition she or he has other goals.They may wish to explore other worlds, to experience altered states consciousness, to converse with any beings they may meet in other worlds. They may want to develop their powers of perception or sensitivity or intuition. They may want to transform or improve circumstances for themselves or for others.” In other words, the Magician actively engages with the Divine, while the Mystic surrenders to it. Taking it out of a spiritual realm, the Mystic would be akin to a pure academic or philosopher, learning for learning’s sake. The Magician would take that knowledge and do something with it – like teach.

The Priestess would be considered a Mystic.

While The Magician is, well, a Magician!

In Tarot, The Priestess (feminine) balances the energy of The Magician (masculine),
reflecting it and giving it foundation.

I have a Mystic Cross on my right palm

My Life Path number is 9. It is considered to be the symbol of wisdom and initiation, and holds the path to mystical knowledge.

My Spirit Animal is the Black Leopard.
Because the Panther has lunar ties, they hold the power of mysticism…

The ancient Greeks held that mistletoe had mystical powers.

My mystical, magickal Ramses.

ℳ –

Happy Caturday! (8.20.2022)

By Prince Ramses XII

Welcome! Simce last Wedmesday was Black Cat Appreciatiom Day, this editiom of “Happy Caturday” is dedicated to chats moirs everywhere – big amd small.

Black cats were considered good luck on ships – this despite the fact that ALL cats are great hunters and kept rodents at bay during long voyages. The wives of English mariners kept black cats as TALISMANS to ensure their husbands’ safe return. In Britain, Japan, and Ireland having a black cat cross your path is a sign of GOOD luck. Single women in Japan who own black cats are said to attract more suitors; and in parts of the U.K., a black cat is the ideal wedding gift.

Because of superstitious ignorance, black cats are the least-adoptable among their shelter-mates; and because they are the target of cruel and sometimes fatal attacks during Halloween, shelters will no longer adopt them out during the month of October.

Black Cats Matter.
Because there are more “cats of color” than any other
– with one all-black purebred breed: the Bombay.

Why you should adopt a Black Cat:

  • We tend to be healthier than cats of other colors. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health discovered that the genetic mutations that cause cats to have black coats may offer them some protection from diseases.
  • If you wear a lot of black (Like SHE does.) you don’t have to worry about cat hair on your clothes.
  • Like the proverbial little black dress, we go with EVERYTHING – and holding us will make you look slimmer.
  • We are RARE (the black color of our coats is associated with the X chromosome, which often skips a generation).
  • Having a black cat is like living with a miniature-size panther.

All you need is love and a black cat.
– unknown

Hey! I wamt am almomd toy. Mamam!!!!

A shout-out to Jimx – my brother from amother mother.

That’s all for mow amd umtil mext time,
keep those claws sharp!

(Mow where did SHE hide that nail file…)

ℛ –