If You Hang It, They Will Come

The weather’s back to normal in Silicon Valley. We’ve had clear blue skies and temps in mid-70’s to 80’s, which is typical here for this time of year (and we’ve got a warming trend later in the week). Indian Summer.

Birds are particularly susceptible to particulates in the air, and now that the skies are smoke-free we are seeing their return – especially the smaller ones like finches and hummingbirds. One of our neighbors had a hummingbird feeder outside their front door but took it down some time ago. Not only are Hummers territorial, but they become accustomed to visitng a particular feeder regularly. If you put one up for these little guys, best do it with the intention of it becoming a fixture in your yard.

We figured it was up to us to establish a NEW Hummer Café. I prefer glass bottles to plastic because they’re easier to clean and won’t leach any nasty chemicals into the food. Amazon had a great selection, but I was sure we could find one nearby. The search was over when we found a really nice one at Lowers for $10. Love the shape and the little perches. The birds can “take a load off” while they slurp.

After giving the feeder a good rinse I got to work making Hummer Food:  One part sugar to four parts water. Boil for two minutes and let it come to room temperature before filling the feeder. (Any left-overs can be stored in the fridge.) Since the feeder itself is so colorful I didn’t add any red food coloring.

Once I filled it we hung the Hummer Café in the backyard (aka The Concrete Jungle). The colors just POP when the sun hits it. It’s beautiful.

Sitting in the living room (NFL Sunday) I wondered just how long it would take before we got our first customer. Answer:  less than 30 minutes.

Today we had the “battle of the Hummers”, with the first Hummer chasing away another. (Hey guys, there are THREE seats here. Plenty of room for all so belly up!)

P.S. The Hummer Café is also providing Ramses with plenty of “enrichment”. He sits at the back door chattering while the little buggers hover right in front of his face. LOL!

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