Metaphysical Index::Dragon’s Blood

At first glance, the chunks look like pieces of hardened red clay. But magic happens once you burn it. The resin dissolves into a blood-red liquid, then starts bubbling! No wonder it’s called Dragon’s Blood, as it conjures up fanciful images of what those mythical beasts must’ve bled.

Wikipedia:  Dragon’s blood is a bright red resin that is obtained from different species of a number of distinct plant genera…the resin obtained from Daemonorops has become the most commonly sold type…

Like the creature itself, Dragon’s Blood is associated with the element of Fire and can be used in any rituals linked to that element. It’s energy is masculine, and linked to the astrological sign of Aries and the planet Mars. As the God of War, Mars’ influence is an active energy full of raw power. Hence, Dragon’s Blood may be useful in any magical efforts involving protection, aggression, motivation, strength, courage, sex, and passion. It is also tied to the Archangel of Fire (Michael), and The Lovers Tarot card.

Burning incense during rituals, spell-casting, or other workings can help you focus your attention on what you’re trying to accomplish. To this end, Dragon’s Blood possesses these metaphysical properties:

  • Protection (sprinkle powdered Dragon’s Blood around your home/property to create a protection barrier)
  • Cleansing
  • Courage
  • Attract love
  • Restore male potency
  • Psychically, magically, and spiritually energizing
  • Dispel negative energy
  • Exorcise evil entities
  • Increases the potency of any spell
  • Enhances the properties of whatever other incense it’s added to
  • When burned with Rosemary, keeps nightmares at bay
  • For psychic protection, burn with Myrrh and Frankincense


Dragon’s Blood Oil
Grind the resin to a powder and steep in a neutral organic oil (such as jojoba). Strain through a fine cheesecloth. The oil will be colored red and will not have any aroma.
Note: Dragon’s Blood can stain fabric and wood.
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Dragon’s Blood Ink
1 part powdered Dragon’s Blood resin
1 part Arabic Gum
12-15 parts alcohol
Combine the first two ingredients together and add slowly to the alcohol, mixing well. Strain through a fine cheesecloth. Store in a glass bottle.
Use to create talismans, magical seals, runes, and for any ritual work that requires you to write something down.
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Purification & Cleansing Incense
2 parts white copal
2 parts gum mastic
1 part dragon’s blood resin

Energy, Power & Sensuality Incense
1 part ground cloves
1 part dragon’s blood
3 parts sandalwood powder
1 part fragrant amber (the perfume resin, not the stone-like resinite)
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Creating Peace & Quiet
Mix powdered Dragon’s Blood with salt & sugar and pour into a glass container – hide somewhere where it won’t be found and enjoy some peace and quiet.
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You can purchase high-quality Dragon’s Blood resin online from Psychic Eye Books.

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