Daily Tarot::6 of Knives

Tarot of Vampyres

Image © Ian Daniels

I discern a cool, deliberate strength in this card. The calm gaze of this darkly handsome Vampyre is unflinchingly direct. A thin trickle of blood drips down his Knife (Sword), which is engraved with the symbols for Aquarius (innovation) and Mercury (communication). Did the source of this blood come from his mouth? The red flecks on his mouth and the purposeful way the Knife is being held, point up, makes it appear so. On the other hand, this Vampyre may have used this Knife to dispatch his latest victim (enemy?).

In the Tarot of Vampyres, crows are linked to the suit of Knives. Crows are messengers, symbols of magic and hidden mysteries. This Crow seems to be whispering in his ear (Swords embody the intellect, putting thoughts into words, and cutting right to the truth). What secrets might the Crow be disclosing that the Vampyre does not already know? Notice blood on the bird’s beak? Have they both tapped into some universal wisdom gained after drinking the blood of life?

(As the Lord of Earned Success, the 6 of Swords is aligned with Mercury in Aquarius. It represents strong vision, brilliant ideas, the search for truth, and illuminating that which was previously hidden.)

“It was used as a spirit animal of choice and it was used by people who wanted to control the universe…Since ancient times a crow has been associated with magical things around us…It is known that crows have a special energy and strong power that can cause deep transformations from the inside…A crow may bring you mystical messages that may be very important for your future..It is known that one of the most important traits of a crow is its fearlessness…”

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